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  • From 1.0 to 1.5.1, after each release we invite 3 of our friends, might be designers, students, or just someone who is not familiar with our website to our office. We do the usability test plan and report based on the book 'Don't make me think''s last three chapters, and used the software SilverBack ( to record the session.
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  • 3 people, bored from day job, like to code, so we want to build something for living.
  • Group of young, technology savy,
    we’ve people who ported FFmpeg and Flash Player to iPhone
    Top ACM coder, Barcaly Technology Challenger Winner...
  • A threadless-like T-Shirt design sharing portal

  • A threadless-like T-Shirt design sharing portal


  • 1. Getting Real And how we do it licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License
  • 2. Who is Oursky?
  • 3. ! Who is Oursky?
  • 4. FONCEPT
  • 5. Something funny
  • 6. Who is Oursky? Provide web solutions like CMS, Workflow, Facebook App... blah blah blah and “Web 2.0” Websites
  • 7. Getting Real We heard it from 37Signals It’s ... Iterations, lowering cost of change, deliver just what customers need. “A perfect approach for web-based software”
  • 8. “The actual problem” vs “Your idea about the problem”
  • 9. FONCEPT
  • 10. FONCEPT T-Shirt Design Sharing Platform from Nov 2008 ~60 Designs submitted per month ~1600 Registered users
  • 11. Iterative Release Man Days 1 12 1.1 10 1.5 5 1.5.1 1 1.5.2 1 2 5 2.0.1 5 2.0.2 12
  • 12. Iterative No Ordering System until 2.0 1.1 - 1.5.2 are improvement based on Usability Testing
  • 13. Indicator Bounce Rate > 60% (1.0) Bounce Rate < 35% (1.5.1)
  • 14. Getting Real? Ignore Details Early On Don’t be a yes-man Copywriting is interface design
  • 15. Bye-bye! It’s about content! One month tuneup Quick update!
  • 16. Out-sourcing? Make sure the team understand... Your vision Your software is opinionated And they... Ignore details, but flexible
  • 17. Communication Interface, not functional specs Feature list (with team’s input) Use Case?
  • 18. Communication Ticketing System Commit Logs Build System SVNStats Demo Setup with Trunk’s Code
  • 19. Standardization Test-Driven Development? Ticket Flows UI Testing
  • 20. Getting Real Agile in Everything It’s about people Is it for you?