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1 carter howe ryan tedder

  1. 1. ryanteddergrammy-winning songwriter, producer, and lead singer for OneRepublic
  2. 2. ryan tedderbirth name: ryan benjamin tedderdob: june 26, 1979 – presentplace of birth: tulsa, oklahoma Ryan Tedder is the lead singer and frontman in the band OneRepublic. Althoughsinging is his forte, he can also play piano, drums, bass guitar, and the glockenspiel.OneRepublic, although they consider their music “genre-less,” can be categorized byAlternative or soft pop-rock. Ryan wrote and produced OneRepublic‟s breakthroughsingle, “Apologize” with producer and mixer Timbaland. Ryan is a 33-year-old father ofone, married to Genevieve Tedder. Ryan is also a Grammy-winning record producer and songwriter, famed for writingthe hits “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, “Halo” by Beyoncé, “Battlefield” by JordinSparks, “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw, and producing Adele‟s album “21,” havingwritten and co-written most of the tracks on the album. Ryan has worked with hundreds of other musicians, the most prominent artistsbeing Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, and AdamLambert. Ryan was credited with a Grammy when Adele’s “21” won the Grammyfor 2012 Best Album of the Year. He‟s vocally featured in the hit songs “So Good” byB.o.B., “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes, and “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement,just to name a few.
  3. 3. early life and influences Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a religious family, Ryan began tolearn to play piano at the age of three. Tedders father was a musician,and young Ryan began to sing at the age of seven. He says hepracticed singing two hours every day until the age of eighteen. A self-taught vocalist, Tedder began honing this skill at the age of twelve byimitating his favorite artists, who ranged from The Beatles to acts asdiverse as Peter Gabriel.
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  5. 5. petergabrielryan tedder‟s influence, a recording artist of alternative genre, and former lead singer of band genesis
  6. 6. peter gabrielbirth name: peter brian gabrieldob: february 13, 1950place of birth: chobham, surrey Peter Gabriel is an English singer/songwriter and musician famed for foundingand being the lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis in 1967. After heleft Genesis in 1975, Peter went on to have a lucrative solo career, achieving hisgreatest success in the late 1980s with songs such as “Sledgehammer” and“Solsbury Hill.” Today, at 62, he produces world music and still tours while his oldband Genesis still tours without him as well. Gabriel can sing and play the flute,drums, oboe, harmonica, and piano. Peter‟s 1982 hit song Sledgehammer’s music video set a new standard for artin the music video industry, and won nine MTV Video Music Awards in 1987, arecord that stands as of 2011. He also won Best British Male Solo Artist of theYear in 1987 at the British Music Awards. He won many Americans awards fromthen forward, and nominated many times too. OneRepublic Peter Gabriel Won‟t Stop Solsbury Hill
  7. 7. early life and influences Peter‟s mother, Edith Irene Allen, from a musical family, taught him toplay the piano at an early age. Before he hit the big time, he startedwriting songs while at about 11 or 12 years old. "The first song I wrote wascalled Sammy The Slug. Everyone else was writing about girls, and I waswriting about slugs, which shows what I was interested in,” says Gabriel inan interview. One of his early influences was the Beatles, whose leadsinger is Paul McCartney.
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  9. 9. paulmccartney peter gabriel‟s influence,lead singer of the beatles and british solo singer/songwriter
  10. 10. paul mccartneybirth name: sir james paul mccartneydob: june 18, 1942place of birth: liverpool, england Paul McCartney is a British singer-songwriter who was the lead singer for therock/pop group The Beatles, established in 1960. He is also one of the most popular soloperformers of all time in terms of both his recordings‟ sales and attendance at hisconcerts. The Beatles were famed for their hits „Here Comes the Sun,‟ „Hey Jude‟ and„Can‟t Buy Me Love.‟ In addition to his 15 Grammy Wins, Paul was honored with a Grammy LifetimeAchievement Award in 1990. Paul is an inspiration to millions of musicians and fansworldwide. Peter Gabriel The Beatles Games Without Frontiers Hello, Goodbye
  11. 11. early life and influences Paul McCartney, raised in Liverpool, England, and wasencouraged by his father at a very early age to try manyinstruments. Although he took formal lessons when he wasyoung, he preferred learning by ear, and taught himself the Spanishguitar, trumpet and piano. McCartney has many musicalinfluences, and Fred Astaire‟s bouncy, musical ways inspired him. This is the YouTube video where he explains that Fred Astaire isone of his musical influences (1:42).
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  13. 13. fredastairebroadway actor, dancer and musician
  14. 14. fred astairebirth name: frederick austerlitzdob: may 10, 1899place of birth: omaha, nebraska Fred Astaire was a singer, actor and musician of the eighteenth century whosang and danced on Broadway. Although only partially a musician, his style ofmusic could be considered part of the soundtrack, classical or swing genre. Hecould play the accordion, piano, and drums. He learned to play the accordion for themusical revue, “The Band Wagon” on Broadway. His only “band” was the stageband performing behind him when onstage. Astaire has won 27 prominent awards in his life, including in 1938 beinginvited to place his handprint in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre inHollywood, and in 1950 when Ginger Rogers presented an honorary AcademyAward to Astaire “for… his contributions to the technique of musical pictures.” Paul McCartney https://www.youtube.co Fred Astaire I‟m Gonna Sit Right Down m/watch?v=FD7sqGJ3N Bg One for My Baby and Write Myself a Letter
  15. 15. early life Born in Omaha, Fred Austerlitz and his sister Adele were born verytalented in the acting field. Fred was very musical as a child. Thesibling pair became a performing pair onstage, singing and dancingtogether. In 1917 they had changed their last name to Astaire andbegan performing in musicals. Adele soon retired from musicals tomarry, and that‟s when Fred picked up and pursued music as part of hiscareer.
  16. 16. astaire bibliographies• Billman, Larry (1997). Fred Astaire: A Bio- bibliography. Connecticut: Greenwood Press.• http://www.funtrivia.com/en/subtopics/Astaire- The-Light-Fantastic-278749.html• http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/03/books/re view/the-astaires-by-kathleen- riley.html?_r=1&nl=books&emc=booksupdate ema4_20120601&pagewanted=all
  17. 17. the end