Raju Choudhary Complan Health Drink Report


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Raju Choudhary Complan Health Drink Report

  1. 1. Brand Management A Project Report On Complan (Health drink) Submitted to Dr. Rekha Attri Submitted by Raju Lal Choudhary
  2. 2. Brand Management Acknowledgement I have made this project report on COMPLAN BRAND. In this report I tried to cover as much information as I learn here to present you some deep and enlighting project work that I prepared with full dedication and hard work and I would like to thanks to Dr. Rekha Attri for helping, guiding and providing this opportunity to me for this project work which is turning out to be a real acid for our knowledge and learning process. Really!!!! Thank you very much.
  3. 3. Brand Management INDEX S.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOPIC Introduction Brand Extension STP Marketing Mix 4P’s of marketing Identity Prism Product mix width Product line depth Ansoff’s Matrix SWOT Analysis Competitor Analysis Customer-Based Brand Equity PAGE NO 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  4. 4. Brand Management INTRODUCTION– Complan was first introduced by Glaxo in the United Kingdom, as an essential nutritional supplement for soldiers at the frontlines during the Second World War. It was introduced to India in 1964 by Glaxo Laboratories who marketed it through doctors as a convalescence drink. Complan the complete planned food in the drink –is formulated as per the world health organization (WHO) guidelines ted for growing children. In 1969, Complan went OTC though image perceptions continued to be ethical. Hence, from 1969 to 1973 the product advertising was focused on the ‘Goodness of Complan’ as a means to compensate dietary deficiencies. The brand’s next major milestone occurred in 1975. In order to expand the user base, it was decided to establish Complan as an ideal nutritional supplement for growing children. Thereafter, Complan has gone on to become the most trusted brand for children’s nutrition in India. “I’m a Complan Boy, I’m a Complan Girl” remains one of the most well loved and instantly recalled jingles even today. It has now come to stand for the Gold Standard of Nutrition (Source: Pathfinders Track -Kolkata). The brand’s positioning as the ‘Drink for growing children’ coupled with its superior nutritional formulation are its greatest strengths today. Complan derives its name from Complete Planned Food which is exactly what the product aims at delivering. The product concept holds that consumers will favor those products that offer the most quality, medically accepted and recommended nutritional content and a good flavor which is almost a must for children. Mr. Nilesh Patel, Managing Director, Heinz India said- “Basedon the Recommended Dietary Allowance specified by Indian Council of Medical Research Innovation Front Complan has been committed in bringing medically recommended and effective solutions to meet everyday dietary needs of the consumers. It is one of the very few brands in the MFD category which is used so extensively because of medical practitioner recommendation and most recently the new Complan had been fortified with range of vitamins and minerals in ambulanced proportion for health and vitality. The new family oriented range reassures their commitment to innovations, which are must for a brand to live long. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Complan operates in the category of Malted Food Drinks and the most important concept behind the advent of such product is twofold1.The normal food does not take care of the daily requirements of children who need that some extra nutrients for healthy growth. 2. This is a newer concept and a hidden motivator for all health drink segment. The parents and especially the mothers always feel that her child does not get adequate nutrition. It is precisely due to this reason that Complan utilizes the sentiments of mother’s love in its advertising. Complan continued to be perceived as an ethical product. In those days its tag line“ Complan has 23 Vital Nutrients whereas Milk has 9” had established Complan’s superiority over milk on nutritional delivery.
  5. 5. Brand Management Brand Extension of Complan     Complan for Growth Complan Memory Complan Biscuits Complan NutriGro Line extension of Complan Biscuits  Milk flavor  Chocolate Flavor Line extension of Memory charge  8 Memory charge (Chocó Badam with chips )  5 Memory charge Line extension of Complan for Growth Complan is available in 7 yummy flavors that kids like. The flavors are Chocolate, Kesar Badam, Pista Badam, Strawberry, Mango, Caramel and Natural. Line extension of Complan Nutri Gro  Nutri Gro- Home style Badam Kheer Flavors  Nutri Gro-Premium Chocolate Flavors  Nutri Gro- Fruity Strawberry Flavors Complan NutriGro, a complete planned food in a drink for kids and is specially designed for 2 to 4 year old children. It provides balanced nutrition and helps build immunity, which in turn maximizes children’s growth potential. Complan NutriGro has: 8 Immunity Builders, which help build internal resistance to illness* 100% Key Growth Nutrients and 100% Milk Protein, which help healthy growth DHA, which helps brain functioning Surakshit Rahein, Badhte Rahein!
  6. 6. Brand Management STP of Complan Marketing strategy  Milk has a unique position in the consumer ‘s psyche  It positioned itself directly against milk. The Ad said, “YOUR BODY NEEDS 23VITAL FOOD ,”Milk Gives 9 COMPLAN gives all 23 nutrition.  The strategy went through a radical change. It was now decide to position it – not by the competitor – but by the target users and usages occasion.  COMPLAN is compete with the 23 vital food for the body .it re- positioned itself as drink fulfilling the nourishment needs of people who cannot do not eat enough. Target audience  Complan mainly target growing children because children need adequate and balanced nitration to help them achieve their maximum growth potential.  Complan is also ideal for the adults (especially house wives and rushed office –goers), Expectant and nursing mother, elderly people and athletes. Positioning  Positioned as a product to Displace milk from the Dining table  Positioned as the great nourished  Focused on children who lacks nourishment
  7. 7. Brand Management Marketing Mix Product Complan- The complete planned food Promotion Positioned as a health drink (for growing children) The 4 P’S Place Pan India, Kirana shop to malls Price Different price for different segments with attract packet
  8. 8. Brand Management 4P’s of marketing Place: Complan believes in more or less Direct Selling kind of distribution channel hence it does not have many middle man like C&F Agents, Wholesalers, Stockiest etc. this help the company to charge less to their customer and give them more or less personalize treatment. And the less no of middlemen also helps to increase our profit margin. Target Market: Complan mainly target growing children because children need adequate and balanced nutrition to help them achieve their maximum growth potential. Complan with 23 vital nutrients in planned proportions is the ideal food supplement during these crucial years. Other than children they also target other person like. Â Active people, which needs the extra nourishment for traveling & sporting activities. Busy Executives, who now & then have to skip their meal due to increase work load. Pregnant Women & Lactating Mothers, because they require nutrients during these vital periods. Price: Complan is priced higher than other competitors because of its nutritional contents and there is no compromise on the quality of the product and price is given a second thought when it comes to health. COMPLAN Flavors (Rs) Chocolate 68 140 245 Weight(gm) Plain Mango Chocolate (Jar) 200 55 60 75 500 120 150 1000 Promotion: Complan is a very old highly nutritional drink in Indian Market and may be one of the first in this category. Hence it doesn’t require an aggressive kind of promotion techniques. Hence Complan is know concentrating on sponsorship of various sports related events and also introducing various schemes such as window display scheme etc. The various sports event it sponsored are: Complan Junior Squash Open 2002, sponsored by Heinz India Private Limited. The Complan junior Open may be the highest junior prize money tournament in India. The total value of price distributed was Rs. 2.25 lakes. Heinz India has launched the Complan Under-15 National Cricket Talent Search, in which a galaxy of former India captains like Polly Umrigar, Nari Contractor, Chandu Borde, Hanumanth Singh, Bishen Singh Bedi and former Australian captain Bob Simpson, are involved. Young under-15 schoolboys from all the five zones across the country North, South, East, West and Central are being put through a rigorous regimen on the fundamentals of cricket. Be Sociable, Share!
  9. 9. Brand Management Identity Prism for Complan Brand
  10. 10. Brand Management Product mix width of Heinz Product line –1 Cooking Aids Tomato Ketchup, Product line –2 Health drink Product line –3 Personal care Complan for Growth, Complan for memory , Complan Biscuits, Complan Nutri Gro. Nycil classic, Nycil herbal, Nycil lavender, Nycil Sandal Complan is a parent company of Heinz Food Company :- Under this Complan have four category are there of product such as  Complan for Growth  Complan Memory  Complan Biscuits  Complan NutriGro
  11. 11. Brand Management Product line depth:Complan for Growth Chocolate, Kesar Badam, Pista Badam, Strawberry, Mango, Caramel and natural. Complan Memory  8 Memory charge (Chocó Badam with chips )  5 Memory charge Complan Biscuits  Milk flavor  Chocolate Flavor Complan Nutri Gro  Nutri GroHome style Badam Kheer Flavors  Nutri GroPremium Chocolate Flavors Nutri GroFruity Strawberry Flavors
  12. 12. Brand Management Ansoff’s Matrix Products Existing New Penetration Market Complan simple Chocolate, Kesar Badam, Mango Marketing Development Diversification Biscuits Existing Product Development Chocolate, MARKET New
  13. 13. Brand Management SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness 1.Big brand visibility 2.Good advertising 3.Excellent reach and distribution 4.Long Term association with many markets like India. 1. Food products have a limited shelf life Opportunity Threats 1.Untapped rural markets 2.Better product packaging and preservation 1.More chocolate based milk drinks in market 3 / 4Complan 2.Children prefer more flavors like strawberry, rose milk
  14. 14. Brand Management Competitor Analysis There are four main competitors for Complan in Health drink market 1. Milo 2. Horlicks 3. Boost 4. Bournvita Complan-Horlicks comparative Advertising Comparative advertising means comparing different brands on price, services and other factors and focusing on advertising one of the brands in a way to show how their rivals are inferior as compared to it. This comparison would be very obvious to the audience due to its explicit comparison. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK) and Heinz India (Heinz) got into a legal fight in late 2008, over the advertisements of their respective health drinks Horlicks and Complan. It all started when GSK come out with an Advt. for Horlicks which directly said that it has more nutritional content and is also cheaper than Complan. Heinz India retaliated claiming that the higher price that consumers were paying for Complan was for a much higher nutritional value. Heinz moved the Bombay High Court in December 2008, challenging GSK’s claim. GSK on its part questioned Heinz India’s advertisement in the Delhi High Court. Comparative advertising is not new in India Comparative advertising, as the name suggests, is advertising where a party (the advertiser) advertises his goods or services by comparing them with the goods or services of another party. Experts felt that certain product categories such as electronic items, real estate, automobiles and mutual funds require some form of comparative advertising and that consumers also benefit from such fact-based comparisons Positioning by Competitor In its very first public appearance, Complan adopted the strategy of 'Positioning by Competitor'. It positioned itself directly against milk. 'Your body needs 23 vital foods', said the first ad, 'Milk gives 9- Complan gives all 23'
  15. 15. Brand Management Customer-Based Brand Equity of Complan Brand :Resonance:-  I am Complan Boy and Girl  Classic advertisement  Family oriented , emotion touched Judgment:-  Nice quality with different flavor  Less credibility and high consideration. Performance:-  Good performance.  Good position in the market. Feeling:-  Exclusive feeling healthy.  Fully of nutrition. Imagery:-  Easily available  Ready to use, good to eat. Salience:-  High awareness.  Most commonly.  Recalled as a health supplement .