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  • 1. #Wrongdoing on the part of an authority or powerful party through means that are illegitimate ,immoral , incompatible with the ethical standards.#Corruption is a type of strategic action.#India is the 95th most corrupt country in the world.
  • 2. #A corrupt society stops valuing moral principles.#It exploits India’s scarce resources.#Disturbs country’s economic stability.#The recent scams tells about the free loot of resources.
  • 3. #Politics#Land and Property:-Where officials steal state property.#Service sector:-Education ,Banking ,Health care ,Communication etc. Eg: Non availability of medicines ,Fake medicines.
  • 4. #Income tax department:- Favorable tax treatments.#Armed forces:-Allegedly selling in black markets in border districts of India.#Religious institutions:- Some of the churches in north India are making money by selling Baptism certificates.
  • 5. #Lack of effective management and organisation of administrative mechanism.#Lack of economic stability.#Lack of effective political leadership.#Diminishing values in the society.
  • 6. #Diminishing patriotism.#Lack of awareness about policies and procedures.#Low literacy rates.
  • 7. # 2G spectrum Scam:- The 2G spectrum scandal was a political scandal that occurred in India in 2010–11 where officials in the government of India were illegally undercharging mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they would use to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones. The difference between the money collected and the money which the law mandated to be collected is estimated to be 176,645 crore
  • 8. #CWG Scam:-On April 25, 2011 Kalmadi was arrested by CBI for awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring- Result (TSR) system for the 2010 Commonwealth Games causing a loss of Rs 95 crore
  • 9. #Telgi Scam: Abdul Karim Telgi began printing fake stamp paper. He appointed 300 people as agents who sold the fakes to bulk purchasers, including banks,insurance companies, and share- broking firms. His monthly profits have been estimated as being in the neighborhood of Rs 202 crore (slightly more than US $40 million).The size of the scam was estimated to be more than 43,000 Cr Rupees..
  • 10. #Loss of National wealth.#Obstruction in development#Backwardness#Poverty#Brain drain#Rise in terrorism and crime#Rise in suicide cases
  • 11. #Value education#Effective and regular vigilance#Responsible citizens#Effective leadership and administration#Strong Media support(through ads ,films ,serials etc)#Strong organisation
  • 12. #Transparency#Loyalty and Patriotism#Dedicated leaders#Co ordination and control
  • 13. # Lokpall Bill Implementation (Introduced since 1968).# Anti-corruption police and courts.# Vigorous punishments# Anti- corruption websites.# Anti- corruption Organizations.# Self determination of not to give bribe.