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Futurenet (1)

  1. 1. www.futurenet.ph
  3. 3. WHAT IS A COOPERATIVE?- Autonomous and a duly registered association- Common bond of interest- Voluntarily joined together- Achieve their social, economic, and cultural needsand aspirations- Equitable contributions- Patronizing their products and services- With risks and benefits- Cooperative principles
  4. 4. COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLES1. Voluntary and Open Membership2. Democratic Member Control3. Member Economic Participation4. Autonomy and Independence5. Education, Training and Information6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives7. Concern For Community
  5. 5. All Cooperatives must register under the CDA and all Cooperatives aregoverned under the: R.A. 9520 PHILIPPINE COOPERATIVE CODE OF 2008
  6. 6. Who can be Members of a Cooperative?A cooperative has two kinds of members: regular members and associatemembersA regular member is one who has complied with all the membership requirements andentitled to all the rights and privileges of membership as stated in the Cooperative Code and thecoops’ by laws.An associate member has no right to vote and be voted upon and is entitled only to suchrights and privileges provided by the cooperative’s by laws.
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF COOPERATIVE? Cooperatives may fall under any of the following type: Credit Cooperative Financial Service Cooperative Consumer Cooperative Fishermen Cooperative Producers Cooperative Health Services Cooperative Marketing Cooperative Housing Cooperative Service Cooperative Insurance Cooperative Multipurpose Cooperative Transport Cooperative Advocacy Cooperative Water Service Cooperative Agrarian Reform Cooperative Workers Cooperative Cooperative Bank Dairy Cooperative Other types of Cooperative as may be determined Education Cooperative by the Electric Cooperative CDA Cooperative Development Authority.
  8. 8. FUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVE Established November 8, 2011 CDA Registration # 9520-16020832
  9. 9. Empowered by: Future-net Network Marketing Association of the PhilippinesSEC Registration # CN201118456
  10. 10. Barangay Clearance BIR Certificate Business Permit
  11. 11. FUTURE-NET COMMON BOND OF INTEREST?ASSOCIATIONAL All members of Future-Net Association (FNMAP, Inc.) can be a member of Future-Net Credit Cooperative
  12. 12. The People behindFUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVE MR. RICKY DEPAULA SARMIENTO Chairman of the Board- Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biology (Far Eastern University)- Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Our Lady of Fatima University)- Registered Nurse - PRC #: 0376476- United States Registered Nurse (USRN-California)- Entrepreneur
  13. 13. EMT-Paramedic, CSPT, DGSV, SGCV, SSSH, MBA- Certified KSA-MOH-CSSD Committee Member KFMC-Infection Control Sub-Committee Member KFMC-CSSD Safety Liaison Officer KFMC-CSSD Quality Improvement Officer European-Germany CSSD International Certified (DIN-58946-6)MR. VIRGILIO JACKSON CASIÑARES Vice-Chairman of the Board
  14. 14. BOARD OF DIRECTORSMary Grace Sarmiento Entrepreneur Board Secretary Leonora B. OlivaAlejandro O. Navarro Operation Manager,Future-Net Fairview Quezon City. BRANCHEntrepreneur/Networker Manager of Local Manpower for Six (6) Years LEGAL ADVISERRv B. Calamaya  Atty. Al DiazIT System Developer @China Banking Corporation
  15. 15. MISSION 1. To instill cooperativism as a way of life. 2. To act as a catalyst and unifying force in the Core Values: promotion, development and cooperation of Excellence, cooperatives at all levels towards theCommitment, Integrity improvement of the quality of life. & Teamwork. 3. To seek ways and means of achieving self- reliance, integration and mutual assistance. VISION To become strong, viable cooperative in the Philippines, unified by common aspirations to promote cooperativism characterized by self- reliance, mutual assistance, democracy, justice and nationalism to achieve total human development.
  16. 16. The Purpose/s for which this FUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVE was organized; To provide greater benefits to the members such as increasing individual income or enhancing a member’s way of living. To be pioneering business in delivering sustainable financial service for members and society. To engage in accepting deposits and granting of loans for productive and providential use to members.
  17. 17. MEMBERSHIP P1500> FNMAP, INC> Social Fund> Insurance/ID> Future-net Incentive Program> Back office Website> Future plans of Future-net
  18. 18. SHARE CERTIFICATEREQUIRED SHARE CAPITAL – P5,000.00 REQUIRED SAVINGS - Minimum of 5,000.00 Deduction will be made weekly 50.00/Week. Succeeding saving upon from commission 50.00 completion of 5,000.00 is optional.
  19. 19. INSURANCE CERTIFICATE OF COVER HELP PROGRAM - Natural Death - - Calamity - INSURANCE COVERAGE50k Accidental Death, 50K Dismemberment, Members who has earnings for the week5k Medical Reimbursement due to Accident the event happened. P20 will be 5k Burial Benefits due to Accident deducted from their commission
  20. 20. FUTURE-NET TERMS :FNDRC - Future-net Direct Referral CommissionFNIDRC - Future-net Indirect Referral CommissionFNLC - Future-net Loan CommissionFNMFRC - Future-Net Mobile Franchise ReferralCommission “Money,Opportunity,Business,Income,Livelihood,Entreprenuer”
  21. 21. “We Help You Invent Your Family’s Future”In every person that you SPONSOR REMARKS : If you can sponsor as fastyou will get P750 real time as (5) on your Group..You are Qualified to apply for a loan @ Future-Net Coop.income 750 750 750 750 750
  22. 22. “TRADITIONAL WAY” Php5000 S/C (1 month maturity) Loan Amount: Php5,000 * .5% / month Php1,000 = Php5.00/month Php5,000 = Php25.00/month x 6 months Php5,150 / 6 months = Php858.33 Php858.33 / 4 weeks Weekly payment = Php214.58Note: Payment will be made weekly every Friday until 9:00 PM . The shortest term of payment is (3) months and payable religiously on the given date. Second loan amount will be upon the decision of the Loan Evaluator. Collateral/Co-maker will be needed when loan amount is Php20,000 and above. www.futurenet.ph
  23. 23. “FAST TRACK LOAN” CI/Collateral/Co- maker more 1 month maturity YOU1ST LEVEL - D D D D D2ND LEVEL - D D D D D3RD LEVEL - D D D D D www.futurenet.ph
  24. 24. No. of Direct Referrals LOAN Loan Interest is5 DIRECTS =(Required Share Capital P 500) P3,000 0.5% monthly25 DIRECTS = P10,000 Loan Payable in(Required Share Capital P 1500) 6months35 DIRECTS = P15,000(Required Share Capital P 2500)45 DIRECTS = P20,000(Required Share Capital P 3500)
  25. 25. Level Value No of Members Amount 1 100 5 500 2 50 25 2,500 3 30 125 3,750 4 20 625 12,500 5 10 3125 31,250 6 10 15625 156,250 7 10 78125 781,250 8 10 390625 3,906,250 9 10 1953125 19,531,250 10 5 9765625 48,828,125 11 5 14765625 73,828,125 12 5 19765625 98,828,125 13 5 24765625 123,828,125 14 5 29765625 148,828,125 15 5 34765625 173,828,125
  26. 26. THERE’S MORE… 6 months to pay w/ P5000 share capital 1 year to pay w/ P5000 share capital 1 yr. & 6 mo. to pay w/ P5000 share capital 2 yrs. to pay w/ P5000 share capital
  27. 27. Ex.Loan LoanLevel No. of Member Loan (3,000/Each) Commission 1 5 0.50% 15,000 75.00 2 25 0.40% 75,000 300.00 3 125 0.20% 375,000 750.00 4 625 0.10% 1,875,000 1875.00 5 3,125 0.05% 9,375,000 4687.50 6 15,625 0.05% 46,875,000 23,437.50 7 78,125 0.05% 234,375,000 117,187.50 8 390,625 0.05% 1,171,875,000 585,937.50 9 1,953,125 0.05% 5,859,375,000 2,929,687.50 10 9,765,625 0.05% 29,296,875,000 14,648,437.50 TOTAL : 18,335,812
  28. 28. 6% Pro-rata Patronage Refund Dividend YEAR END
  30. 30. 1ST DIRECT 2nd DIRECT 3RD 4th DIRECT 5th DIRECT DIRECT REFERRAL REFERRAL REFERRAL REFERRAL REFERRALYou earn P750 You earn P750 You earn P750You earn P750 You earn P750 You earn P750Stays in your Stays in your Stays in your network network Passed up to network Passed up to Your UPLINE Your UPLINE He/She earns P750 He/She earns P750
  31. 31. You passed up your 2nd and 4th direct referrals. From 6th direct referral onwards, there will be no more passing Time will come thousands upon THAT IS of where it gets exciting Now here’s people shall be passing thousands INFINITY P1500 TO when you up to you! receive pass ups!!! YOU!!! These 3 people remained under you will EACH pass up their 2nd and 4th referrals. That’s a total of 6 pass ups to you. Since you earn P750 per pass up to you, you make P4500 6 people will pass up their 2nd and 4th referral to you. That’s a total of 12 pass ups to you, you earn P9,000.12 people will pass up their 2nd and 4th referral to you. That’s a total of 24 pass ups to you, you earn P18,000.24 people will pass up their 2nd and 4th referral to you. That’s a total of 48 pass ups to you, you earn P36,000.
  32. 32. MONTHLY INTEREST0.5% or P5.00 in every P1000 Payable in Six (6) MonthsINDIRECT REFERRAL COMMISIONCut-off: Monday to Sunday (Cut-off 9pm)Release of Commission is every WEDNESDAY the following week.SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTShare Capital , Loans & Savings – every FRIDAY until 9pm cut off time.*** Release/Renewal of loan will be delayed for 1 month in case of late payment. STRICTLY IMPLEMENTED*** You may pay in advance – Ex : P200.00 will cover your payment for a month*** You can deposit for your Share Capital & Savings simultaneously.
  33. 33. WHERE TO DEPOSIT YOUR WEEKLY PAYMENTS All members must deposit their weekly SHARE CAPITAL, SAVINGS and LOAN payments directly to any Mobile Franchisee or authorized banks of FUTURE-NET CREDIT COOPERATIVE. For bank payments. Make 2 copies of the deposit slip. 1 COPY for filing purposes of the member and bank copy. Report the detail of the deposit at the office thru our TXT MESSAGE FORMAT. INFORMATION NEEDED ARE Purpose of payment /Full Name/Amount/Bank/Branch/Date/Time/Transaction Number TXT FORMAT: Example 1: ( For SHARE CAPITAL PAYMENT ) SHARE CAPITAL/JUAN DELA CRUZ/200/BPI/FAIRVIEW/28DEC12/11:19:04/454CRLP3 Example 2: ( For LOAN PAYMENTS ) LOAN /JUAN DELA CRUZ/500/BPI/FAIRVIEW/28DEC12/11:19:04/454CRLP3Future-net Cooperative BanksBANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Send to:ACCOUNT NO: 004543-1138-46 SMART: 0947.773.8823RIZAL COMMERCIAL BANKING CORPORATION (RCBC) GLOBE: 0917.905.83.05ACCOUNT NAME : FUTURE NET CREDIT COOPERATIVE SUN: 0923.445.67.08ACCOUNT NO: 1-135-76246-2 Email to: fncc.info@gmail.comUNITED COCONUT PLANTERS BANK (UCPB)ACCOUNT NAME: FUTURE NET CREDIT COOPERATIVEACCOUNT NO: 201940002527
  34. 34. INVESTMENT: PHP100,000o Mobile Franchise Panel Benefits:o Certificate of Appointment P75 per paid Mem Applicationo 1M Insurance Coverage AD & D 5% Encashmento 500,000 for Spouse & Maximum of 2 0.5% Loan of Tagged Application Children (7-18y/o).o 100,000 Unprovoked Murder and assault Lock in (by Parameter area/o 100,000 Burial Assistance Accidental Death Municipality)o Personal VTPL (Second Layer of car insurance) REQUIREMENTS: P200,000.00 oLetter of Intent (LOI)o Fire Assistance P 50,000.00 oBarangay Clearanceo Membership Forms (2 pads) oExisting Membero 2pc. Provisionary Receipts oOfficeo 2 pcs. Tarpaulin ( BIG ) oComputer/Scanner oInterneto 2 pcs. Tarpaulin ( SMALL )o 40 ACTIVATION CODES X 1500/each = P60,000
  35. 35. + Php 5 in every entry of your direct franchise sponsor
  37. 37. Investorinterested investors door for Future-net is now opening it’s Referral Commission > Looking for 5 qualified investors > Investment is 1 million each > 15% per annum - Release of interest is every P25,000 COLD CASH!!! of the year quarter P1,000,000 x 15% = P150,000 P150,000 / 4 months = P37,500 quarterly > 3% on product sales - Release is every P300,000 worth of sales P300,000 x 3% = P9,000 300k sales a month 12 months x P9,000 = P108,000 300k sales a week 48 weeks x P9,000 = P432,000
  38. 38. Unit-C 2nd/F 167 RCB Square, CasaMilan Comml, Commonwealth Ext. North Fairview, Q.C. Phone: 632.409.2660 Fax: 632.990.2535 Smart: 0947.7738823 Globe: 0917.9058305 Sun: 0923.445.6708 futurenet.associate@gmail.com fncc.info@gmail.comOffice hours : 10AM – 10PMCut off time : 9PM Monday - Saturday