Vemma Compensation Plan Malaysia


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Vemma Compensaton Plan Malaysia

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Vemma Compensation Plan Malaysia

  1. 1. VEMMA Compensation PlanThe Dual Line Prepare by KH Leong
  2. 2. To Start and Active Your VEMMA Business Purchase: one pack VEMMA You will be • Membership: Free Vemma Business Centre (VBC) • Activation: 4 weeks active (1 Vemma Pack) • You will instantly receive a VBC and Free Marketing Website Prepare by KH Leong
  3. 3. Business Packages Entry TM Active Levels Price Week 1 Pack RM 342 (US$ 60) 4 Weeks 2 Packs RM 684 (US$120) 4 Weeks 3 Packs RM1026 (US$180) 4 Weeks 4 Packs (Basic Builder Pack) RM1364 (US$240) 4 Weeks 6 Packs (Silver Builder Pack) RM2052 (US$360) 12 Weeks 15 Packs (Ultimate Builder Pack) RM5130 (US$900) 24 Weeks Prepare by KH Leong
  4. 4. VEMMA Features Two Ways To Earn 1. Team Building Income 2. Global Bonus Pools Prepare by KH Leong
  5. 5. Team Building Income 1. Fast Start Bonus 2. Consistency Bonus 3. Cycle Bonus 4. The Team Bonus 5. Enroller Matching Bonus 6. Second Tier Cap Prepare by KH Leong
  6. 6. Global Bonus Pools 1. Global Bonus Pool Levels 2. One Time Rank Advancement Rewards 3. Rank Advancement Award Levels Prepare by KH Leong
  7. 7. Fast Start Bonus Entry Levels FS (Fast Start Bonus) Limit/Week 1 Pack RM 38 (US$ 10) US$ 1,000 You 2 Packs RM 78 (US$ 20) 3 Packs RM 114 (US$ 30) You enroll 4 Packs (Basic) RM 228 (US$ 60) US$ 3,000 “A” with First Order 6 Packs ( Silver) RM 342 (US$ 90) US$10,000 A 15 Packs ( Ultimate) RM 950 (US$250) US$25,000 Order 1 Pack is 60 CV RM1,520 (US$400) Due to First Start Bonus Payout Notes: First Pack will pays 30 CV • Ultimate status enroll new TM with Ultimate pack will get RM1520 as FSB CV = Commissionable Volume • Silver – 12 weeks (2 packs active) • Ultimate – 24 weeks (2 packs active) • Limit/Week- Base on which level you are sign in on Vemma Business Plan Qualifications: Active with 60 QV. (Qualifying Volume) Member with rank of Platinum and above Active with 120 QV. Prepare by KH Leong Exchange Rate: US$1 = RM3.8
  8. 8. Consistency Bonus You Repeat Sales Payout 1 Pack RM 11.40 (US$ 3) 6 Packs RM 8.40 (US$18) 12 Packs RM171.00 (US$45) A Notes: No Payout Limitation Repeat sales of personal Enrolled members Qualifications: Active with 120 (QV) Qualifying Volume Exchange Rate : US$1 = RM3.80 Prepare by KH Leong
  9. 9. Cycle Bonus You L:360 R:480 1 Cycle Bonus (Weekly) is pays L:120 L:240 about RM100 A R:180 A:60 B R:180 B:60 (US$22 – 26) T:360 T:480 Asia members are paid 120 180 240 180 additional 30% of cycle value Left: 180CV – Right: 360CV = 1 Cycle (about RM130) or Left: 360CV – Right: 180CV = 1 Cycle Qualifications: Active with 120 QV and Qualified (two personally-enrolled active Members, one in each leg) Prepare by KH Leong
  10. 10. Team Bonus You Ensuring US$60 (RM228) In earning every four weeks Left Leg Right Leg Eligible Members who cycle at least A B once in the four-week rank advancement period will earn the team Bonus in the amount of the difference between their TOTAL four-week C D earning and US$60, ensuring $60 USD in earning every four weeks that they remain qualified. E Anywhere F two personal-enrolled Active Members Qualification: Active with 120QV, and qualified (two personal-enrolled active members, one in each leg) and two additional active Members anywhere else In their organization. (total of four (4) active personally enrolled members required). Prepare by KH Leong
  11. 11. Enroller Matching Bonus You 10 % on all of their personally-enrolled PE PE PE PE PE Member’s Cycle Bonus earned amount 2T 2T 2T 2T 2T Qualification: Active with 120 QV, and qualified (four personal-enrolled active members, one in each leg, two anywhere). If a Member does not meet the eligibility requirements to earn it, the Enroller Matching Bonus will compress to the first eligible upline Enroller Prepare by KH Leong
  12. 12. Second Tier Matching Bonus You 10 % on all of their personally-enrollee’s Personal-enrolled Member’s Cycle Bonus earned amount Earning of the Matching Bonuses up to US$5,000 in a four-week PE PE PE PE rank advancement period will not require specific structure or rank qualification. To be eligible to earn the matching bonuses in excess of US$5,000 In a four-week rank advancement period. A Member must earn and maintain the “paid as” 2T 2T 2T 2T Rank of Platinum or higher. Qualification: Active with 120 QV, and qualified (six personal-enrolled active members, one in each leg, four anywhere). If a Member does not meet the eligibility requirements to earn it, the Second Tier Matching Bonus will compress to the first eligible upline Enroller Prepare by KH Leong
  13. 13. Global Bonus Pools Levels Global Bonus Pools % Half Share Full Share Pearl Bonus Pool 0.5 160 Cycles 240 Cycles Ruby Bonus Pool 0.5 400 Cycles 600 Cycles Sapphire Bonus Pool 0.5 1000 Cycles 1500 Cycles Emerald Bonus Pool 0.5 2000 Cycles 3000 Cycles Royal Bonus Pool 1 5000 Cycles 10000 Cycles • Set aside 3% of overall Vemma sales • Qualifying over a 12 Weeks Period • Presidential and higher rank will need to meet the Elite Balanced Building Requirement. Prepare by KH Leong
  14. 14. Rank Advancement Rewards Six Consecutive Four-week Periods Active with Pinnacle Leader US$250,000 Qualifying at the new rank for Star Royal Ambassador US$100,000 TWO Consecutive four-week Rank Advancement periods, Royal Ambassador US$25,000 a one time bonus will pay out. Star Ambassador US$15,000 Ambassador US$10,000 Qualifying at the new rank for SIX Consecutive Star Presidential US$5,000 120 QV four-week Rank Advancement periods, Presidential US$3,000 a one time bonus will pay out for those members who maintain a minimum of Two Consecutive Four-week Periods one member “paid as” Star Platinum Star Executive US$2,000 In their personally enrolled downline on Executive US$1,500 each side of their business, Star Platinum US$1,000 Platinum US$750 Diamond US$500 Gold US$250 60 QV Silver US$100 Prepare by KH Leong
  15. 15. Rank Advancement Award Levels Pin Leader Rank No. of Cycles in a Four-week period Pinnacle Leader 6000 Star Royal Ambassador 4000 Royal Ambassador 2000 Star Ambassador 1000 Ambassador 500 Star Presidential 375 Presidential 250 Star Executive 175 Executive 100 Star Platinum 75 Platinum 50 Diamond 20 Gold 10 Silver 5 Prepare by KH Leong
  16. 16. Certificate of Halal Products Islamic Food Research Asia Prepare by KH Leong
  17. 17. Glossary of Terms CV/QV Equal in the Vemma plan, both CV and QV are the value associated to the specific product that allows you to build cycles and earn bonuses. Enroller When you introduce a new person to the Vemma opportunity and sign them up, you are the Enroller. Your Enroller is the person who introduced you to Vemma. Sponsor The term sponsor refers to the person immediately above you in the tree structure. You are the sponsor of the two people immediately below you. Autoship Autoship is a recurring monthly order that is delivered to you each month saving you the trouble of having to call in or go online. Prepare by KH Leong
  18. 18. Glossary of Terms Qualify Each membership must be qualified to earn bonuses. You qualify your membership by being Active with 120 QV Autoship and personally enrolling one Member on your left side and one Member on your right side, each meeting the active requirements based on individual rank. Active In order to be considered active, you must have an active Autoship base order with a 60 QV minimum order every five weeks. Platinum and above are considered active if they have an active Autoship base order with a 120 QV minimum order every five weeks. A 60 QV or 120 QV order will activate your account for four (4) volume periods including the volume week in which the order is placed, plus one volume week grace period. As an active member you can accrue volume from sales that occur under you in your power leg. Prepare by KH Leong
  19. 19. Prepare by KH Leong
  20. 20. Prepare by KH Leong
  21. 21. You Left Leg Right Leg PE PE PE PE 2T 2T A PE F 2T 2T PE Qualification: Active with 120 QV (2 Packs), and qualified (four personal-enrolled active members, one in each leg, two anywhere). Prepare by KH Leong