How To Quit Smoking!


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This is a subject that has literally been written about for years and years. Yet, do we really know the truth? How can you quit smoking? You all know or heard of someone who has quit smoking but can I do it? For more information go to

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How To Quit Smoking!

  1. 1. ***********************************************************************Quit Smoking Today! To Find Out How, Check this out.*********************************************************************** Nicotine Gum – Does it Really Work? Theres a lot of hype built up around nicotine replacement products, like nicotine gum.Plenty of people swear by them, and just as many are just as adamant against them. Nicotine gum treats the physical symptoms of a smoking addiction. Instead of cravingthe nicotine spike from smoking a cigarette, chewing nicotine gum gives you the same deliveryof nicotine without all of the cancer-causing bad stuff. Sounds like a good idea, doesnt it? There are two major problems with it, though. First,people end up addicted to nicotine gum, which puts you in a similar boat to smoking. Granted,you dont have all of the health problems, but you still end up addicted to something, andnicotine is bad for your body. The second and far more important problem is that nicotine gum doesnt treat the realcause behind smoking addiction: mental addiction. As a smoker, you are trained to wantcigarettes based on certain mental triggers, such as when youre out with your friends, whenyoure stressed, etc. Nicotine gum doesnt do anything for the mental addiction, which is why nicotine gumdoesnt end up working. To actually quit smoking and not look back on it, you need to tell yourmind that it doesnt actually want cigarettes, not just replace them with something else. If you dont solve the mental addiction behind smoking, youre never going to quitsmoking. Everyone says that quitting smoking is hard for a reason: very few people actuallystop smoking and become non-smokers. Most people become smokers that just arent smokingbecause theyre denying themselves cigarettes, which is why so many people relapse intosmoking. You dont have to spend a massive amount of time taking classes or talking to peopleabout quitting smoking, though. I quit smoking in just an hour (and I read slowly!) with thisguide on curing the mental addiction of smoking. The book actually asks you to smoke whilereading it, so even if you arent sure if youre able or ready to quit smoking, its worth a read! Since curing yourself of your smoking addiction is a mental process that you can bewalked through, you dont need to be completely mentally ready to quit smoking just yet. Youcan even be smoking as you read this, trying to decide if youre even ready to quit, and thesenatural methods [] for quitting smoking will help you quit! Without stopping the mental addictionof smoking though, you will always in the back of your mind be a smoker.
  2. 2. Article Source:***********************************************************************Quit Smoking Today! To Find Out How, Check this out.***********************************************************************