BaW 2012 graduation presentation

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A BaW 2012 graduation ceremony by Cholpon Musaeva, Kygyzstan/India

A BaW 2012 graduation ceremony by Cholpon Musaeva, Kygyzstan/India

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  • 1. BaW 2012 Graduation Ceremony
  • 2. The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires. William Arthur Ward BaW 2012 Team- You are our great teachers!!!
  • 3. Even if we are graduating today we will never forget everything you have done for us and everything we have been through together.
  • 4. We are blessed and happy to have such a motivated and motivating; inspired and inspiring; caring and sharing; humane and truly professional team of co-ordenators and moderators who have been teaching and practising what they preach – our wonderful role models. I think it was an excellent example of using Tessa Woodward’s ‘Loop input’ where we were students, and now as teachers and trainers we need to try to use not only the content of the course-web tools, but also the way it was presented here with meticulous planning and diligent implementation, and try to be patient, supportive, helpful and professional facilitators and guides in our virtual classrooms.
  • 5. BaW 2012 Graduation Party
    • Sea food, red wine and flowers
    • Chef Cholpon’s special- ‘Brizol’
  • 6. All the Best to All of You!!!
  • 7. We have been given so much guidance and support… And now it is time to start practising the web tools on our own, incorporating them into our classes. It is hard to believe, but we have started our cyber journey. We are new born weabheads 2012. Happy and safe journey, my siblings!!! However, whenever confused or lost in the cyber world, we will always come back to our parents- WaB2012 co-ordenators and moderators for advice and guidance.
  • 8. Congratulations and See You Later!!!
    • Created by
    • Cholpon Museava
    • PhD (ELE)
    • MA (TESL)
    • Kyrgyzstan/India