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Clap switch
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  • 1. A MINI PROJECT REPORT ON CLAP SWITCH BY PARTH.S.CHOLERADepartment of Electronics and Tele-communication 2011-12[Type text] Page 1
  • 2. CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that, the project entitled CLAP SWITCH abonified record of project work submitted byPARTH.S.CHOLERA in partial fulfillment for degree inEXTC, Mumbai University during the year 2011-2012 undermy guidance and supervision.DATE:PLACE: Thane GUIDE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT (Prof.Pawar) (Prof. A.M.Deshpande)External Examiner Principal (Dr.U.D.Kolekar)[Type text] Page 2
  • 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my great pleasure to acknowledge the assistance andcontribution of the individuals who co-operated us to completethe project work successfully. First and foremost, I wish toexpress my deep gratitude and thanks to Prof.A.M.DeshpandeHead of department of EXTC and our project guide Prof.Pawar,for their enthusiastic guidance and helping in successfulcompletion of project work. They provided us their precioustime for valuable suggestions and encouragement throughout thework. It is foe their patience, guidance and encouragement at alltime that this work has shaped up the way it is. A project is teamwork and reflects the contribution of manypeople. A number people contributed their time and efforts inmaking their project work a success. We would like to thankeveryone who contributed their time and efforts to help incompleting the project work. PARTH.S.CHOLERA[Type text] Page 3
  • 4. TABLE OF CONTENTSSr. No. Topic Page no.1. Introduction 52 Block Diagram 63. Circuit Diagram 64. Working of Circuit 75. Component List 86. Advantage & Disadvantage 97. Application 108. Further Modification 109. Bibliography 11 [Type text] Page 4
  • 5. INTRODUCTION This is a project on CLAP SWITCH which can switchon/off any electrical circuit by the sound of the clap. The basic idea of clap switch is that the electricmicrophone picks up the sound of your claps, coughs, and thesound of that book knocked off the table. It produces a smallelectrical signal which is amplified by the succeeding transistorstage. Two transistors cross connected as a bistablemultivibrator change state at each signal. One of thesetransistors drives a heavier transistor which controls a lamp. This circuit is constructed using basic electroniccomponents like resistors, transistors, relay, transformer,capacitors. This circuit turns ‘ON’ light for the first clap. Thelight turns ON till the next clap. For the next clap the light turnsOFF. This circuit works with 12V voltage .Therefore a step-down transformer 12V/300mA is employed. This working of this circuit is based on amplifying natureof the transistor, switching nature of transistor, relay as anelectronic switch .Basically, this is a Sound operated switch.[Type text] Page 5
  • 7. WORKING PRINCIPLE The sound of clap is received by a small microphone thatis shown biased by resistor R1 in the circuit. The microphonechanges sound wave in to electrical wave which is furtheramplified by Q1.Transistor Q1 is used as common emittercircuit to amplify weak signals received by the microphone.Amplified output from the collector of transistor Q1 is then feedto the Bistable Multivibrator circuit also known as flip-flop. Flip flop circuit is made by using 2 Transistor, in ourcircuit Q2&Q3. In a flip-flop circuit, at a time only onetransistor conduct and other cut off and when it gets a triggerpulse from outside source then first transistor is cutoff and 2ndtransistor conducts. Thus output of transistor is either logic-0 orlogic-1 and it remains in one state 0 or 1 until it gets triggerpulse from outer source. The pulse of clap which is a trigger for flip-flop whichmakes changes to the output which is complementary (reverse).Output of flip-flop which is in the low current form is unable todrive relay directly so we have used a current amplifier circuitby using Q4 which is a common emitter circuit. Output of Q4 isconnected to a Relay (Electromagnetic switch), works like amechanical switch. With the help of a relay it is easy forconnecting other electrical appliance. The relay contact is connected to the power line and henceturns on/off any electrical appliance connected all the waythrough relay.[Type text] Page 7
  • 8. COMPONENT LISTResistorsR1= 15KΩ,R5, R6= 1.5KΩR2, R11, R12= 2.2MΩ,R13= 2.2KΩR3= 270KΩ,R4= 3.3KΩR7, R8= 10KΩ,R9, R10= 27KΩCapacitorsC1=1000µf/16vC2=.01µf,C3, C4=.047µfSemiconductorQ1, Q2, Q3= BC548Q4= BC368D2, D3, D4= IN 4148D1, D5= IN 4007,MiscT1= 12v/500mA TransformerMic= Condenser MicrophoneK1= 12V Relay, B1= Bulb or Load[Type text] Page 8
  • 9. ADVANTAGE It’s used to turn something (e.g. a lamp) on and off from any location in the room (e.g. while lying in bed) simply by clapping your hands. It involves an elderly. Also involves mobility-impaired person. It’s also used for a light, television, radio, or similar electronic device that the person will want to turn on/off from bed. DISADVANTAGE It cumbersome to have to clap ones hands to turn something ON or OFF Also, generally seen as simpler for most use cases to use a traditional light switch. Unnecessary disturbances may occur while using in the Apartments[Type text] Page 9
  • 10. FUTURE SCOPE We can increase the range of this equipment by using better Mic. We can use this as Remote Controller. APPLICATIONS Clap switch can be used to switch ON/OFF any electricalappliances such as Tube Light, Fan, Television, Air conditioner, Motor, etc.[Type text] Page 10
  • 11. BIBLOGRAPHY dvantages_and_applications_of_a_clap_switch#ixzz1cOqY 8QQX The on-line textbook : Information Theroy, Interference, and Learning Algorithms,[Type text] Page 11