40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone


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40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone

When I started this app business, I was really on my own. I had no idea of the tools or services that a lot of the online app companies provided. That was over a year ago. Now with the help of these app companies, I’ve 200 apps published and lots more on the way!

So how did I get to where I am now? With a lot of help from free and inexpensive online services. I made my business’s first dollars with an app I published which ran Chartboost ads, I grew my team through amazing online sites opt-ins and I’m totally obsessed with AppCooker. So without further ado…

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40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone

  1. 1. 40 Top App Companies I Can’t Live Without in 2014 www.thechocolatelabapps.com
  2. 2. Developer Tools
  3. 3.  Testflight – The easiest way to get your app running on your device before its published.  AppCooker – Probably the best wireframing app in the business.  xCode – The program you use to make iPhone and iPad apps. Developer Tools
  4. 4. Graphics
  5. 5.  Shutterstock.com – Great option for monthly plans, DL 25 graphics a day.  Graphicriver – Tons of graphics on here too.  Photoshop – The bad ass of all graphic editing programs.  Testico.net – A fast way to check if your icon will look great on an iPhone.  dafont.com – Probably the best font site on the planet.  99 Designs - A great place to find really good artists & icon designs. Graphics
  6. 6. Affiliates
  7. 7.  Georiot.com - Update this with all your affiliate networks and generate one global URL. Use it all the time. Super handy! Affiliates
  8. 8. Audio & Sound Effects
  9. 9.  Audacity – A great free program to edit sounds.  Audiojungle – My first port of call for music and sound effects. Great site.  fiverr.com – If there anything you cannot buy on this site for $5??! Love this site.  Chartboost – Great for direct deals, nags and more screens. One of my favouites.  Playhaven – Great for changing ad types dynamically. I use this a lot. Audio & Sound Effects
  10. 10.  Applovin – The new kid on the block. Email: david.gaballa@applovin.com and mention me to get access.  Revmob – Probably the easiest and fastest to set up of the bunch.  Admob – Good banner ads with great fill rates. Definitely a convert.  Vungle – Video ads with higher than average eCPMs. Check it out!  Flurry – An ad solution for non game apps. Worth trying for sure. Audio & Sound Effects
  11. 11. Education
  12. 12.  Udemy – HUGE portal with online technology courses of all types.  Blue Cloud Solutions – Tons of info on app publishing and reskinning. Love it.  Ray Wenderlich – Great tutorials for iOS Developers, highly recommended.  Chocolate Lab Apps – Game developers app blog, xCode tutorials and app publishing advice.  Gamesbrief.com – A great site to stay up to date with the games world. Must read! Education
  13. 13. Keywords
  14. 14.  Sensor Tower – A REALLY useful website to research and track keywords.  Appcod.es – Another site definitely worth looking into for keyword research. Keywords
  15. 15. Market Research
  16. 16.  iTunes – The online shop for iPhone and iPad apps  Topappcharts.com – A great site to research app trends Market Research
  17. 17. Analytics
  18. 18.  Appfigures – Great way to get daily updates on your app sales.  Appannie.com – One of my favourite app reporting sites.  Appbot.co – App reviews for all over the world direct to your email. Genius. Analytics
  19. 19. Multiplayer
  20. 20.  Nextpeer – Multiplayer made easy. And great customer support. Multiplayer
  21. 21. Buying Code
  22. 22.  Chupamobile.com – Tons of source code here to reskin. Must visit.  Apptopia.com – A place to buy and sell published apps. A wider cost range.  Sellmyapp.com – Even more source code here to reskin. Lots of interesting options. Buying Code
  23. 23. Hiring Teams
  24. 24.  oDesk – A great MASSIVE outsourcing site. Find any skills you need. Adore it. Hiring Teams
  25. 25. Conferences & Networking
  26. 26.  Casual Connect – Very interesting app conferences held all over the world. I went to one in Germany.  GDC – The big game developers conference in San Francisco. Where it all happens.  Meetup.com – A great way to schedule and meet local app developers. Conferences & Networking
  27. 27. www.thechocolatelabapps.com