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  • We have about 6,928,198,253 (July 2011 est.) according to index mundi and will be hitting to 7 billion this 2012.
  • communication, interaction
  • social exchange of ideas, beliefs and opinions
  • “Social Media has also changed the way people interact”, according to Karen Frazier(2006).
  • According to BBC News Report, SNS brings people together but it can also lead a person to Social Isolation.
  • Social Isolation, according to scientists who were evaluating it in their studies, may lead to a host of mental, psychological, emotional and physical problem including depression, anxiety, somatic complaints and many others. University of Illinois at Chicago school of animal study showed that socially isolated people experience tremendous levels of stress, aggression, anxiety and other mental issues.
  • SNS according to Webopedia is the “phrase used to describe any Web site that enables users to create public profiles within that Web site and form relationships with other users of the same Web site who access their profile. “A Web site that provides a virtual community for people interested in a particular subject, to simply "hang out" together or to increase their circle of acquaintances.” –The free dictionary
  • The first Social website was made in 1997 which is It was promoted to connect with and send messages to people.
  • B. Social effectsa. Interpersonal Communication (Benniger,1987)-media has gradually replaced interpersonal communications as a socializing force*way of speaking *lessen our self esteem.
  • b. Online Bullying that causes emotional stress (Boyd,Danah) Anti- cyberbullying bill at the states*be strict to your siblings
  • C. Psychological Effectsa. Loneliness (Comblatt) / Addiction-SNS makes us addicted to the applications that they are providing us like the games (sample games on FB)
  • *let’s not consume our time by just playing, try to blog more or podcast so that you can help others with your ideas or yourself on your how you talk and to boost up the way you handle yourself. And detach yourselves to the computer and go out. There’s more to life than your PC. Don’t just spend time, invest it. Make it useful.
  • b. Risk for Child Safety*The children, in my opinion, doesn’t need SNSs. We must not let them surf by their own. We still must guide them and know who they’re talking to. We must be sensible on our li’l bros and sis. Don’t let them indulge themselves in front of the computer, let them play under the sun or watch Barney.
  • *compare to Housemates of Big brother*changes to us and our generation at some point.
  • *Lonely planet (Johannah)There are more use to SNSs that will make us better socially, like group chat/meeting, video chatting or sometimes chatting itself (but be aware) and even cognitively, like sharing your ideas, thinking for podcasting, blogs online classrooms for our academics made more techie.
  • We must go out and be creative and just share what you’ve discover on your accounts. There’s more to life than your computers or your twitter accounts. I have found a photo on 21 ways to be creative, so if you’re an addict this must be of use for you.  
  • Don’t let your accounts take advantage of you instead take advantage from your accounts. It’s much better to live under the rays of the sun than our computer’s rays. Log off and get a life.
  • Social Networking Social NOTworking speech presentation

    1. 1. ENGLTWOCheenkee Diane Razon
    2. 2. SOCIAL NETWORKING NUMBER OF ACTIVE SITES USERS (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors) 750,000,000 250,000,000 110,000,000 70,500,000 65,000,000
    3. 3. Exchangeof IDEAS
    4. 4. 21 Ways to Be CREATIVE1. Carry a Notebook everywhere2. Try free writing3. GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER4. Take Breaks5. Sing in the Shower6. Drink Coffee or tea7. Know your roots8. Listen to New Music9. Be Open10. Surround yourself with creative people11. Collaborate12. Go somewhere new13. Watch foreign films14. Count your blessings15. Get lots of rest16. Take risks17. Break the rules18. Read a page of a dictionary19. Got an idea? Write it down! Blog later20. clean your workspace21. Have fun
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