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SEO packages offered by Tsavoagency.com - An Innovative Search Marketing and Content Monetization Service Company.

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Tsavo Seo Packages

  1. 1. SEO PACKAGES<br />
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  5. 5. On Page SEO<br /> Tech Analysis (coding - back-end)<br /> The SEO focused technology analysis will identify the current state of your site architecture from a search perspective. It will analyze areas of the back-end coding, navigation, CMS, URL naming conventions and other critical aspects of SEO focused architecture that can be improved. The result will be a prioritized list of tasks and strategy to maximize the search potential.<br /> Site Audit (on-page, user experience)<br /> The SEO site audit focuses on the marketing, navigational, organizational and contextual state of the site and makes clear and prioritized recommendations and tasks to improve the site’s content, keyword focus, usability and clarity. <br /> SEO Strategy <br /> The SEO Strategy uses the combined information and analysis of the Tech Analysis and the Site Audit to create an actionable roadmap to complete the foundation strategy for site optimization. The SEO Strategy then goes past the initial analysis and creates a long-term roadmap to focus on more keywords, enhance high value keywords, generate quality links and increase conversions.<br /> Keyword Research<br /> Our Keyword Research identifies and organizes the most critical keywords for your business and your site in a logical organized pattern. We will identify the high value/ high competition keywords, the mid level keywords and the highly specific long tail keywords in a cohesive and organized strategy to maximize traffic, relevance and conversions.<br /> Meta-Tag Generation<br /> Using the foundation of the keyword research, we will generate specific meta-tags with unique descriptions, focused keywords and applicable title tags that balance both the brand and keyword goals.<br />Short Form Descriptions<br />
  6. 6. Short Form Descriptions<br />On Page SEO<br />Content Analysis<br /> The Content Analysis takes a look at the existing content on your site, measures it for keyword density, keyword relevancy, location of the content in the source code and the internal links and layout of the content. Then, we create a strategy to maximize the existing content on the site to ensure optimal density and placement.<br />SiteMap Generation<br /> We will customize an XML sitemap for your site that conforms to Google, Yahoo and Bing’s specifications for sitemaps.<br /> Keyword Rich Content Creation<br /> Using the content analysis as a guide for creating new content, we will create custom, unique content for your onsite optimization efforts, complete with the appropriate high value and long tail keywords that reflect the right position, right formatting and right density. Our goal is to make the content compelling and conversion focused while maintaining the right keyword balance. <br /> User Interface/Experience Analysis<br /> The search engines use technology to mimic the user experience and take that information to determine content and page relevancy. We will analyze your site’s usability, layout and design to recommend ways to increase the site’s core metrics, from clickthrough to conversion. The overall SEO benefits will be represented in a clearer layout, more intuitive user experience and better, more focused keyword page relevancy.<br /> Competitive Analysis<br /> The competitive analysis pulls data from multiple search sources, organizes them to identify the fluctuations, competitors, threats and opportunities.<br /> Competitive Intelligence<br /> The Competitive Intelligence report takes the competitive analysis data and pulls a deep and thorough look at the marketplace, the history, the search market trends and industry trends and puts them into cohesive actionable evidence based strategies.<br />
  7. 7. Off Page SEO <br /> Foundation Links<br /> The Foundational Link Program sets the stage for future ranking efforts. It identifies legitimate, white hat directories, article submission sites, social bookmarks and niche audience sites. The foundation links will create the base relevancy and legitimacy for your site to improve upon.<br /> Enhanced Links<br /> The Enhanced Link Program is our second tier link program. We start with the foundational program and then start building a more comprehensive link structure. With targeted keywords we use our relationships to get the highest quality one way links available to your site from relevant sites.<br /> Targeted Links<br /> The Targeted Link program actively indexes thousands of sites, filters them for relevancy, organizes them in terms of importance and sets a strategy for engaging these critical resources to develop partnerships, relationships, links and other opportunities.<br /> Link Partner Outreach<br /> The Link Partner Outreach program takes the targeted link program one step further. We will contact and work with the identified partners, industry leaders and authority sites to create a link relationship with you.<br />Short Form Descriptions<br />
  8. 8. Social Media Strategies<br /> Social SEO<br /> Our Social SEO program distributes your content, links and media through dozens of the top tier social networks and identifies niche networks where your customers live and communicate.<br /> Video optimization and syndication<br /> Our Video Optimization program takes the media you’ve created and syndicates that media through dozens of media distribution channels, from how-to videos to viral videos to product demo videos, there are no shortage of outlets to upload and distribute your media.<br /> Social Media Marketing <br /> Does your company Facebook, Myspace, Twitter? There are excellent ways to engage your customers, give them compelling and interesting content and find new ways to find opportunities to give them the best customer experience they can have.<br /> Blog Creation<br /> Blogs provide a way to immediately react to news, opinion, changes and trending industry topics. By nature, they attract quality links, traffic and discussion. With regularly updated content that’s interesting, linkable and informative, we can create a blog for you that goes beyond links but lead generation and customer loyalty and connection.<br />Short Form Descriptions<br />