BE Experiential Learning Opportunities

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BE Experiential Learning Opportunities

BE Experiential Learning Opportunities

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  • 1. Experiential LearningOpportunitiesBadger Elementary
  • 2. All life experiences serve as a point ofreference for: Engaging conversations Making reading connections Writing descriptively Having a command of a rich academic vocabulary
  • 3. Badger Elementary works toprovide outside- the- classroom experiences by providing Experential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) for its students
  • 4. Experiential Learning Opportunities(ELO’s) provide… Hands-on life experiences in which students can participate Contact with community members, local businesses, government and municipal organizations Visits to local venues (post office, grocery store, outreach center, Veterans memorial) Everyday objects for observation and experimentation (ant farm, pumpkin, cow bone, pigs)
  • 5. Before and after each ELO, students complete the ELO Reflection form
  • 6. Experiential Learning Opportunities(ELO’s) Experiential Learning Opportunity Place / Event _______________________________________________ Name_________________________ Grade ______ Date ____________ 5-Minute Quick PRE-Write: Write as much as you know about ________________________________________. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Post-ELO Reflection: How did you like it?
  • 7. List 5 new words you learned and include some informationabout each word.1.____________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________3.____________________________________________________________Use 1 of your new words in a sentence.4.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Draw and color a picture of what you saw.5.____________________________________________________________
  • 8. Write about what you learned.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Questions I still have:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 9. What students say aboutELOsA the end of each academic year all students aresurveyed. The following questions pertaining to ELOswere asked.
  • 10. 17. The ELO’s were an important part of my learning experience this year.********************************************************************************************** 281 answered this question yes 75.4% no 6 % maybe 18.6%-- 32 skipped this question
  • 11. Check the ELO’s that were the most meaningfulto you.------------------------------------------------------------ 287 answered this question / 26 skipped the question Pigs 23.3% Wal-Mart 23.7% Blanchard Springs 24.4% Post Office and Christian Outreach Center 22% Art Mobile 27.2% Veteran’s Memorial 21.6% High School Drama 46.3% Snake Man 73.2% Petting Zoo 59.6% Other: family farm/ rock star day/ Australian Day/ high school band/ GT Hot Springs Museum/ Ron Cole/ track and field/ homecoming pep rally/ Lion, Witch & Wardrobe/ Old Washington GT/ auditorium plays/ AR Children’s Theater/ people reading to us/ guest speakers
  • 12. 19. My favorite events during the school year have been… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 284 answered this question / 29 skipped Ron Cole Concert 57.4% Red Ribbon Week 62.3% Talent Show 64.4% Badger Store 61.6% Destination Australia 62.3% Plays and Musicals 56.0% KC Club 9.2% Student Advisory 9.9% Track & Field Day 83.1% FUN Days 83.8% Snake Man 64.1% Petting Zoo 60.2% Career 62.7% Benchmark Celebration 73.9%Other: family farms/ GT/ GT and field trips/ Blanchard Springs/movies/ book fair/ pizza parties/ concert/ last day of schoolcelebration/ Christmas concert/ Benchmark/ Destination America/holiday parties
  • 13. ELOs – First Semester 2012
  • 14. Ricky Pittman –Author Visit
  • 15. Blanchard SpringsCaverns (fourth-grade)
  • 16. Senator Eddie JoWilliams
  • 17. Author Visit: DaveSargeant Jr.
  • 18. Mobile Dairy
  • 19. Charlotte’s Web Farm AnimalsVeteran’s Day AssemblyDeer (Drop Everything EverybodyRead) Day
  • 20. “Youre the same today as youllbe in five years except for thepeople you meet and the booksyou read.”- Charlie "Tremendous" Jones