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Introduction to osha mac safety
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Introduction to osha mac safety


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We are a safety consulting business geared to help you build a strong safety program at a reduced cost

We are a safety consulting business geared to help you build a strong safety program at a reduced cost

Published in: Education

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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Safety professional at Sysco for 8+ years:
    • Accomplishments:
      • 2001 – 60+ injuries (Workers comp @ 1,000,000) (bottom 10 companies)
      • FY 2002 – 20+ injuries (workers comp @ 400,000)
      • 2003-2008 – averaged < 10 injuries (comp dollars @ < $200,000
      • 2009 – 6 injuries (comp dollars < $100,000)
  • 3.
    • Provide a comprehensive safety program that is: (The How’s to achieve this)
      • Teamwork – All hands in approach (Management to Supervisors to Employees all need to share equally)
      • Company Specific – Implement programs unique to a specific company (incentives, written, etc.)
      • Involve Supervisors – (Accident Investigations!!)
  • 4.
    • MAC Safety, Inc can provide
      • Flexibility, not left alone to do these things listed below:
      • Safety and Health Management System Audits
      • Comprehensive Safety and Health Management Development
      • OSHA Compliance Training
      • Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
      • Job Safety Analysis, PPE Assessments, Annual audits (Lockout-Tagout/Machine Guarding,etc.)
      • MSDS Management (all chemicals need to be inventoried, all MSDS need to be 3-5 years current)
      • Safety Committee training
      • Supervisor Safety Training (Accident Investigation, Drug Testing)
  • 5.
    • Determine which OSHA standards apply to your workplace
    • Follow the OSHA standards and requirements
      • Safety and health rules
      • Protect workers from hazards
      • Where there is no specific standard, employers are responsible for following OSH Act’s General Duty Clause
  • 6.
    • “ Each employer shall furnish to each of their employees employment and a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to their employees.”
  • 7.
    • OSHA requires certain levels of training depending on the business, at the minimum there is awareness training needed in the following;
      • Safety Orientation (prior to employees being assigned to a job)
      • Bloodborne Pathogens
      • Confined Space
      • Emergency Evacuation
      • Fall Protection
      • Hazard Communication
      • Lockout/Tagout Program
      • Forklift Safety
      • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Ergonomics Awareness
      • Machine Guarding
      • Fire Extinguisher
  • 8.
    • OSHA requires that each standard that is applicable you have a written program that is:
      • Site specific
      • Includes specific policies and procedures
      • Basis is to offer a form of consistency for how employees are to act/work
  • 9.
    • A comprehensive, effective safety program protects your employees and your bottom line. Investment in a well-designed safety program means increased worker productivity and decreased workers’ compensation and insurance costs
    • Keeping in mind direct vs. indirect costs (indirect costs are sometimes 4x the direct)
  • 10.
    • OSHA Citations
      • Other than Serious (up to $7,000)
      • Serious (up to $7,000 each violation)
      • Willful (min $5,000 up to $70,000)
      • Repeated (up to $70,000 for each)
      • Failure to Abate (Additional $7,000 each day violation/citation not corrected)