SkyKick Application Suite Overview:
SkyKick is a new kind of migration
application that makes it fast, safe, &
easy to mig...
"We partnered with SkyKick in hopes of scaling our Office 365 practice at a faster rate... goal achieved. SkyKick allowed
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Cloud Champion - Week 9: Deployment with SkyKick


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This is round six of our Cloud Champion course, focusing the Office 365 product capabilities, SKU details and how the operational aspects of placing an order.

Cloud Champion is Microsoft Australia's 12-week step-by-step program to help our partners be successful with selling Cloud solutions. For more information on the course, please visit

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Cloud Champion - Week 9: Deployment with SkyKick

  1. 1. SkyKick Application Suite Overview: SkyKick is a new kind of migration application that makes it fast, safe, & easy to migrate businesses to Office 365. Moving a business to Office 365 is no small task. Migration projects can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring significant planning, project management, and technical expertise. SkyKick is a new type of migration application that manages all the details of a move from start to finish. The result? Reduced time and risk. A seamless migration project. Happy customers. The Easiest Way to Office 365 Moving the Business and the Bits “We started with SkyKick just a short time ago, and have utilized the solution for every Office 365 migration we have done since. The value is incredible.” – Jamison West, Arterian, Founder / CEO 2013 Microsoft Partner of the Year Cloud Start-Up: Developed Markets WINNER Mailbox discovery, configuration, licensing. Data and DNS. Automated everything. Setup, local migration, and more. Plan Web Planner Migration Sync SkyKick Assistant Move Setup22 3311 It's time consuming and costly to gather the information required to complete an SOW and develop the migration plan. SkyKick's Web Planner is a fast, easy-to-use sales assessment, planning, and configuration application that streamlines the process for you and your customers. The Web Planner discovers the customer's email mailboxes, simplifies licensing, and creates a personalized project plan to ready the customer for a seamless move to Office 365. Product Features Email Assessment Mailbox Discovery Fancy Mode Office 365 Licensing • • • • Product Features Server Sync DNS Sync Account User Provisioning Automated Communications • • • • Product Features Office 365 Setup Outlook Extras Local PST Migration Network Optimization • • • • After the plan has been submitted, Migration Sync orchestrates the entire migration project, keeping all the pieces of the migration in sync. First, the application pre-syncs all your customer’s data to virtually eliminate data migration risk. Then DNS Sync goes to work to make the required email DNS changes to ensure a zero-downtime switch. Finally, Account Sync copies all your customer’s account and user data to ensure a safe and efficient transition. And last, but not least, the SkyKick Outlook AssistantBeta addresses many of the last-mile challenges that make or break the overall migration experience. SKOA is a lightweight client app that works with Migration Sync to finalize the migration. It automatically sets up Outlook and retains extras like Address Autocomplete and Email Signatures. It also performs local PST migrations and checks the network to ensure timely transfer of all the company's email data. Assess, sell, plan – all in one step No migration or Office 365 experience required Quick & easy – less back and forth with client No on-site visits required Fully automated Zero downtime Fast migration time (hello weekend!) Lower risk Easiest transition for employees No more desktop to desktop Enables easy POP3/IMAP migrations Autopatches Outlook TURBO PROGRAM Free – 20% – 30% Register for details. Valid until 6/30/14$10,000
  2. 2. "We partnered with SkyKick in hopes of scaling our Office 365 practice at a faster rate... goal achieved. SkyKick allowed us to simplify our migration model; completing more migrations, with less risk of error, and at less cost to the customer." – Thomas Allen, CyberStreams, O365 Sales Division Manager What We Migrate Skykick can move data from virtually any on-premise or hosted POP3/IMAP/Exchange email system. Combined with depth of content, data, and settings moved, SkyKick offers one of the most comprehensive migration solutions on the market. Our Server Sync and SkyKick Outlook Assistant products work together to move customer data and settings seamlessly. Please refer to the chart to see how we move different data types. We don’t utilize DirSync integration when performing the migration. If you require DirSync configured permanently for business reasons, we recommend you set it up prior to finalizing your SkyKick migration order. SkyKick supports migrations from Lotus Notes, GroupWise, or Zimbra on a case-by-case basis. Please call SkyKick to learn more. SkyKick Server Sync SkyKick Outlook Assistant SkyKick Exchange Assistant Data / Settings Email Massive Mailboxes (50GB+) Calendar Contacts Alias/Distibution Group Public Folders Public Folder Permissions Shared Mailbox Tasks Journal Outlook Profile Additional PSTs Address Autocomplete Categories Flags Signature Block Mail/Calendar Permissions Rules SBS 2003-2011 Exchange 2003-2013 GooglePOP3 IMAP n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a new Outlook Setup + Local Data in Office 365 Data+Account. Everything synced early to de-risk migration. Helps you create and communicate the project plan with ease. Web Planner Server Sync SkyKick Assistant MX record switched with zero downtime DNS Sync Employees download SkyKick Outlook Assistant Your customer enjoys a seamless transition to Office 365 Work with Customer to create migration plan Partner SkyKick FRIDAY @ 5PMTHURSDAYWEDNESDAY Whether you're migrating a 5 person company, or a 500 seat account, SkyKick gives you the flexibility and control to successfully migrate your customer with ease. The SkyKick application dynamically manages all aspects of the project to ensure the customer is always in the loop and the entire project stays on track. Here's an overview of how a typical SkyKick migration works. How it Works