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Chloe Ulis Portfolio

  1. 1. Sensuality, the reflection of the body, soul, heart, and spirit are the central themes in my work. I employ a variety of media to create texture, rich layers of colour, and illusionist depth. The symbolic imagery in my work reflects the two halves of the body, the warm energy of the heart, and the creature comforts of the soul. Stairways and doorways convey the human struggle to find our path while the temples and windows suggest the transcendent qualities of the spirit. Abstracted landscapes and cityscapes illustrate the environment that surrounds us. My explorations in art began with collage, drawing, and sewing and led to painting and mixed media. At the Emily Carr Institute I studied video, vocal performance and sound installation and completed my degree in Media Arts. Multi-media art ignited my curiosity in the sensory and the phenomenological response influencing my two-dimen- sional work to take on greater depth. I now combine the mediums of acrylic paint, oil paint, and oil pastel to show emotion, texture and meaning. Chloe Ulis
  2. 2. The Healing, Acrylic paint on canvas. 10” x 48” x 2 canvases
  3. 3. detail The Temple, Acrylic paint, modeling paste and glass beads on canvas. 36” x 48” x 2 canvases
  4. 4. angle angle detail Vancouver Escape, Acrylic paint, modeling paste and glass beads on canvas. 12” x 12” x 3 canvases
  5. 5. Sunset Vine, Acrylic paint on wood. 25.5” x 30”
  6. 6. Alchemy, Acrylic paint, collage and modeling paste on canvas. 24” x 30”
  7. 7. Eternity, Acrylic paint, collage, and acrylic medium on canvas. 24” x 24”
  8. 8. Chemistry, Acrylic paint on art board. 25” x 30”
  9. 9. detail Seeking, Acrylic paint, collage, and modeling paste on canvas. 24” x 36.5
  10. 10. detail The Key & the Grail, Acrylic paint, oil pastel, modeling paste, and sandpaper on wood panel. 17.25” x 37”
  11. 11. Leo, Acrylic paint on canvas. 16” x 24”
  12. 12. Electric Storm, Acrylic paint and oil pastel on wood. 9” x 16”
  13. 13. Son Coeur, Acrylic paint on canvas. 12” x 12”
  14. 14. Fireworks, Oil on paper. 11” x 17.5
  15. 15. The Unpractical Book, Carbon transfers, tissue paper, silk, acrylic paint and ink. 4.5” x 6”
  16. 16. Globular Grapes, Oil paint on wood panel. 18” x 24”
  17. 17. Timeless Kiss, Acrylic paint, oil pastel and pencil on art board. 20.5” x 30”