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The Social Learning Summit was a two day student-run conference all about social media, technology and education. With 300+ attendees, $5K+ in sponsorship and speakers from Google and LinkedIn, the …

The Social Learning Summit was a two day student-run conference all about social media, technology and education. With 300+ attendees, $5K+ in sponsorship and speakers from Google and LinkedIn, the event featured some of the brightest, visionary leaders from DC and NYC.

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  • 2. SOCIAL LEARNING SUMMIT Welcome to the 2012 It’s been a big year for social media, technology and education and we have a lot to talk about. We are so excited to have you with us for the weekend and on behalf of the American University Social Media Club, I want to thank you for attending the 2012 Social Learning Summit. As many of you know, the bar has been set high. This year’s Social Learning Summit is back and better than ever. We’ve got new speakers, new sponsors, and new topics to discuss. This year’s conference aims to bring together students, educators, and professionals to learn from and with each other. Topics will cover a wide range of issues at the intersection of education, technology, and social media. This year, we’ll have new discussion topics including so- cial entertainment, fashion and how big businesses are using social media. We are lucky to have speakers from iStrategyLabs, Uber DC, Google, Ogilvy & Mather, Edelman, LinkedIn, the White House and many more. We have received lots of support from the community, and this event would not be possible without generous donations from our sponsors. Last year, #sls11 became a trending topic in DC... twice! Like social media, this conference is not a one-way street, it is a conversation. We hope you will help us to make this conference as interactive as possible and join us in live-tweeting our way through the weekend, interacting with speakers and asking juicy questions. Thank you SO much for coming, and I hope this weekend is a game- changer! Best, Chloë Troia, President AU Social Media Club (@ChloeTroia) About the AU Social Media Club Founded in the fall of 2011 by Alex Priest and Megan Ackerman, the AU Social Media Club has become one of the most active and rapidly growing organizations at American University. With over 50 active members, a robust Executive board and a supportive Faculty presence, the club has three main goals: bring social media into the classroom, increase social media literacy, and connect our members with DC professionals. If you take a peek at our Twitter feed, you’ll see that the 2011-2012 academic year has been jam-packed with events, training sessions, and campus-wide campaigns. In true social media fashion, we thought we’d give you an Instagram recap of some of our favorite moments. #FrumpyShirt Twitter Campaign with Hugh & Crye No Profit, No Problem Film Screening for DC Week Prep Yourself Before You Rep Your- self, a Social Media Week DC Event AU SMC + AU PRSSA present The HyperNetwork
  • 3. Schedule Overview FRIDAY, MARCH 30 4–5 PM Faculty Faceoff Ward 1 7:30–8:15 PM SLS Kickoff SIS Founder’s Room 8:15–9 PM Keynote with Alex Priest SIS Founder’s Room SATURDAY, MARCH 31 New SIS Building 9–10 AM Registration and Breakfast SIS Atrium 10–11 AM Social Media & 2012 SIS Founder’s Room 11–11:30 AM “Honest Tea Break” SIS Atrium 11:30–12:30 PM Breakout Session 1: • Social Start-Ups SIS Founder’s Room • The Facebook Candidate Room 102 • Tweeting & Eating Room 233 12:30–2 PM vitaminwater Break: Lunchtime and Programming SIS Atrium 2–3 PM Breakout Session 2: • Caught in the Blog Room 233 • Online & in the Audience: Social Entertainment Room 113 • Out of Print & Onscreen: Journalism & Social Media SIS Founder’s Room • Social Business Success: Sponsored by DoubleTree by Hilton Room 102 What is Social Learning? By Miranda Gale, @MirandaGale AU SMC Director of Online Operations 2011 Welcome to the social age. Bolstered by technology, our communications are now instanta- neous. Individuals all over the world are being empowered with a digital voice. For the last century, social learning theory has argued that learning takes place in a social context, through observational modeling and imitation of superiors. Indeed, we believe the best type of learn- ing is conversational. It is collaborative. It is social and encourages close communication between educator and novice to explore new topics, expose erroneous beliefs, and bring clarity to current events. However, amidst the use of social media for booming enterprise and world revolutions, the wide array of digital tools have been largely unengaged for the purpose of learning. It is time we learn from each other and with each other about what’s next in education. The American University Social Media Club seeks to work with educators, students, and professionals to inte- grate these revolutionary new social teaching methods which utilize social media and new technologies into higher education. The Social Learning Summit was organized to bring awareness to this growing movement of individuals looking towards the future of social media curriculum in higher education. Let the conversations begin.
  • 4. Schedule Overview 3–3:30 PM Break SIS Atrium 3:30–4:30 PM Breakout Session 3: • Digital Runway Room 233 • The Digital Me: Personal Branding SIS Founder’s Room • Tweeting for Change: Social Media & Activism Room 102 4:30–5 PM Break SIS Atrium 5–6 PM “Looking Ahead” Closing Keynote with Peter Corbett SIS Founder’s Room “I’m proud of SOC’s focus on strategy in the communication process. And Washington is a great place to study public relations, particularly if you want an emphasis on public affairs.” —David Drobis MA’65 Chairman Emeritus, Ketchum; Lifetime Achievement Award, Arthur W. Page Society Award-winning strategic public relations at American University’s School of Communication Study in Washington with experts Empower yourself with the knowledge others don’t have Plug-in at the highest level to implement your key insights Full-time, part-time, and weekend programs available. Merit aid available for qualified candidates. Panelists PETER CORBETT iStrategyLabs @Corbett_3000 STEVE COBB Activ8Social @steve_cobb NICHOLE BROWN Ogilvy & Mather @napril1023 NIDHAL CHARFI LinkedIn @LinkedIn SVETLANA LEGETIC @BYT BEN BALTER White House @benbalter LISA BYRNE DCeventjunkie @DCEventJunkie, @LisaByrne GREG CYPES Clearspring @GregCypes ALLEN GANNETT EmployInsight @AllenGannett KATHERINE BOYLE Washington Post @KTmBoyle DARYN CAMBRIDGE International Center on Nonviolent Conflict @daryncambridge CORRIE DAVIDSON Google @CorrieDavidson
  • 5. Panelists CHRIS EDELSON American University @AU_SPA CARLY HEITLINGER College Prepster @collegeprepster GREG KIHLSTROM Carousel30 @gregkihlstrom EASTEN LAW Washington Semester, American University @eastenlaw BRIAN GLUCKMAN The Glover Park Group @bgluckman LAUREN LYNCH FLICK Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittmap LLP @LaurenLynchFlic PAUL KRUCHOSKI U.S. Department of State @Kruchoski REBECCA LOVERIDGE Bitches Who Brunch @BeccaClaraLove, @BtchesWhoBrunch ARI GREENBERG MWW Group @agreenberg RACHAEL KING Social Media Club DC, iostudio @rachaelgking KATIE LANCOS iStrategyLabs @katielancos RYAN LYTLE U.S. News & World Report @rlytle Panelists LACEY MAFFETTONE A Lacey Perspective/ CapFABB @LacePerspective @CapFABB CORI SUE MORRIS Bitches Who Brunch @corisuemorris, @btchesWhoBrunch ALEX PRIEST Uber DC @alexpriest LAUREN ROTHMAN Styleauteur @styleauteur NEVIN MARTELL Washington Post Something else here? DANIEL ORAN Former Microsoft Product Designer @danieloran BENNETT RESNIK Social Media Club @bennettresnik CARLA ALEJANDRA SANCHEZ & KATYA ANANIEVA Spicy Candy DC @SpicyCandyDC KERRY MILAZZO Chiazza Trattoria Restaurant @KerryMilazzo ALEJANDRA OWENS AARP @frijolita BENNETT RICHARDSON David All Group @bennettrich EMILY SCHWARTZ WaPo Labs @wapolabs
  • 6. Panelists LESLEY SIU American University @LesleySiu, @HerCampusAU VANESSA FRENCH Pivot Point Communications @VanessaFrench CHRIS GEIDNER Metro Weekly @chrisgeidner AMOS SNEAD Famous DC @amossnead MEGHAN FOSTER American University @unfmeghan LAUREN FRIEDMAN My Closet in Sketches @closetsketches JOE GIZZI New Media Strategies, American University @districtjoe TANNIS SPENCER @LaVisionary PATRICK FOSTER USA Today @mrpattyfoster GREGORY GALANT Sawhorse Media @gregory BOB SMITH @brighthub DAVID SIMNICK, SoapBox @davesimnick DAVE STROUP Sierra Club @davestroup Panelists GAYLE WEISWASSER Discovery Communications @gweiswasser ERIN YOGASUNDRAM Shop Jeen @ShopJeen, @ErinJeen STEF WOODS @citygirlblogs ADAM ZUCKERMAN @AdamZ PRANAV VORA Hugh & Crye @hughandcrye ELAINE MENSAH SVELTE, LLC @SVELTELLC #SLS12
  • 7. FRIDAY, MARCH 30 4 PM Faculty Face-Off Ward 1 /// #FacFaceOff Faculty members from each of AU’s schools discuss how they are using social media in the classroom. • Meghan Foster @unfmeghan • Scott Talan @talan • Stef Woods @citygirlblogs • Jill Klein @au_jillklein • Chris Edelson @AU_SPA • Daryn Cambridge @daryncambridge • Easten Law @eastenlaw FRIDAY, MARCH 30 7:30 PM SLS Kick-off SIS Founder’s Room Meet and greet the SLS 12 attendees and prep for a jam-packed weekend! FRIDAY, MARCH 30 8:15 PM Keynote with Alex Priest, @alexpriest SIS Founder’s Room /// #SLSKey SATURDAY, MARCH 31 10 AM Social Media and 2012 SIS Founder’s Room /// #SM2012 From Pinterest to GetGlue to Google Plus, a lot has happened in the past year for social media. This keynote panel will feature industry experts discussing the best, the worst and the weirdest of social media in the past year and will touch on what’s to come in 2012. Schedule • Ryan Lytle @rlytle • Nichole Brown @napril1023 • Corrie Davidson @CorrieDavidson • Joe Gizzi @districtjoe • Andrew MacDowell @amacdowell • Ari Greenberg @agreenberg SATURDAY, MARCH 31 11:30 AM Social Start-Ups SIS Founder’s Room /// #SocStart Social media’s role in business is continually expanding and becoming more important. From metrics and measurement to creative application, we’ll talk to some start-ups and entrepreneurs about navigating the inter- section of social and business. • Kayden Horwitz @kaydenh • Allen Gannett @AllenGannett • Dan Oran @danieloran • Bob Smith @brighthub • Michael Mayernick @mmayernick • Steve Cobb @steve_cobb • Pranav Vora @hughandcrye The Facebook Candidate Room 102 /// #FBCandidate Social media is becoming increasingly important in politics. Candidates must balance transparency and connecting with constituents, but also pro- tecting themselves from over-sharing or scandal. This panel will explore the relationship between social media and government, as well as how social media will impact the 2012 election. • Chris Golden @chrisgolden • Christine Cotter @christinecotter Schedule
  • 8. • Brian Gluckman @bgluckman • Dave Stroup @davestroup • Rich Mintz @richmintz Tweeting & Eating Room 233 /// #TweetAndEat Smart phones and social media are quickly finding themselves at the din- ner table next to our plates and silverware. Customers are now checking- in, photographing, and sharing where they’re eating and what they’re eat- ing with their friends. This panel will explore how foodies are using social media to share their insights and how the restaurants and food companies can leverage social media to attract customers. • Kerry Milazzo @KerryMilazzo • Mark Gunderson @DCDunkin • Tammy Gordon @Floridagirlindc • Alejandra Owens @frijolita • Nevin Martell @nevinmartell • Cori Sue Morris @corisuemorris, @BtchesWhoBrunch • Becca Loveridge @BeccaClaraLove, @BtchesWhoBrunch SATURDAY, MARCH 31 2 PM Caught in the Blog Room 233 /// #InTheBlog Generating high quality content is a critical part of any digital strategy. This panel will include a number of blogging experts who will tell you how to create high quality content that people will want to read and interact with. • Amos Snead @amossnead • Lisa Byrne @DCEventJunkie, @LisaByrne • Carly Heitlinger @collegeprepster • Lesley Siu @LesleySiu, @HerCampusAU • Svetlana Letgic @BYT Schedule • Tannis Spencer @LaVisionary • Lauren Reddington @DCGirlinPearls Online & in the Audience: Social Entertainment Room 113 /// #OnAud From live tweeting awards shows to checking into your favorite show on Get Glue, the way we consume content has radically changed. Like the other areas of our life, we crave connection and we want to discuss our fa- vorite shows, complain about bizarre plots twists and form a more intimate connection with our favorite stars. This panel will focus on the intersection of social media and entertainment and discuss what’s next on the horizon. • Joe Gizzi @districtjoe • Gregory Galant @gregory • Gayle Weiswasser @gweiswasser • Lauren Lynch Flick @LaurenLynchFlic • Elaine Mensah @SVELTELLC Out of Print & Onscreen: Journalism & Social Media SIS Founder’s Room /// #OPrint In an age when we get the news from blogs and apps instead of the Sunday newspaper, it’s safe to say that journalism is a totally different ball game. Social media is changing how we consume news and turning it into a two-way street. With decreasing attention spans and increasing commit- ments, we’ve become accustomed to 140 character tweets instead of 4 page articles. How do print publications including magazines and newspapers adapt and what technologies currently exist to facilitate these changes? • Emily Schwartz @wapolabs • Amy Eisman @aeisman • Chris Geidner @chrisgeidner • David Johnson @darthcheeta • Ethan Klapper @ethanklapper • Patrick Foster @mrpattyfoster • Ryan Lytle @rlytle Schedule
  • 9. Social Business Success: Sponsored by DoubleTree by Hilton Room 102 /// #SocialBiz How do you give a company of thousands a single voice? It is no easy task and companies today must find a way to give themselves a clear, consistent and eloquent voice that reflects their mission and values all while mak- ing sure that no angry ex-employees hack the Twitter account. Hear from corporate comm experts that know a thing or two about social business. • Greg Cypes @GregCypes • Greg Kihlstrom @gregkihlstrom • Vanessa French @VanessaFrench • Peter LaMotte @PeterLaMotte • Adam Zuckerman @AdamZ SATURDAY, MARCH 31 3:30 PM Digital Runway Room 233 /// #DigRunway With the cult-like popularity of fashion bloggers, (á la Man Repeller, Bry- anboy, and Oscar PR girl) fans are given minute-by-minute updates that have propelled the industry into social media mecca. The fashion industry is embracing social media platforms as a way to live stream new collec- tions, show off the latest trends, debut new designers, and connect with followers. The digitization of fashion has made it possible for the best kind of brand engagement that advertising dollars can’t buy: a conversation. • Christyanna Nguyen @ChristyannaWynn • Erin Yogasundram @ShopJeen, @ErinJeen • Carla Alejandra Sanchez @SpicyCandyDC • Katya Ananieva @SpicyCandyDC • Lacey Maffettone @LacePerspective, @CapFABB • Lauren Rothman @styleauteur • Lauren Friedman @closetsketches • Katherine Boyle @KTmBoyle Schedule The Digital Me: Personal Branding SIS Founder’s Room /// #DigMe We grew up with social media, of course we know what to do. Right? WRONG. Social media is about more than just liking things and posting funny cat pictures, social media is an opportunity to develop a personal brand and improve your job prospects. This panel will include experts on personal branding and job hunting. Attendees can expect to come out of this panel with some great tips for developing a personal brand and finding a job. • Tod Plotkin @GreenBuzzAgency • Ben Balter @benbalter • Bennett Richardson @bennettrich • Bennet Resnik @bennettresnik • Nidhal Charfi @LinkedIn • Rachael King @rachelgking Tweeting for Change: Social Media & Activism Room 102 /// #TweetAct When you’re clicking “like” or tweeting about a cause, what’s your impact and how effective is it? Is this generation of students less motivated to truly act than in the past? Or are they simply armed with different tools? With the ability to communicate globally and provide on-the-spot news, where is social media and activism heading? Will the conversations stay online or will they translate into action?  • Chris Droukas @ChrisDroukas • Asher Huey @asherhuey • Paul Kruchoski @Kruchoski • Cody Steele @steele_cody • David Simnick SATURDAY, MARCH 31 5 PM “Looking Ahead” Closing Keynote w/ Peter Corbett, @Corbett_3000 SIS Founder’s Room /// #SLSKey Schedule
  • 10. Thank you to OUR SPONSORS
  • 11. Thank you to OUR EBOARD MICHAEL LANGMAN Treasurer @michaellangman CHLOË TROIA President @ChloeTroia SONIA GAILLIS-DELEPINE Secretary @SoniaGaillisDel ANDRE SANCHEZ-MONTOYA VP of Communications @AndreSanMont BEN LOEB Vice President @Loebben VICKI DIEZ Conference Co-Chair @vicki_dee TAIGA KODA Director of Online Operations @taigakoda JENNA ROWAN VP of Marketing @JennaRowan8 BEN WAX SLS Planning Team @TonyMuhPlaah KATIE CASTELLANO SLS Planning Team @KTcast93 MELANIE LOFF-BIRD SLS Planning Team @melaniebirdd HANNAH KARL SLS Graphic Designer @hannah_karl CLAIRE SHRIVER SLS Planning Team @claireshriver LELA FELDMEIER SLS Planning Team @lelafeldmeier COLIN MUSSELMAN Conference Co-Chair @ColinMusselman
  • 12. Sommer Brugal @sbrugal Jessica Darmawan @jeedarmawan Lela Feldmeier @LelaFeldmeier Ileana Feoli Iulia Gheorghiu @IMGlorious Kayden Horwitz @kaydenh Nia McCarthy @hiimnia Erin McMackin @McMackinIt Kerry Milazzo @KerryMilazzo OUR MEMBERS & FACULTY Thank you to AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Thank you to We want to thank American University for hosting the 2012 Social Learning Summit and for being the home of the AU Social Media Club. Thank you for giving us the opportunity, the resources and the innovative environment for an event like this to happen. Extra Thanks to the following departments and offices: • American University Career Center @aucareercenter • American University Marketing and Communications @AmericanU • American University Media Relations @aumedia • The New Media Center @aulibmedia • Bender Library @aulibrary • K-LAB: Kogod Leadership and Applied Business • The Kogod Center for Career Development @theKCCD • Kogod School of Business @kogodbiz • School of Communication @AUSOCMedia • School of International Service @AU_SIS On behalf of the entire AU Social Media Club, we would like to thank Hannah Karl, the wildly talented designer that has created this year’s logo, posters and this superb program. Hannah has worked with us since the beginning and we have enjoyed every second of it. SLS 12 would not have happened without her work ethic, vision and innovative solutions. Thank you, Hannah! We love you! @hannah_karl, NONE of this would be possible without the help of our INCREDIBLE volunteers! You are the reason that this event happens. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Caty Borum Chattoo @CatyBC Derrick L. Cogburn, Ph.D. @DerrickCogburn Pallavi Kumar @PDKDC Easten Law @EastenLaw Dr. Gwanhoo Lee @GwanhooLee Yong C. Lee @YongCLee Robin Roemer @RobinLibrarian Stef Woods @citygirlblogs Allie Negron @allielee118 Christyanna Nguyen @ChristyannaWynn Allie Redavid Elizabeth Seeger Claire Shriver @claireshriver Kelsey Tomlinson @kelzzbellzz Ryan Travitz @rtravitz MEMBERS FACULTY SCOTT TALAN Faculty Advisor @talan