Question 6 evaluation media


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Question 6 evaluation media

  2. 2. PHOTO SHOP. Photoshop- i used this program to create my magazine product. Each page i designed was created on Photoshop as you can layer different individual elements of pages over each other, to help create a desired effect which i used to edit all my photos, using a less tool to crop images or adjust brightness and exposure levels of my image, make a layout for my magazine by creating shapes using a shape tool, select and use different fonts available to enhance my magazines authenticity. A useful tool i also used was the colour picker, this allowed me to take a colour from my images or anything on the page and allowed me to use this in another place on the page to help get an exact match of coloring. But i had never used this software before so it took me a while to get the hang of using photo shop as i was very limited in my ability to use the folds and techniques needed and available on photo shop. Although i now after this project in making my magazine am confident in using the software and defiantly think i used it to the best of my ability for my magazine.
  3. 3. CAMERAS. Cameras- For the cameras i used a Nikon D3200 which is the schools camera. It takes high quality pictures that i used to put on my cover page, double page spread and single article page. I feel with this camera i got the best quality pictures that i could have possibly taken for my magazine then enhancing their quality using the photo shop editing feature. I did have a Nikon camera myself but due to safety reasons i didn't want to use it for this project, so i already new how to use the camera and its features to its best potential.
  4. 4. LIGHTING EQUIPMENT. Lighting equipment- I used lighting for taking my images for my magazine to help them look more professional. But these lights made them look a better quality due to the fact that the lighting enhanced these images giving my band members a more natural look in front of the camera, all making my works authenticity. I hadn't used any lighting for photography before so it took me a number of shots till i got the hang of how to use them but it was easy to set them up and they had a positive effect on my images.
  5. 5. COMPUTER/LAPTOPS. Computer/Laptops- When creating my magazine and doing all the research and planning for it i used both the school and my own personal laptop to produce this project coursework. My own laptop is an Apple MacBook Pro which i used mostly for the research and planning and blog update posts. I didn't learn anything new about computer technology from doing this coursework but i leant a lot about the software's and programs i utilized on them.
  6. 6. BLOGGER. Blogger- This was the first time id used blogger, therefore i didn't have much knowledge of the website or how to use it. So at the start of the coursework it took me a while to get the hang of it, although it is a pretty simply and easy to learn website. I found the labels very useful as you can group posts and therefore making locating them easier by the set up and layout of my blog making it easier for me to use and follow as well as other users. I made sure i posted regularly of every piece of research and stage of this process in making my magazine onto my blog, starting from my preliminary task to the evaluation.
  7. 7. SCRIBD. Scribd- I used scribd for uploading any big and long documents onto my blog that had been done on Microsoft Word, as i could place text and images together more easily this way onto the blog. I used this to place my article, my mood board, Analysis of magazine titles, colour palettes, text fonts and analysis of cover pages, double page spreads and contents pages. Id never used this website before so therefore from this i have learn a new skill in another software.
  8. 8. INTERNET. Internet(Google Chrome/Internet explorer)- I used all these services as part of my research and planning. The search engine available on Google was vital in helping me fine magazine examples, information on institutions and useful images. All these web providers were brilliant in providing helpful facilities. I had used them before so i use them efficiently to their best potential.
  9. 9. MICROSOFT WORD. Microsoft Word 2007- I used this software in order tow rite up my double page spread article and all my analysis's that i made of cover pages, contents pages and double page spreads. I chose to do these pieces of work on a word document because i know it would encourage me to focus on the quality rather then getting distracted on photoshop or on a blog post by making it look good. Also this software had spell check and thesaurus facilities to help improve my texts article and analysis detail. I had used this software a number of times before i was new of all the facilities available and how to use it to its full potential.
  10. 10. MEMORY STICK. Memory Stick- I used this as a back up, to save all my work and research so i had a second back up of this work and nothing could be lost in my magazine design process. I also used this memory stick as a sauce of transport of my work, so i could use and update pieces of work on the school computers to then doing it on my laptop, this gave me more time to complete my work successfully. I had used this device before to improve efficiency.
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