Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. More women then men answered my questionnaire. I have the results to provethat, however indie magazine are targeted at males.This means, from the information I received I will aim my magazine at females.
  2. 2. From my questionnaire I found out that most of the people were aged 16-18.This was closely followed by people aged 22-25. Therefore I will be aiming myindie magazine towards the younger generation which will be between 16-18.
  3. 3. 11 people out of the 20 I asked said that festivalsis what they most associate with Indie music.This tells me I should include reviews on festivalsand all the latest information to appeal to myaudience. I could include all the festivals all overthe country, including V festival, Glastonbury,Leeds festival, etc.The second most popular word associated withIndie music was the shoes Vans, this suggestsmost people are recognising the ‘Indie’ genrefashion. This means I will include fashion in mymagazine, I could link this to festival must havesin the summer when all the outdoor concerts aretaking part.
  4. 4. The majority of the people I surveyed said thatthere favourite colour was blue, therefore the maincolour scheme of my magazine will be Blue. It willalso be white or black.I will aim to make the magazine look very clean andsimple with the colours I choose.
  5. 5. As I first thought, most people by music magazines monthly as most ofthem are published once a month.This means that I will publish my indie magazine monthly as that iswhat the people want.
  6. 6. There was a mixture of different artiststhat came through when I askedpeople who there favourite artist is.The main one that appeared wasRihanna, this did not surprise me reallybecause she is one of the hottesttalents right now. This tells me that Ishould put her on the cover orcontents as it will attract people, andfans of hers will also buy the magazineif they see she features in it. Thesecond most popular artists, who werejoint in ratings was The Script andJessie J. The script are a very Indieband who people would obviously liketo read about. While Jessie J is more ofan Indie pop artist who is an excitingprospect.
  7. 7. The results were split on this part of the questionnaire, this means that Ihalf the people prefer to spend up to £2 on music magazines whereas theother half don’t mind spending up to £4 on their favourite music magazines.This means I have no choice but to lower the price of my magazine to £2.This means both halves should be happy with the price they will pay.
  8. 8. 75% of the I asked said that they like the competitions and prizes in themagazine, therefore I will include a lot of competitions in the magazine withgreat prizes that relate to the indie genre and their fans.
  9. 9. Pictures; Half the people I asked said they like them a lot, so I will include a lot of pictures in my magazine.Headings; 30% said they pretty much like the headings in the music magazines, this means my magazine has to have catchyheadings to attract my audience.Articles; The majority of the people I asked said the like the articles in the magazines, this tells me each article has to be reallyattracting to the audience.30% of the people who took my survey said that they like the colour scheme, interviews and also the articles about newmusic.Gig guides; 10 people out of the 20 that completed the questionnaire said that they like them a little but arent really thatbothered by them. This is surprising to me as most people like to know about when their favourite artists are performing.Reviews; 40 % of the people I asked said they are not really bothered by the reviews section of the magazine .