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Reasearch contents pages

  1. 1. -4762504943475The layout of this contents page is very ‘gridlike’ showing more pictures than text which would appeal to an audience between the ages of 13-20. The images are mainly small with one large one in the centre, each featuring the page number to help the audience find the exact page they want quicker.The masthead is in a ‘sans serif’ style with close lettering. The masthead is in capitals and bold emphasizing it more. The contents sign is positioned in the top left corner in a small box. The date that the magazine was issued is printed in a large font to show the audience. The text is limited in a small section on the left hand side. Bold and larger text is featured on the page numbers and titles to emphasize these sections to the audience. The house style is quite busy and crowded with lots of pictures and little text. The magazine features mainly orange, white and black colours whilst matching the font types to give an organised theme in the text. The masthead is positioned in the top right hand corner is a large sans serif style of writing. The layout of the word ‘CONTENTS’ shows creativity as it is layered into three lines. The image on the contents page is also unique showing unusual positioning of her body. The way her legs are positioned in the air fills up the empty space and creates a different look. The girl comes across quite sexy dressed in a playsuit and stilettos with bar legs. The layout of the information is simple with a serif font to title each section. The font size is kept quite small to make the image seem more of a main feature to the contents and to make it easier for the audience to find exactly what they are looking for.The general house style of the contents page is fairly simplistic, using minimal fonts and keeping the colours dark and easy.-428625561975<br />The layout of the contents page is quite ‘busy’ showing a lot of text and filled with images. The layout gives the impression that this particular magazine would appeal to teenagers between the ages of 14-20, or older depending on what inspires you. The images are placed on the left hand side towards the top. They show two male musicians, singing and playing the guitar showing clearly that this is about ‘stars’. This could be targeted at teenage boys. The masthead is in ‘sans serif’ writing with an infill of the colour red. The text ‘this week’ is also styled in ‘sans serif’ proving to be a lot bigger than the magazine name, emphasizing that this is the contents page. The date that magazine has been issued also features on the top left corner giving useful information to the audience. The text is generous, consisting of a paragraph of writing reeling the audience in about ‘Oasis’ and the text showing the items in the magazine also including larger font, sans serif writing to title the sections. -457200133985<br />-28359102026920The layout of the contents page is simple but original. The magazine uses the star to fill the page, immediately drawing the audience’s eye to him. In addition to this picture the text is placed over the top, simply broadcasting what features in the magazine. The background is a cream colour, keeping the colouring simplistic and the clever effect of the ‘narrow depth of field’ shot, keeps the stars face perfectly in focus whilst slightly blurring the background.The masthead is simple, styled in ‘sans serif’ font, featured in a ‘sky line’ across the top of the page. There are also bold ‘sans serif’ headings to introduce each sections of the contents text. On the bottom of the contents page a catchy line is written to reel the audience into the magazine to read on.<br />The layout of the contents page is again very simple but comes across quite unusual as well. The image of the famous celebrity attracts the audience’s eye not only because she is famous but also because the positioning of her and the props she is using are different. The image comes across humorous as Katy Perry is holding a giant, blow up mushroom and the long shot photograph of her standing very up-right and still makes the image look funny. The clothes Katy Perry is wearing are quite glamorous as she is wearing a short skirt and showing a lot of skin. The colour of her outfit is also co-ordinated with the mushroom which makes the general page look more presentable.The masthead, ‘Contents’, is in a different but readable font. The font appears to be very bold and the masthead spreads from both sides of the page. Other than the mast head there is little text and only a few items of the magazine are listed on the right hand side. Towards the bottom of the page a quote is written, which has been said by Katy Perry. This gives the readers a chance to find out who the celebrity in the centre is if they do not know.The layout of this contents page appears to be quite busy. Featuring in the layout is a large, long shot image of two men dancing. This image is placed to the top right of the page. As this image is in black and white it makes the contents page have an old fashioned feeling to it, as well as the men’s outfits of smart suits. The masthead is quite small and it in sans serif font, taking up little of the page. The colouring of the letters on the masthead also co-ordinates with the colour of the text. There appears to be a fairly large amount of text on the page compared to a lot of other magazines. Each page has the key information in bold font so that these specific words will catch the audience’s eye. Also towards the bottom of the page there is a paragraph of writing about ‘Johnny’. This paragraph has been placed on the contents page to catch the readers eye and make them want to read on. -483235-121920-4686304953000The overall layout comes across being very eventful. The mast head is featured on the top right corner clearly stating ‘contents’. This is good as it is clear to the audience what the page is and what they should expect. There are six main images on the contents page and five of these are smaller than one main picture. These pictures all have the page number on them to reassure the audience where to look. This makes it easier and clearer on where to go. All of these pictures are also of singers and have a ‘noisy’ and ‘loud’ feeling to them, which makes it clear to the audience that this is a probably a rock music magazine. There is limited text which is placed on the right in a column. This makes the contents more visual but still gives all the information you need to find the appropriate pages to your interest. The sub headings are highlighted black and written in yellow to make it clear to the audience that these are new sections.-483870-289560The over layout comes across quite simple. The masthead is in sans serif, large font going across the top of the page. The lettering is coloured in gold which is quite a royal colour and could relate to the higher class lady appearing on the right of the page. The writing of the page is small and simple and coloured in black and red. The colouring of the writing is coordinated throughout all of the text on the page. The image on the page is of a lady in an unusual position. The way she is dressed is very posh and sophisticated showing the audience that this is probably a higher class magazine. She is holding an umbrella as a prop which is used for her to hold her positioning and the colouring of her is in black and white to maybe show that this was in the older days. I think this image tells us that the targeted audience for this magazine is the older generation. -7429504953000<br />-6127754832985This contents page comes across quite original. The layout is very simple but effective and looks attractive. The masthead is very clear in a suitable font which is easy to read. There is quite a lot of text featured on the contents page explaining fully what the pages are about. The page numbers are placed next to the headings of each page in red writing to clearly stand out and also colour coordinate with the heading and image. The image is effective and is placed on the left hand side of the page. The image is quite unusual as it is of a yoyo and the shadowing on the wall also makes the image look different and eye catching. This contents page is mainly taken up by a single image of women. The image takes up the whole page. The facial expression of the women is quite unusual and adds humour to the magazine. The appearance of her is quite messy and she doesn’t look like she has been dressed up. She also has tattoos on her arm and is holding a tattoo needle which is interesting so this could draw the reader in. There is little text on the contents page and there are sub headings in bolder writing to show clearly what each section is about. The masthead ‘contents’ is in a small font type in the top right hand corner. The font is small but is clear and easy to understand. The -488950-125730<br />