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Mood Board/Location/Photoshoot Mood Board/Location/Photoshoot Document Transcript

  • These colours are the most popular for my music magazine. After researching and analysing many front covers and magazines i have developed more of an idea of what colours i want and how they look on other magazines together. The magazine ‘rap-up’ has given me the ideas of these colours as it appears to be very eye catching and glamorous. <br />These colours were also nice, from recent magazines I have seen these colours have worked well together. I also think these colours are presentable and attractive so they would look nice on the front of my magazine too. <br />1257300134620-571500134620These magazines are good examples of the colours I have shown above. Although the bright colour of the pink stands out, it does not over power the front and still creates a simple look.<br />These magazines are good examples of what positioning I would like my model to pose in during my photo shoot. As my music magazine is similar to these magazines in general, I would like my style to be similar as well as the models poses. 1371600180975-571500180975<br />During my shoot I will be using clothing similar to these to dress my model. I have chosen this type of clothing as it is attractive and is similar to the clothing the celebrities wear on my research.20574007118985-45720067760858001006890385During my photo shoot I will be using this clutch bag as a prop on my model. I will be using this to make her look more glamorous and to add to the attractive effect of my magazine and photos. -3429004032885When producing my magazine I will be looking for different shapes and symbols to highlight important information on my front cover, contents page and double page spread. I think overall these shapes are eye catching and unique. I could include mastheads or side headings in these shapes and use the arrow to point out key information.Throughout my magazine the language will be Standard English. On the main front cover the language may be more associated with the general genre of ‘RnB’ as my magazine is focused on single artists and girl bands with a slight hint of ‘RnB’. During the writing on my double page spread I intend to write in Standard English so that the information is appropriate for anyone reading it. The font I will be using in my magazine for the main text will be ‘Calibri’ as this is a neat font type. For my masthead and quotes on the front page I will be using different forms of word art. The location of my photo shoot will be in the studio room in the Henley College. This is a good location for my photo shoot because it is sophisticated and professional and will give the images a good effect with a clear white background. The photo’s will also look more like the professional photo’s taken in a magazine because of them being in the studio. The studio also has special lights and controls to make the over picture look better.-4572005943600During my photo shoot I will be capturing mainly full body, long shots of my model. I will try to capture her whole body by using medium/long shots of her and will try to avoid close up shots, as this is not what I am trying to achieve. I will also be using the ‘over the shoulder’ shot to try and experiment with different positioning of my model. This shot is also quite popular in the magazine’s I have been looking at for my research so seems to be a good shot for me to try. 38862003771900-342900422910022860001028700Overall I am happy with how the photo shoot went. I feel that I have achieved what I wanted and I am really happy with the photos above. I have more images, which I may include in my magazine, but these four images are my final favourites. I am happy with the positions I got my model to do, and I feel that they relate well with the research. I think deciding to do the photo shoot in the studio was a good idea as I have produced a better quality and more professional looking image. I also like the white background as it doesn’t make the image look too complicated and brings more of a focus into my model.-342900800100<br />