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Music Survey

  1. 1. Survey Monkey Results… http:// =HB7ywBsVu0%2bVuxML%2b0CjT7TB8RfSXpV23eOEffZTDlQ%3d
  2. 2. This question I chose because it will help me get an idea on what music magazines are more popular than others, which will tell me the sort of things I should include into my own magazine. My results show that NME is the most popular music magazine and from this I can then look at NME and see that people would like the music genre it focuses on, the colours, the interesting layout and the artists it features.
  3. 3. This question helped me through telling me the music genre people prefer and even though I plan on creating a magazine based around the music I like, this will still help me because I can also bring in other music genres that readers are interested in which will then aim at other target audiences as well. My results for this question show that rock and indie are quite popular within the many different varieties of music choices. I plan to incorporate rock and indie genres/band into my own magazine.
  4. 4. I chose this question so I could find out what websites people tend to visit the most in order to find out the latest news, interviews etc which might not be featured inside the actual magazine because a lot of magazines offer readers more information and competitions etc in which they have to go online to access. My results on this tells me that people visit NME website the most but people answered other as well and they then stated that they didn’t visit any music websites, which shows that some people much prefer not to go online for music information, but just stick to reading everything that’s on offer in the actual magazine.
  5. 5. This question was chosen because it’s a really good idea to know how much people are willing to pay for a music magazine because then I would know how to price my own magazine. These results shocked me because 7 out of 16 people answered that they pay or would pay 0-£1 for a magazine per month! I don’t think that you can even get a music magazine under £1 so this is telling me that people either don’t buy music magazines at all or very often or that young people are just simply on a low budget and aren’t interested in paying a lot of money for a magazine.
  6. 6. I decided to add this question in purely because a lot of magazines feature information, tips and tricks etc about certain music festivals and gigs that are going on all the time and so I wanted to know how many people are actually interesting in them kind of articles in a music magazine and what individual gigs or festivals they are interested in knowing the most information about and a lot of people buy music magazines because it features such articles etc so it would be a good thing to include in my own magazine. My results show that many people are interested in T4 on the beach and V festival and the same amount of people answered other and stated that they don’t go to any. These results are quite even between three answers and it seems to appeal to people who prefer a variety of music in which V festival and T4 offer.
  7. 7. This question I chose because even though illegal downloads aren’t allowed most young people download illegally as it is free and easy to access new and old music. I wanted to ask this question because in some music magazine they have articles about illegal downloads and they also try and encourage people to buy the actually cd’s or singles. In my magazine I want to feature pieces about certain sites, not to try and persuade them to stop downloading but, warnings about particular sites and viruses etc. My results show that the most popular illegal download site/programme is Limewire which tends to be the most well know download programme around. Also Bit torrent and YouTube converter seem to be popular as well as these programmes don’t need to be downloaded they are online and quick to use.
  8. 8. 88% said yes they were a fan of you tube and 12% said no. This question was chosen because although I asked what music sites people mainly go on, that was more for the websites that different magazines have and this question would tell me how popular YouTube is with young people. The answers to this question would tell me that YouTube is very popular and if articles that talk about music videos and backstage interviews etc feature in a music magazine but tell them that they can all be found on YouTube, I now know that people will become interested in watching them on YouTube more than on an actual music magazine website as YouTube has a larger variety of videos on there and people spend a lot of time on YouTube more that any other video site I know.
  9. 9. This question is linking in with the illegal download question because although people illegally download very often, but I think some pay for there songs and download them from iTunes which is a well known site when it comes to buying singles, buying albums, sorting out a music library, creating playlists etc. But also people who do illegally download, transfer music to there iTunes library in order to place music onto an iPod, mp3 or phone. This questionnaire proved me right and shows that 10 out of 16 people have iTunes downloaded onto there computer and this could help me get an idea of any download articles that I might chose to include into my double page spread.
  10. 10. I chose this question because I wanted to know how popular different music channels were in order to get an idea on weather people prefer to listen and see a variety of new and old music video’s or prefer one particular genre e.g. Kerrang is mainly rock. The results from this question would tell me the most popular channel and I could then incorporate features in an article about what those channels have to offer which would be another thing that would interested different types of people as the more a music magazine has to offer the more people are going to buy it. My results show that 10 out of 16 people watch Viva and 4music the most and this tells me that people are watching more of a variety of music video’s, news etc, and not just sticking to one particular genre and that most music channels are watched by the younger audience because of the artists and the comical sides of these music channels. Viva and 4music are popular channels as they always have new things to offer and the latest music, solo artists and bands on the scene.
  11. 11. This final question is a vital question for me because it tells me what people tend to look for in a music magazine and the results from this question will then give me an idea on what i would need to focus on to make my own magazine attractive and would then make my magazine more popular in which more people would buy it if it was on sale. These results show that 6 out of 16 people are interested in a music magazine that has interesting artist photo’s and I think this is because the main features are what stand out when looking for a music magazine on a shelf full of other magazines. Readers tend to buy a magazine that has a band or artist on it which they like as obviously people wouldn’t pay out for a magazine that has someone or something uninteresting on the front .
  12. 12. Overall this survey has helped me notice the things that not only interest music magazine readers but what they don’t like and doing this survey has helped me narrow down different aspects of not just a music magazine but stepping outside of that area and look at other things based around the world of music. All these results have made me think more about what I should include on my own front cover, contents page and double page spread. Some of my results did surprise but others very much linked into my own personal views and what I look for in a magazine etc. After I analysed each result I could then look at certain magazines and see why they have chosen certain things.