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Building Health Behaviors Online: Insights from Veggie wars
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Building Health Behaviors Online: Insights from Veggie wars



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  • Building Health Behaviors Online: Insights from Veggie wars through DIRECT link
    ---> http://po.st/tGqED4
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  • I like the playful nature of this. For a non-violent version that might appeal to middle-aged women (e.g. me), you could make games of shopping for veggies and cooking them. Some kind of stickers for the fridge or cabinet might make a good trigger in place of the funky fork. Would be willing to help brainstorm - @csnyder on twitter.
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  • For such a short project, this is very compelling: creative, provocative, and nicely communicated.

    Also, you extended (or refined) the behavior model in some ways, and I liked that (of course!).

    If I were funding iterations of this challenge, I would definitely support the next iteration of your approach. This is both insightful and wacky.

    Thoughts about taking this to the next level?

    I do, in fact, have some funding to explore something like this.

    Let's talk.
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  • Visit the Veggie Wars Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=119213088089862
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  • 1. Building Health Behaviors Online Frameworks From Social Gaming using Video on Facebook motivate enable trigger amuse story social simple easy to hook goal reward specific do intuitive task complex simple natural Lily Cheng & Benjamin Olmsted habits.stanford.edu June 3, 2010
  • 2. The Game: Veggie Wars motivate Plot - Evil vegetables are trying to create a predatory vegetable creature amuse story called the Preying Eggplantis to take over the human race.... Goal - As part of Rewards - Earn promotions Commander FORK’s army, and complete challenges to you are given missions to increase your rank among help defeat this evil ploy the team. social hook goal reward
  • 3. The Game: Veggie Wars simple easy to enable specific do task Stab Veggies w/ FORK (hot trigger) EXAMPLE MISSION Watch video @ lunch/dinner H ot! Get Mission Leave comment “ME vs Veggie Score: 1 - 0”
  • 4. The Game: Veggie Wars reminder - when the users sees trigger intuitive a FORK, it acts as a vivid reminder to eat vegetables Stab Veggies w/ FORK (hot trigger) HOT TRIGGER @ lunch/dinner H ot!
  • 5. Player Participation: Members | Active Users | Daily Users 20 7 4 Did you eat more Did the Fork remind Types of Responses: veggies? you to eat veggies? Comments | Photos | Video Yes | Maybe | No Yes | No 50 10 1 4 2 4 3 6 Mission 1: Fork Mission 2: Mission 3: Mission 4: Battle Mission 5: Player Agents Rescue Mission How’d ya Begins Preying do it? (weekend) Eggplantis Heather Marilyn Ben Rachel Nancy Kichelle Ye Shen
  • 6. Insights completing mission Levels of difficulty: (easy) watching video << commenting < posting photo <<<< posting video (very hard) Facebook? good for Users are middle- Team tasks increased prototyping, but limited aged women? participation feature set & integration social gaming demographic Clear Task > Reward link Private game play increased engagement important for some helped overcome barriers to more users difficult tasks e.g. posting a photo More pictures of food than of people posted fun to be called out Tasks should match ability by name in videos - but varies by user “challenge” tasks worked well Some triggers resonate better than others for different users try something like “chose your own weapon”
  • 7. How to Improve: We say: Users say: Add explicit game structure & rules “Would have liked more specific tasks e.g. eat Improve timing & these colors” consistency of videos “More Star Wars Transfer to Photo- references” enabled mobile game, helps increase content integration “different way to prompt videos” More specific tasks that are “just simple enough” “Non-war theme, please” Build up engagement “I don’t want it to end” Integrate video & text
  • 8. More to explore The right level of “Simple” too simple seen irrelevant vs too hard prompts excuses not to participate The right ratio of passive to active users passive users watch videos and sometimes complete tasks, but do not comment - active users keep up the energy and contribute content Balance violence & rebellion with positive tasks violence in games can be fun and familiar, but some users prefer positive tasks - can a game incorporate both without sacrificing one or the other?
  • 9. THANKS! Let us know what you think of Veggie Wars Comments welcome! Please contact Lily with any questions at: veggiewars@gmail.com motivate enable trigger Lily is a master’s student in the Earth Systems Program. Her current research is in energy use and behavioral change. Benjamin is a Junior in Architectural Design with a strong emphasis in product design for behavioral change.