My visual résumé


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On my blog you can find the reasons why I decided to build a visual résumé (too long to fit in here):

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My visual résumé

  1. my name isSerena Hi
  2. I was born in Italy Crespi d’Adda, 500 inhabitants, UNESCO site
  3. I also lived here TromsøTurin Milan
  4. I have a MSc in Computer Science
  5. * UX ✔I am a Designer * which means…
  6. I observe
  7. I look for patterns in data
  8. I do a lot of doodling
  9. I build prototypes
  10. I find solutions
  11. I work for
  12. I design for many devices
  13. and for diverse brands
  14. oh, did I mention I got an award?
  15. reef re f eIn myfreetime…
  16. I travel
  17. I take pictures
  18. I draw
  19. I hike
  20. I blog
  21. I work on (secret) side projects
  22. Thanks Want to find out more? My blog My g+ stream My tweets My presentations My photos My professional profile
  23. CreditsUpside down by abahgatTorino è la mia città by monaco obbedientePiazza del Duomo by Bjørn Giesenbauercomputer keyboard by newfilm.dkCampus by Harald GrovenBicocca by oracol8Cement Cat with Binoculars For Sale in Raleigh, NC by joanna8555Ideas never run out by Adi RespatiStack of Electronics by Aaron PareckiIMG_8724 by Natasha D’Souza