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Engaging Teachers in Professional Learning using Social Media
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Engaging Teachers in Professional Learning using Social Media


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In this presentation, I discuss some of the problematics around contemporary teacher education posed by various constraints--time, $, personnel, physical space--and consider how social media, as a …

In this presentation, I discuss some of the problematics around contemporary teacher education posed by various constraints--time, $, personnel, physical space--and consider how social media, as a form of disruptive innovation, might help redress these constraints in ways that open up new spaces that might be conducive to teacher learning.

I report on the lessons learned from a case study on engaging preservice teachers in using social media to develop their pedagogy in practicing contemporary classroom assessment in an integrated fashion. Using these findings to spring-board the discussion, I offered what emerged to be two particular dilemma facing those trying to engage teachers in professional learning using social media: 1) legitimizing social media to those involved in the learning process, and 2) (re)considering what concrete strategies might help promote teacher learning over social media.

This presentation was given at the Ontario Teacher Federation/Ontario Association of Deans in Education 2012 Conference, Faculty of Education, UOIT, on February, 4, 2012.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Engaging Teachers in Professional Learning using Social Media Chi Yan Lam, MEd, King Luu, MEd Queen’s University OTF/OADE Social Media and Teacher Learning #otfoade February 4, 2012 @chiyanlam UOIT, Fac. of Ed., 4 February, 12 1
  • 2. Just by a quick show of hands... • a teacher? • an administrator? • a researcher/an academic? • uses social media socially? • uses social media for professional learning?Saturday, 4 February, 12 2
  • 3. Agenda • Reporting Lessons Learned : “@QUAssessment - Assessment Pilot Initiative” • 1) Legitimizing SM • 2) Identifying strategies for promoting teacher learning over SMSaturday, 4 February, 12 3
  • 4. PremisesSaturday, 4 February, 12 4
  • 5. Professional Teacher Learning is about learning to become a professional. theory the interrogated practiceSaturday, 4 February, 12 5
  • 6. Content Knowledge PCK Pedagogical Knowledge (Shulman, 1987)Saturday, 4 February, 12 6
  • 7. One of the many paradigm shifts social media defines is: content-producer user-generated As a result, educators (teachers, admins, researchers) are generating content that relates to professional practice.Saturday, 4 February, 12 7
  • 8. Create Connect Collaborate, 4 February, 12 8
  • 9. @QUAssessment A Twitter-enabled, Blended Learning Professional Learning CommunitySaturday, 4 February, 12 9
  • 10. @QUAssessment Pilot Initiative • Queen’s BEd (700/yr) in contemporary notions of classroom assessment (Growing Success, 2010) • Teaching and Learning Constraints (time, $, personnel, physical space) • Interested in integrating Social Media into Teacher Education (classroom assessment) • The thinking was that assessment learning requires learners to actively engage with peers and challenge their own experiences and conceptions of assessment. 10Saturday, 4 February, 12 10
  • 11. @QUAssessment Pilot Initiative • 20 teacher candidates • 2 Profs, 2 Grad TAs • January - April, met once-a-week during on-campus block (6 weeks), followed by two practica placements • Blended Learning; Professional Learning Community; Non-formal Learning • Developmental Evaluation to help bring the idea to scale 11Saturday, 4 February, 12 11
  • 12. 12Saturday, 4 February, 12 12
  • 13. @QUAssessment Lessons Learned 1. Deliberately teach and model how to engage in professional learning over SM 13Saturday, 4 February, 12 13
  • 14. @QUAssessment Lessons Learned 2. Learning curve to using Twitter/SM as a educational technology (Which button to click? How to navigate the site? What do I do if I am over 140 char.?).... literacy 14Saturday, 4 February, 12 14
  • 15. @QUAssessment Lessons Learned 3. What worked? • Using Twitter to extend the conversations beyond faculty walls • Picking up the threads of discussion and using them to inform subsequent meetings. 15Saturday, 4 February, 12 15
  • 16. @QUAssessment Lessons Learned 4. Success of the PLC depended on a critical mass: • of already-participating educators on the network • availability/quality of content • participation of PLC members What about legitimate peripheral participation? 16Saturday, 4 February, 12 16
  • 17. How do we... Legitimize Social Media 17Saturday, 4 February, 12 17
  • 18. What strategies might... Promote teacher learning over social media? 18Saturday, 4 February, 12 18
  • 19. Thank You! Let’s Connect! @chiyanlam www.chiyanlam.comSaturday, 4 February, 12 19