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Chits UK, an online marketing and advertising agency in UK delivers medical website design and style and a variety of online advertising for specialist healthcare companies.

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Chits Website UK-Professional Website Design

  1. 1. Chits Website UK Chits UK, an online marketing agency in UK offers medical website design and various online marketing for professional healthcare businesses.Chits Website UK -
  2. 2. The Top 3 Reasons - Why You Need To Hire Website Design Company..?Chits Website UK -
  3. 3. • If you are a small company owner and own a website you need to know that a good website layout is incredibly crucial to attract possible buyers.Chits Website UK -
  4. 4. • If you want to improveyour online marketing,then you need to havea very good web sitedesign and style tostart off with. Chits Website UK -
  5. 5. • If you have a good web siteand use the web to market yourproduct or service then you willend up conserving a great dealof income and getting far betterreturns considering that a website will always be there for thebuyers when it really is set up.Chits Website UK -
  6. 6. Next up- You’ll see the detailsof a few websites that we have been involved in either thedesign of and/or the promotionof along with a few others that may be of help or interest to those seeking information about Website design or Search Engines. Chits Website UK -
  7. 7. Click On The WebsiteImage (On The Right)To View The Website Chits Website UK -
  8. 8. 17Harley StreetDr. Richard M Cooper and Associatesare medical consultants at 17 Harley street, London, providing a range of general medical practice servicesincluding occupational health advice and more. 17Harley Streey -
  9. 9. 132HealthwiseAt 132 Healthwise, a sexual healthclinic in London, our consultants provide and assist you with medical and surgical abortions, STD treatments, oral contraceptives and any other sexual health concerns. 132Healthwise-
  10. 10. A To E Training & Solutions A to E Training & Solutions provides a range of first aidtraining courses, resuscitationtraining, emergency life saving courses and CPR Courses in London. A To E Training & Solutions -
  11. 11. Cardiac ScreenCardiac Screen is an independent medical clinic in London,established since 2001. We offer a wide range of cardiology, gynaecology, psychiatric, heart screening and cardiac care services.. Cardiac Screen -
  12. 12. Cavendish ClinicCavendish Clinic, London, created by a team of cosmetic surgeons, is theCapitals new go-to for non-surgical skincare and body sculptingsolutions using latest technologicallyadvanced inch-loss and body toning treatments. Cavendish Clinic-
  13. 13. London Chest ClinicThe London Chest Clinic is a private allergy clinic that specializes in Respiratory Medicine & Allergy treatment. We are located at 20a Pennant Mews, London W8 5JN London Chest Clinic-
  14. 14. CRGHCRGH is a fertility clinic in UK and hasbeen assisting couples with specialist advice and IVF treatments obtainingoutstanding results which place us asleaders amongst fertility clinics in UK. CRGH -
  15. 15. DermaDoc LondonDermadoc Cosmetic Clinic is London’s No 1 Cosmetic Clinic growing in UK for Botox London and Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments in Brighton, Hammersmith and other regions. Dermadoc London -
  16. 16. Dr Simon Darfoor Dr. Simon Darfoor, a cosmetic andimplant dentist, is the lead clinician at the Darfoor Dental Practice based at no.1 Harley Street in London. Dr Simon Darfoor-
  17. 17. Mark FeneleyMark Feneley is a Consultant UrologicalSurgeon, specialist in prostate disease, bladder cancer ,erectile dyfunction, testosterone deficiency, men’s health, prostate cancer and urological cancer in London, UK. Mark Feneley -
  18. 18. Matt JamesMr. Matthew James is clinical director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS trust, provides plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries services to London Hospitals, Mr. James is a specialist in hand and wrist reconstruction, facial plastic surgeryand cosmetic procedures to the breast and abdominal region. Matt James-
  19. 19. Rajan Uppal Our practice is dedicated to providingthe highest quality Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery combiningexpertise experience dedication & with the very finest personalized care. Rajan Uppal-
  20. 20. Re:CognitionRe:Cognition has expertise in all causes of memory problems and cognitive impairment including stress and anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease , Parkinson’s disease, Age relatedmemory loss and depression, Dementia with lewy bodies. Re:Cognition-
  21. 21. London Obesity Clinic London Obesity Clinic in London provides you with various weight loss and laparoscopic surgeriesincluding gastric band, hernia, gall stones and more. London Obesity Clinc -
  22. 22. Wholistic MedicalWholistic Medical Centre, an integratedmedical clinic located at Harley Street in London, offers various holistic treatments including thermal imaging, body scan, micro body cleaning and more. Wholistic Medical -
  23. 23. CHITS UK Wins "Web Award 2010"Chits UK contribution to internetand digital communication in thehealthcare sector wasrecognized by Web Award 2010for Web Development, CosmeticSurgery Clinic. The award waspresented by The Web MarketingAssociation to our director Mr.Nitesh Joshi in the category of"Healthcare Standard ofExcellence 2010." Chits Website UK -
  24. 24. Contact UsT : (0844) 357 8002F : (0844) 357 6765E : : 26 York Street London WTU 6PZ Contact Us For Professional And Creative Website Designs For Business Chits Website UK -
  25. 25. Write Us YourComments On Our Presentation Chits Website UK -
  26. 26. Thank You For Viewing Chits Website UK -