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Core2 why cos hire

  1. 1. Some Questions in the Minds of New EmployeesWhat Does The Company Expect From Me ? What can I Expect from the Company ?
  2. 2. Why Do Companies Hire Employees ?• Employers hire people to help their company MAKE MONEY or SAVE Money.• From a manager to receptionist or Peon – all employees are hired and paid to contribute to the success of the company.• There are some of the qualities that almost every employer expects from their employees, regardless of the level they are in.
  3. 3. Everyone of us values Good People• Irrespective of who we are…. each one of us wants to be associated with Good people - good friends, good neighbors, good relatives – in personal or professional lives.• Companies are no different…• People are a company’s greatest asset irrespective whether it sells cars or cosmetics. A company is as good as the people it keeps… Companies need good people all the time
  4. 4. Why Are Good Employees In Demand?• Hiring good employees is not only important to business, its essential.• Employees are the heart and soul of a business;• They are the mechanism that makes a business run;• They are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an idea. Attracting Good Employees, Repelling Bad Ones
  5. 5. A new employee is like a sapling…• The future of any company depends on the fresh blood (new employees) it inducts…• And so it takes care of their just & reasonable needs and waits for them to grow and develop…• Trains, motivates & inspires them…and does everything possible to improve their knowledge, efficiency and skills…• knowing fully well that all seeds do not develop into flowering trees… Good Jobs Go to Good Employees
  6. 6. After A Few Months…• Some of the employees develop into strong and sturdy fruit bearing trees…• They are the return on investment that every Company, howsoever big or small expects…• There is noting wrong with it… Give and take is the Law of Nature…• It’s a win-win situation as no one loses… Good Jobs go to Good Employees
  7. 7. However Even After Few Months…• Some employees turn out to be barren trees…• They are a bad investment that NO Company, howsoever big or small wants…• Bad employees like bad news are the worst nightmare for any employer. They ruin the reputation of the company, decrease sales, or produce a negative working environment that can affect everybody else• As they say one rotten Apple…spoils the whole basket…. Anyways we will not discuss what needs to be done to them…. All the goodness of a good egg cannot make up for the stench of a rotten egg…
  8. 8. What our employees can expect from us • Teamwork • Equal opportunities • Culture of innovation • Professional Management • Positive working atmosphere • Open and constructive feedback about performance; • Encouragement for enhancing capabilities and skills • Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance; • Opportunities for training, promotion and overall growth • Management support for all constructive activitiesIf you never do more than you are paid to do, you will never be paid more for what you do.…
  9. 9. What our employees can expect from us• Personal and professional development trainings• Support and guidance in career development• Mutual respect and trust• Regular performance reviews & goal settings• Open, constructive and fair feedback• Performance and results-oriented salary & promotion policy
  10. 10. What Makes Good employees… • Take initiative • Take responsibility • Always endeavor to keep the business profitable. • Keep their commitments • Consistently do things best for the company. • Exceed expectations- do a better job than expectedIf you never do more than you are paid to do, you will never be paid more for what you do.…
  11. 11. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Employee… 1. Positive Attitude 2. Loyalty 3. Trustworthiness 4. Ethical conduct & Honesty 5. Communicative Skills & Etiquettes 6. Dependability / Reliability 7. Initiative 8. Responsibility 9. Teamwork 10.DisciplineIf you Love the Organization that you work for, there is a strong possibility that it will do so too