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C O N T A C T  Sept 2011
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C O N T A C T Sept 2011


OFM-JPIC Newsletter: September 2011 issue

OFM-JPIC Newsletter: September 2011 issue

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  • 2. 2 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 PROTESTS AGAINST KEYSTONE XL PIPELINETwo OFM friars of Holy Name Province be with his savior he went to the wild places(USA), Jacek Orzechowski and Erick Lopez, of Italy, especially Mount La Verna. He un-were arrested on August 29. They were derstood that we cannot love and honoramong the nearly 600 people arrested during God without loving and honoring all that theweeks of demonstrations in Washington in Lord has created. Francis also believedfront of the White House. Inspired by religious that ours is a faith that must be lived andresponsibility to care for God’s creation, they acted on. To preach the Gospel is first andhad joined protests against the proposed Key- foremost to live it, only then will our wordsstone XL pipeline, which would connect the and exhortations have real meaning.”toxic tar sands of Alberta, Canada, with theTexas oil refineries. Jacek and Erick were Brothers Jacek and Erick said that it is con-representing the Franciscan Action Network cern for the potential disaster of the tar(FAN)* at the demonstrations. sands project that motivated their decision to be arrested. They added: “It is onlyAccording to Brother Jacek, experts have said when people of faith join the chorus of thethat use of petroleum from the tar sands will vast majority of reputable scientists andsignificantly increase the rate of greenhouse those concerned about climate change ingas production. This will be destructive not speaking and acting for the common goodonly of the environment in northern Canada, of all God’s creation, that we might be ablebut threatens to alter the ecological balance of to avert the catastrophe. We invite you tothe Earth itself. In the face of such disaster, join us in saying no to the destruction ofBrothers Jacek and Erick note: “As Christians Gods creation and yes to a more just andwe believe that all creation is the gift of a lov- sustainable future for all people and ouring and caring God, a God who charged us to planet.”be stewards of that gift. Thus we have an obli- Brothers Jacek and Erick were taken to agation to seek what is beneficial to the earth police station in handcuffs, held for aboutand oppose what is harmful.….As followers of four hours, and released when they paid aSt. Francis of Assisi, we believe that the world required charged with the presence of God. WhenSaint Francis needed time alone to pray and * FAN is located in the USA. It is a grass- roots, faith-based civic engagement organiza- tion with a growing national base of groups and persons who are inspired by the witness and exam- ple of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. FAN is designed to bring a coordinated and effective voice to matters of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation.
  • 3. 3 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 FRANCISCAN ECOLOGICAL MARCHES1. MARCH TO THE SOURCE OF THE SÃO ecology based on the fact that we are children ofFRANCISCO RIVER: MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL God and inhabitants of the Earth.The Franciscan March has been held annually 2. MARCHES IN CHIAPAS, MEXICOsince 2001. It makes its way toward the source ofthe São Francisco River, a wonderful sanctuary for On June 4, 2011, the Province of San Felipe delife. The March seeks to help people live out the Jesús held an Ecology March to remember thespirituality of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of International Day of the Environment. AroundCreation. 800 people of all ages joined in the celebration. Brother Adín, JPIC animator for the province,The objectives of the March are: to raise aware- reported that participants, including friars fromness of the current environmental situation; to pro- the region, walked for about 10 kilometers (6.2mote care of our world; to share Franciscan spiritu- miles). They collected trash from the roadsideality; to awaken people to a better quality of life; to as they moved along. The President of the Mu-learn to value interpersonal relationships; to be in nicipality of Rayón also participated; he belongssolidarity with the marginalized of society; to join to the green party in Mexico and was interestedforces with those who dare to march in search of in the event. The next activity planned by theliberation. The Franciscan March is an opportunity friars is reforestation of an area of 50 hectares;for evangelization in a JPIC perspective, an experi- this will be part of a contest sponsored by theence of simplicity, poverty and fraternity. It is a State government of Chiapas, throughout its 118time to bring together spirituality and militancy in municipalities. There will be a prize for the win-defense of life in its different expressions. ner. The friars are in contact with environmen- talists in their municipality, and hope to make aThe 2011 March began on July 16th, and covered good showing in the contest.about 103 kilometers (64 miles), roughly 21 kilo-meters (13 miles) per day. After five days of walk- A second March was held in Chiapas August 1-2ing, there was a big celebration at the source of of this year. It was the VII Franciscan March onthe São Francisco River, an important ecological the occasion of the Pardon of Assisi. Its themesanctuary for the region and for the country. The was “Together, let us care for Nature.” Aroundtheme for the March was: “Fraternity and Life on 2500 people participated. During the March thethe Planet: Creation Groans with the Pains of friars promoted reconciliation and interculturalBirth,” taking up once again the theme of this togetherness; activities included religiousyear’s Lenten Fraternity Campaign in Brazil. dances and reforestation (two thousand trees were planted). The March ended with celebra-Participants showed courage and perseverance, tion of the Eucharist; Archbishop Rogelioand chose peace and well being as their response Cabrera López from the archdiocese of Tuxtlato the challenge of building fraternal and respectful Gutiérrez, Chiapas, presided.relationships. The March has always soughtto include different ethnic groups, religionsand social classes. This year the March wasblessed with the presence of a Muslim, a Jewand Spiritists. All were inspired to promote an
  • 4. 4 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 ENGLISH-SPEAKING CONFERENCE (ESC) JPIC SEMINAR AND CONFERENCE MEETINGFifteen participants attended the ESC-JPIC shared mission.Seminar held June 22-23, 2011 in Belleville,Illinois. The ESC provincials had encouraged In the ESC-JPIC meeting that followed theJPIC animators in this effort so all but one next day, the animators agreed to take on aNorth American province was represented. common project: promoting commemorationJoe Rozansky, OFM, of the Rome JPIC Office of the 25th Anniversary of the Spirit of Assisi.was the facilitator. They made the decision to ask that all prov- inces designate at least one official celebra-The seminar began with participants respond- tion and, where possible, hold individualing to the questions: “Where is JPIC operative celebrations on or around October 27, your province right now?” And “How wouldyou like to see JPIC animation grow in the fu- Support material for these events will beture?” Responses were as diverse as the made available to anyone wishing to partici-provinces but the energy around JPIC con- pate in or plan a celebration. The Provincecerns was clearly evident. Joe presented in- of St. Barbara has posted numerous re-formation about the direction of the Order re- sources on their JPIC websitegarding JPIC, some of the projects being un- ( and will con-dertaken, the resources and documents avail- tinue to post them as they become, ways to implement the JPIC-related The blog of the Romans VI, the JPIC groupGeneral Council mandates, the role of the ani- of the Franciscan family (http://mator, etc. He noted that the Amazon project also hasis moving ahead, with each of the Latin Ameri- many useful resources and links. As infor-can Conferences committing one friar to form mation becomes available about dates andthe initial fraternity. The Curia’s JPIC Office is times of individual celebrations, the informa-collaborating with the Office of Evangelization tion will be shared on the above noted web-in this project to insure that our presence is sites, so that all who wish to participate cancomprehensive, addressing justice and envi- find local events in their area.ronmental issues as well as pastoral con-cerns. These celebrations will also be used as a way to promote the upcoming ESC-JPICWe discussed how the Order sees JPIC work theme for the year: "Franciscan Civility inas a shared mission, with the Provincial and Discourse." It will be a year dedicated toProvincial Council as the primary JPIC anima- promoting, engaging, reflecting on, and hon-tors. We encourage Provincial Councils to oring peace and civility in all communica-study the Guidelines for the Animation of tions.JPIC, found at, and invite any interested We are called, as individuals and as commu-friars to do so as well. nities, to act justly and peacefully toward all of Gods creation. The Spirit of Assisi re-We are aware that friars often see JPIC minis- minds us of that calling and challenges us totry as something separate from their own min- discover how we might promote civility inistry. But the Order is clearly promoting the public discourse, not just in the upcomingattitude that JPIC is a shared mission. As year, but as a permanent way of interactingJose Carballo, OFM, says, “The commitment with all of our brothers and JPIC is a part of our DNA, of our spiritual-ity…” The way in which friars carry out theJPIC ministry can be as diverse as the friars Donna Graham OSF, Conference Coordinatorthemselves. But the ministry itself should be a Michelle Juhasz, JPIC, Saint Barbara Provincepart of every friar’s life in some way. The roleof the JPIC animator is to carry out the Provin-cial Council’s animation strategy and to assistthe friars of the province to participate in this
  • 5. 5 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 JPIC PROGRAM OF SACRED HEART PROVINCE/USAMaury Smith, JPIC animator for Sacred move to another JPIC issue at this time.Heart Province in the USA, recently A special brief format will be used thatwrote a note to the friars of the province has proven to be helpful and effective. Aabout his activities: large benefit of learning this format is that it can be used in many areas of ministryI want to inform you about the discussion and even one’s personal life.I had with the Provincial Council aboutJPIC. There will be a day of Recollec-tion for the Provincial Council during theLeadership Conferences for the Guardi-ans, to be held on October 1, 2011. Itsmain focus is on inviting the friars to re-flect on their JPIC ministry. This may bea JPIC ministry in which they are alreadyin some way involved. Some friars havethe gift to give direct service such as asoup kitchen, as one example. Other fri-ars have the gift to be involved in chang-ing unjust systems such as COPS in SanAntonio as an example. One of the goalsof the JPIC Day of Recollection is to af-firm all the gifts that the friars bring toJPIC. The tone of the discussion with theProvincial Council was that most friarsare already involved in some way withJPIC. Another goal of the JPIC Day ofRecollection is to support the friars intheir efforts for JPIC.At the JPIC Day of Recollection for boththe Council and the Guardians a recent And finally I would invite the friars todocument of the Order called “Pilgrims share at least a summary of their JPICand Strangers in This World” will be re- plan with the Office of JPIC. The officeviewed. It is a document that is like a re- could then do a listing of the kinds ofsource kit which makes it different from JPIC ministry the friars of Sacred Heartthe documents we normally see from Province are doing. This would be an oc-Rome. The resources in this document casion of affirmation, support and cele-may be used for Days of Recollection, bration of what we are hoping to accom-retreats, preaching, a daily spiritual read- plish for the poor people in our of a small section and workshops. Itis a valuable and handy resource toknow about. Br. Maury Smith OFM JPIC animator Sacred Heart Province USAAnother part of the JPIC Day of Recol-lection is to invite the friars to develop aplan for the JPIC issue of their choice.This may be a review of what a friar isalready doing or perhaps a friar wants to
  • 6. 6 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 JPIC FORMATION IN FRANCISCAN SCHOOLSPeru is a land of diverse students, teachers and par- We would like to highlight ourlandscapes and great natu- ents participate in these participation at regionalral resources. It is one of the days. courses and training ses-most biologically diverse sions, like those offered incountries in the world and We are aware that besides Bogotá (Columbia), Mostazalenjoys the good fortune of individual events of social (Chile) and Cochabambahaving people who live in impact, we need to reach (Bolivia). They provide a win-direct contact with Mother society in a permanent dow to help us know ourNature, showing her care manner, sharing informa- needs, problems and appro-and respect. tion that will raise aware- priate solutions relative to this ness of the public. To do priority of the Order.We friars who serve on the this we created anJPIC Secretariat of the “Ecological Guide” in 2007. We have provided other ma-Twelve Apostles Province of We have produced and dis- terials to the schools to helpPeru, promote our work of tributed a provincial publi- in this work. For example,communication and con- cation, “Brother Sun,” since we have videos that acquaintsciousness-raising in each of 2008. This journal deals students and the rest of thethe high schools run by our with local, regional and community with the problemsprovince. We offer needed national environmental of our planet and alert themsupport so that they may themes related to the world to dangers caused by humanadequately address JPIC ecological crisis. Production activity leading to the deterio-issues and bear fruit in pro- of this document depends ration of our Great Home. Inmotion of life and Creation. on the collaboration of the like manner, we have distrib-The present article is an schools and the administra- uted written materials thatoverview of the work of the tion of our province. serve to guide and help inprovincial JPIC animator in this project. They include bro-this area. We help prepare future chures that promote celebra- Franciscan Youth Leaders tions like “Day of the Environ-To foster our work in the in the care of the environ- ment”, “March for Peace”,schools, we held a series of ment by organizing annual etc.meetings to educate them congresses. Our studentsabout the work to be done. participate actively, making The experience of working inAt the same time supporting their concerns known and the JPIC Secretariat of thematerials were distributed to proposing solutions for the province fills us with pridehelp fulfill our objective and real problems of the planet. and satisfaction, knowing thatguarantee a fruitful result in This work has been ongo- we are a sort of barriercaring for Creation. ing for twelve years. Last against the pollution and de- year the meeting took place terioration of the Earth. It al-We have promoted the at the College of Saint lows us to do many thingsplanting of trees and the in- Francis of Assisi in Are- right where we are, thingsstallation of Peace Poles. quipa. Each year the peo- that will benefit future genera-Ecology Patrols have been ple responsible for JPIC in tions. We do not even con-organized and also teams of each of the schools meet to sider failing in this goal,Environmental Auditors, evaluate implementation of which is to promote responsi-which are made up of stu- the activities of the previous bility for this work, and in do-dents from our schools. One year, and plan activities for ing so to create a world withof the ways that we have the upcoming year. To greater justice, fraternity to-been raising awareness is date twelve meetings have getherness, and respect forthough celebration of a “Day taken place, one per year. Creation.for Peace and Environ- The last one took place atmental Health”. It is a series Saint Joseph, Piura, in April Brother José Hidalgo Benavides, OFMof public activities in the of 2011.main streets of our towns;
  • 7. 7 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 MEETING BETWEEN EVANGELIZATION AND JPIC IN SOUTHERN CONE CON- FERENCE LATIN AMERICA our form of life.Surrounded by the Cordoba Mountains ofArgentina, a meeting of the Southern Cone The JPIC Animation Plan for the Confer-Conference was held in the city of Saint ence was presented. It called for cele-Anthony of Arredondo from the 23rd to the bration of the Spirit of Assisi in 2011,27th of May, 2011. Participants included with a commemoration on the day of thethe provincials of the conference; the Gen- anniversary, October 27, 2011. More-eral Animator for Evangelization, Brother over, a schedule and suggested cele-Arturo Ríos Lara; the secretaries for Mis- brations will be prepared for the varioussion/Evangelization; formators; animators entities of the Conference, and the over-in the area of Education; JPIC animators; arching theme for these celebrations willalong with other friars. The purpose of the be: “Praying for Peace is Praying formeeting was to compare the most signifi- Life.”cant experiences in our various entities,and to plan together the future of our efforts During the meeting, two experiencesin this part of South America. were presented showing the transversal- ity of JPIC values in evangelization andBrother Luis Scozzina, conference JPIC in education:Animator, presented the vision of the pon-tifical magisterium regarding the mission of > The Project of the Franciscan Cen-JPIC. He added a reflection from the Gen- ter for Studies and Regional Devel-eral Constitutions and the most recent opment – CEFEDER-UCA, located indocuments of the Order, which state that Rosario, in the San Miguel Province.JPIC values are a constitutive dimension of > Plan for Recycling Electrical and Electronic Components (RAEE) at the Santa Monica Special School, located in San Lorenzo in the San Miguel Province. It was agreed that the next Conference assembly will be held in Chile in April, 2012. Its main theme will be the values of JPIC as a dimension of our lives, based on mandate No. 43 from our last General Chapter. Br. Luis Antonio Scozzina OFM Conference Coordinator for JPIC Southern Cone
  • 8. 8 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 FRANCISCAN WORK WITH PRISONERS IN LITHUANIANOn May 19-20, 2011 the Lithuanian Ministry between the public and prisoners.of Justice hosted an international conferenceentitled: “The Integration of Convicts into So- There are no rehabilitation programs to helpciety”. The conference was organized by the convicts change. Very little attention is paidvice-Minister of Justice T. Vaitkevičius; the to the attitude of prison guards who treatOFM Province of St. Casimir, represented by prisoners as objects rather than as humanthe chaplain of prisons Br. Arūnas Peškaitis beings. Influenced by the media, publicOFM; and the Prisons Department of Lithua- opinion toward prisoners and the prison sys-nia. tem is negative. Politicians are afraid to dis- cuss these issues, worried about their publicThe main themes of the conference were: the image and future elections.humanization and individualization of punish-ment, changing the public attitude toward In this context, it is clear that a Christian andconvicts, the possible establishment of a pro- Franciscan contribution is very important.bation system, and deepening the under- The international conference “The Integra-standing of sentence as transformation of tion of Convicts into Society” was a first steppersonality. The conference was attended by towards understanding the present situationpoliticians, experts, non-governmental organi- and changing the prison system in Lithuaniazations, media representatives, as well as by offering practical solutions to the issuesguests from abroad - Estonia, Latvia, Swe- raised.den, and representatives of the EuropeanProbation Organisation and the International Br. Arūnas Peškaitis OFMAssociation of Prisons. Prison ChaplainRegarding these issues, a major problem in Br. Alvydas Virbalis OFM JPIC Animator of Lithuanian ProvinceLithuania is a misunderstanding of the proba-tion system. Individualization and humaniza- N.B. - Br. Arunas is a chaplain at the Prisontion of sentence is perceived by the public as of Lukiskes in Vilnius. He works with prison-a concession to evil rather than as an oppor- ers on Death Row, where there are abouttunity for the convict to change. Such change 80 inmates. He has been a chaplain for 4is positive not only from humane and Chris- years.tian perspectives, but also from a pragmaticpoint of view.Prisoners should not be treated as non-members of society, but as people who, asfar as possible, need to compensate the dam-ages they have caused. But for this to hap-pen, certain conditions need to be created. Aprisoner must be seen as a human being inspite of all the things he/she has done, andneeds to be given a chance to change, thusrespecting his/her dignity. Custodial sentenc-ing should not be an end in itself. Unfortu-nately, in Lithuania this is the case. The exist-ing system of prisons has been inherited fromSoviet times. Living conditions in prisons arepoor and cells do not meet the basic stan-dards of hygiene, with as many as 15 – 20prisoners crowded into some cells. This situa-tion creates a strict caste system among pris-oners. At best, only 50 percent of prisonersare provided with work, thus creating hostility
  • 9. 9 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 JPIC PLANNING SEMINAR IN THE PHILIPPINESThe JPIC Orientation-Planning Seminar that poor we can facilitate the process of awak-was held in the Philippines at OLAS June 20- ening and evangelization by creating struc-23, 2011, was a graced encounter with the tures of conversion. These would includeLord of history. Attended by 13 friars and 27 real BECs (Base Ecclesial Communities),lay people, the participants went home in- which are not simply prayer meetings, and aspired and motivated to implement JPIC in JPIC that is sustainable and truly rooted inour institutions. We lived at the crossroads the person of Jesus who exorcizes theof our history where we can make a differ- “demons” from the pyramid.ence. Participants prepared a summary of the con-Poverty and the destruction of the environ- version experience that they lived during thement continue unabated despite the beautiful seminar, written in prayer form to help cap-words of politicians. We have seen how relig- ture what happened.ion for 500 years has been used to legitimizeoppression, even though changes that have The friars present made recommendationshappened in the Church and the Order have to the province to help set a direction forgiven us the capacity to transform the op- JPIC in life and ministry. They prepared apressive pyramid structure of society into checklist to help friars evaluate the JPIC di-what Mary has proclaimed: “He has put down mension of life in house chapters. Theythe mighty from their thrones and raised up called for preparation of a summary of thethe lowly.” national and international situations that could be distributed to the friars, and sug- gested that the bi-monthly bulletin CON- TACT from the General Curia be sent to the friaries. Plans were made to follow up on sugges- tions made at the seminar, and to hold an- other province-wide JPIC meeting next year. Some suggestions were also sent to the of- fice. One invited friars to contribute P200 from their monthly allowances for the envi- ronment, to help create income-generating projects. Another asked that a liturgy be prepared to raise awareness about the con-The influence that we have in Philippine soci- tinuous destruction of the environment; it canety can either perpetuate the dichotomy of be used in formation houses, parishes andfaith and life or hasten the birth of barangays. schools. A third called for a JPIC seminarThese are towns where people for youth, to tap into their energy. Finally,are empowered, where the poor put an end suggestions were given to help encourageto political patronage and dependency and more participation in JPIC activities, with aassert their right to equality in sharing the special effort to include lay partners.wealth of the country with the greedy rulingelite. Real transformation of an entrenched Br. Pedro Montallana OFMsystem will not be implemented by the peo- JPIC Animator, Philippinesple who benefit from it.Real transformation will be pursued by thepoor who feel the intensity of marginalization,and change will come through a systematicand comprehensive rebuilding of the system,stone by stone. In deep solidarity with the
  • 10. 10 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 INDONESIA: JPIC TRAINING A FRANCISCAN BISHOP IN LIBYAIn 2002 the Indonesian Franciscan Family Bishop Giovanni Martinelli, an Italian Fran-established INFO-JPIC (Inter-Franciscan ciscan, has been the bishop of Trípoli sinceJPIC Group) as an informal institution to 1985. In two recent interviews (Vatican In-organize collaboration among JPIC Coordi- sider, 23-08-2011, and Los Angeles Times,nators. Every year INFO-JPIC organizes 03-07-2011), he shared his views on thetrainings, seminars or workshops to ani- situation in Libya. He called the NATOmate and strengthen collaboration among campaign immoral and ineffective, notingJPIC Coordinators. Such collaboration has that “Kadafi is a Bedouin, and you can’tbeen very helpful in organizing joint activi- change his mind by bombing him.” Histies, like helping the victims of natural dis- comments have led some critics to suggestasters in Aceh, Jogyakarta, Padang, that he is a Kadafi appeaser, and that heMentawai, etc. would be better off sticking to spiritual mat- ters.This year INFO JPIC facilitated a trainingsession on Organizational Management. It But Martinelli declares that he is an advo-took place August 8-18 in Pringsewu Lam- cate of peace and negotiation. He notespung. There were 43 participants, including that bombing and war are immoral, andFranciscan JPIC coordinators (male and says that he abhors all violence. He alsofemale), the coordinator for the SCJs points out what he calls the positive accom-(Sacred Heart of Jesus), and JPIC coordi- plishments of Kadafi: a social welfare state,nators from the dioceses of Larantuka and relative equality for women and, most point-Tanjung Karang. edly, liberty of worship in a country that is overwhelmingly Muslim. At the same time,Besides the training session, participants the bishop concedes that Kadafi was slowhad two days to reflect on JPIC values as to respond to the needs of long-neglectedvalues of the Kingdom, making them im- eastern Libya, and was not able to listen toperative for Christians, especially for reli- the young people of Bengazi or to under-gious. The late Mateusz Tuniewicz, director stand them.of the FI Office in Bangkok, was present tointroduce Franciscans International. Dur- The actions of Bishop Martinelli challengeing his return trip to Bangkok, he was us all to examine our positions and to reflectdrowned while swimming in Bali on August on different ways to approach perennial12th. May he enjoy eternal joy. RIP. problems. He reminds us how Saint Francis challenged the popular wisdom of his own day. Christians accepted the Crusades as the only way to deal with Islam, yet Francis insisted that dialogue and peace were a bet- ter approach. We might take time to reflect on the two interviews of Bishop Martinelli in order to evaluate our own attitude toward war and violence, and to look for more ef- fective ways to promote dialogue and peace in our world today.
  • 11. 11 CONTACT SEPTEMBER 2011 DEATH OF MATEUSZWe at the Rome JPIC Office of the Order of Friars Minor join with Franciscans Internationaland the entire Franciscan Family in mourning the tragic death of Mateusz Tuniewicz, the Re-gional Director of the FI Asia Pacific program. He drowned in Indonesia between 11 and 12August 2011. We pray for his family, particularly his wife, Anna-Karin Jatfors and their twochildren, son Emil (almost 4 years) and daughter Mila (11 months). Mateusz was a native ofGdansk, Poland, and joined FI as Regional Director for the Asia Pacific Program in June2010, having previously worked for international justice and developmental organizations inAsia, Africa, and Latin America. May he rest in peace. ****** * SPIRIT OF ASSISI * ****** Brothers and Sisters, after almost two years of preparation, the 25th anniversary of the Spirit of Assisi is upon us. In less than a month, on October 27, Pope Benedict and many other religious leaders will visit Assisi once again to promote peace and dialogue in our world. We invite all of you to join in the celebration. Franciscans throughout the world are planning local activities, and perhaps you can consider a similar event. The material found on the Spirit of Assisi blog of the JPIC promoters of the Franciscan family, at , might help you in this process. May the spirit of Francis and Clare inspire us to live and proclaim the peace and justice that are the foundation of the message of Jesus!