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Better Health For A Lifetime
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Better Health For A Lifetime



Teach people the basics of nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and stress management to stay healthier.

Teach people the basics of nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and stress management to stay healthier.



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Better Health For A Lifetime Better Health For A Lifetime Presentation Transcript

  • Better Health for a Lifetime By Dr. Michael Vanella
  • Studies say …
    • When we become stressed and our lives become hectic is when we have to take the best care of our bodies.
    • However studies show that it’s at this time that we:
      • Eat poorly
      • Sleep less
      • Give up exercising
  • What this means
    • Our performance is undermined
    • Makes us vulnerable to health problems such as:
      • Cancer
      • Heart disease
      • Substance abuse
      • Obesity
  • Sleeping Tips
  • Indications of insomnia
    • Taking more than 30 to 45 minutes to fall asleep
    • Waking up many times each night
    • Waking up early and being unable to fall back to sleep
    • Waking up feeling tired
  • Turn off work
    • You can’t sleep soundly
    • with your mind still at work. If your body has left the job, your mind should, too. You need and deserve
    • time to refresh yourself and enjoy life.
  • Stay away from
    • Avoid evening brain
    • stimulation or stressful
    • activities:
    • Balancing checkbooks
    • Reading thrillers
    • Playing computer games
    • Violent movies
  • Calm yourself
    • Take time at the end of
    • your day:
    • Meditation
    • Prayer
    • Reading
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Talking to a loved one
    • The keys to getting the great night’s sleep you deserve – every night takes planning.
    • Your mind and body will thank you for it.
    I love it when a plan comes together
  • Eating Tips
  • Avoid fast food
    • In 1970 Americans spent 6 billion dollars on fast food.
    • In the year 2000 more than 110 billion was spent on fast food.
    • We spend more on fast food than we do on higher education, personal computers, software, new cars, movies, videos, newspapers, recorded music, and books.
  • Avoid sweets for energy
    • A 4-oz. candy bar plus a can of cola suppresses the immune system for up to 6 hours.
    • Consider foods that are more complex and thus digest more slowly, such as light proteins, vegetables, or small amounts of fruit.
  • Food substitutions
    • White bread - Little nutritional value. A better choice is whole wheat or multi-grain bread.
    • Table salt - Most nutrients removed. Try sea salt with 70 naturally occurring minerals.
    • Omega 3 fats enhance the immune function: Salmon, tuna, organic flax seed, avocados, mangos, raw nuts, free-range eggs, and sea vegetables.
  • Eat your fruits & vegetables
    • Medical literature has
    • over 4000 published
    • articles on the benefits of
    • eating fruits and
    • vegetables to treat
    • disease.
  • Try tea for a change
    • During stressful times
    • coffee helps to keep us
    • going.
    • Drinking tea for 6 weeks
    • helps lower post stress
    • cortisol levels and increase
    • relaxation.
  • A little means a lot
    • Making small changes to
    • your diet can make a
    • world of difference to
    • your health.
  • Weight Loss
  • Enemy #1
    • This is the number one enemy in weight loss.
    • The SCALE!
    • It only tells if you are losing weight.
    • It doesn’t tell you if you are losing fat or muscle.
  • Fat not Muscle
    • When you lose weight you want to lose fat, not muscle.
    • The reason is because muscle controls your metabolism. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism.
    • Your metabolism determines how much fat you burn.
  • How to measure
    • To measure your progress you should use measurements, not weight loss.
    • Use calipers to check your percentage of body fat.
    • Or use girth measurements.
  • Surprise
    • You will find as your
    • body becomes more
    • lean your weight loss
    • will diminish, but your
    • size will continue to
    • shrink.
  • Exercising Tips
  • Benefits of exercise
    • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
    • Improves circulation
    • Improves calcium storage and bone density
    • Increases your energy
    • Slows down the aging process
    • Improves mood and outlook
  • Arthritis prevention
    • Exercise is the best form of treatment for arthritis and its prevention
    • It strengthens the muscular support around the joints
    • Maintains joint mobility and function
    • Increases flexibility and endurance
  • Exercise to relax
    • Engaging in physical activity helps relieve the tension that can build up by the end of the day.
    • The more tension you feel, the more vigorously you may need to exercise.
    • If you exercise in the evening, do so at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Take walking breaks
    • Just as some people take smoking breaks
    • You take walking breaks.
      • Lessens the affects of stress on the nervous system
      • Reduces attention deficits
      • Decreases aggression
  • Get the best of both worlds
    • Exercise affects both
    • mind and body while
    • getting into good
    • physical shape.
  • Implementing
  • How do I do it all?
    • It’s impossible to do everything you need to do to stay healthy while keeping a job, family, and friends.
    • However you can make small changes to help make yourself healthier.
  • Ch … ch … changes
    • When making changes to any part of your lifestyle do so in bite size chunks.
    • Change/add 1-2 items a week to help make them permanent.
    • Wait 1-2 weeks before adding something new.
  • The BIG question
    • 6 months are going to go by
    • Do you want to be in a better or worse place?
    • You decide.