Local Search Rankings Las Vegas


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Local Search Rankings Las Vegas

  1. 1. Local Search Rankings @chiropractic
  2. 2. PubCon Las Vegas 2012
  3. 3. Who’s Here? SEO Agencies Independent SEOs Small Business Owners/EmployeesLocal Search Specialists/Company Reps …and a Los Angeles Chiropractor 
  4. 4. Our Goals• Gain clout in your community• Solidify your company as a reputable and trusted local business• Engage your customers to leave positive reviews
  5. 5. Hi, my name is MichaelChiropractor by choice, SEO by necessity. @chiropractic
  6. 6. Identify Your CommunityEmploy someone (or team) to track data and identify who you serve. SEOs: Make this homework for clients!
  7. 7. Internal Questions• What is our Social Media Policy?• What is our Photo Policy?• What is our Mobile Phone Policy?• Where are we Strong/Weak?
  8. 8. External Questions• How did you hear about us?• Did you have any problems getting here?• Did you use any gadgets to get here?• Do you like your phone?• Do you use the map features?
  9. 9. Customer Categories• Power Users, Elites, Pit Bulls• Garmin & GPS Users• iPhone / Droid RAZR / Samsung Fans• Foursquare, Yelp, Google, FB, etc…• Gmail vs Yahoo vs MSN vs Hotmail
  10. 10. Community Categories Check Ins Reviews Photos Content (UGC)
  11. 11. Location-Based Services (My Findings)Work best for locations that are hip, trendy, and frequented regularly.Think Coffee House vs. Local Dentist Bellagio Hotel vs. Embassy Suites
  12. 12. Location-Based Services (My Findings)People check in to hip/trendy places, even if not actually there. “Drive by check ins”
  13. 13. Location-Based Services (My Findings)
  14. 14. Location-Based Services• High Check-in Potential = Add Gasoline• Low Check-in Potential = Get Creative• Twitter Tie-in Rocks! Do NOT ignore LBS!
  15. 15. Local ContentIt’s predictable and repeatable!
  16. 16. Las VegasRock n Roll Marathon • Thousands of Runners • Hundreds of Volunteers • Dozens of Sponsors • Road Closures, Photo Ops, Maps • Targeted Localized Opportunity • Repeatable & Predictable! Sunday, December 2, 2012
  17. 17. Las Vegas Marathon 3 things: when, where, how?Before: where to park, course map After: photos and results
  18. 18. Philadelphia Marathon
  19. 19. Boston Marathon
  20. 20. Nashville Marathon
  21. 21. Location + Events Prep• [City] Marathon (or 5K, 10K, Half Marathon)• Maps (course, parking, start & finish)• Highlight on Volunteers (happy stories)• Photos (Flickr page, blog, Google+, FB, etc…)• Video (YouTube, Embed on Blog)• Race Results (Blog post w/links)• Twitter (Engage community and use hashtags)• Success Stories (focus on community)• Sprinkle in Local Links/Citations
  22. 22. Local Event Content Plan ahead, be encouraging, be real.Be the local evangelist in your community!
  23. 23. Acknowledge Quality Service
  24. 24. Reviews
  25. 25. Reviews• URL Shorteners• Page w/links (your url)• Business Cards• Postcards• Emails• Receipts
  26. 26. Local Business Investment• Purchase a Camera and use it!• Photos in blog posts• Flickr account• Panoramio account (owned by Google)• Great source of links!
  27. 27. Photos
  28. 28. Local HomeworkWalking improves local search rankings.Cycling improves local search rankings. Get out and exercise! Bring your camera!
  29. 29. Get Connected @chiropractic planetc1@gmail.comhttp://planetchiropractic.com/ http://michaeldorausch.com/