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This presentation is from the 2010 Digital Exchange (DEX) Meeting. DEX is open to members of PODi -

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DEX - QR Codes

  1. 1. QR Codes: Making Them Part of Your Business Waleed Ashoo President/CEO Lithexcel (505) 243-8560 2408 Alamo Ave SE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 USA
  2. 2. What Are QR Codes? • Matrix Code created in Japan in 1994 by Denso-Wave • Stores more information than bar codes • Originally used for tracking parts in manufacturing environments • QR Codes can also be optimized to include images • Camera phones equipped with reader software can scan the QR Code
  3. 3. How Do I Generate or Read a QR Code? • Multiple sites offer free generation of QR Codes for non-commercial use • To read a QR Code you must download software that is compatible with your cell phone • Google QR Code readers and follow instructions for your specific cell phone • Kaywa offers both QR Code generation and reader software
  4. 4. Applications of QR Codes • Still used in manufacturing and commercial tracking applications • Banking/Purchasing - Asia/Japan • Business cards • Self-Branding • Cups, hats, mugs, CDs
  5. 5. Applications of QR Codes • Cross media or multi-touch marketing • Link to website or landing pages • Coupon offers
  6. 6. Applications of QR Codes • Print on paper, clothing, large format graphics • The cover of the Pet Shop Boys Band single Integral, is a QR Code linking to a critique criticizing British government on the national identity card concept.
  7. 7. Applications of QR Codes • Add to flyers, posters, business cards • Embed product or contact information that can be added to cell phone or computer Reviews and audio snippets were embedded into codes on San Francisco historical landmarks and restaurants for self-guided tours of the Bay area.
  8. 8. The Benefits of QR Codes • Embedded images can enhance conversion rates • Novelty of something new and different • Ease of use: Quick and convenient way to go from print to web • Accurately track responses “A versioned newspaper filled with QR codes can pinpoint “where” an exchange takes place. Where is the critical issue for successful versioned newspaper distribution. Once a newspaper ad salesperson can deliver “where” information to local advertisers, it’s a very clear value proposition.” Michael Josefowicz, MediaShift QR Codes are quite durable, allowing up to 30% of the code to be obscured or removed by dirt, marks or damage and still be completely readable. The can be printed as a regular graphic by any printer, making them very flexible.
  9. 9. Q&A • Why is it taking so long for QR Codes to become popular in the US and Europe?
  10. 10. How to Value QR Codes