ERP Restaurant Solution-TCSiON


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A Pay per Use Cloud ERP based Restaurant Management solution with POS functionality for Restaurant SME

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ERP Restaurant Solution-TCSiON

  1. 1. Restaurant Solution
  2. 2. At the heart of a successful restaurant, lies speedy and efficient delivery. Serving tastyfood of consistently high quality, at competitive prices, with impeccable customerservice ensures a loyal customer base. This enables restaurants to gain and retain acompetitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment, while controllingoperational costs and maintaining profit margins. Businesses, thus, opt to negotiate thefast-paced restaurant industry with solutions that bring key variables such asinformation, systems and people on one platform. The seamless integration oftechnology with front and back-end enterprise operations helps improve themanagement of transactions, complex inventory, customer self-service capabilities,high volume sales and cash flows. More significantly, the right solution helps businessesoffer efficient operations and top-of-the-class customer experiences.Towards this, we, at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), have designed and developed ourcomprehensive made-to-order iON Restaurant Solution. Our solution is speciallydesigned to consolidate customer and other restaurant- related functions.This gives restaurants the operational visibility, flexibility and control you seek to createlasting impressions on a growing customer base.
  3. 3. OverviewOur solution caters to different business formats such and Accounting. The iON Restaurant Solution is alsoas dine-in, self-service, home delivery and dispatch. integrated with a procurement and inventory solutionThe solution is integrated with the Human Resource for centralised procurement and inventoryManagement Solution (HRMS) for employee leave and management. In addition, the iON Restaurant Solutionattendance and sales data is auto-posted to Finance is now touch- screen-enabled for faster operations. Restaurant Modules POS Workforce Inventory Operations Management Management Management Management n Order Ticket (KOT) Kitchen nAttendance Track Procurement n Day Start n Billing n n Leave Capture nInventory Track Day End n Promotions n Shift Roster n n Transfer Stock n Management Table Advance Orders n Wastage n n Reservation Table n Delivery Home Business Configuration n Delivery Dispatch n Central Ordering Central Table Reservation iON Business Solutions Office Solutions HRMS n Restaurant Messaging n Payroll n Solution n Management Intranet n and Accounting Finance Overview n Presence Online Customer Relationship n Management Management Hardware Services Network Services Implementation Locations n n Platform Hosting n & Switch Configuration Server n & Last Mile Setup Router PC & Laptop Installation n Network Locations n An overview of the iON Restaurant Solution
  4. 4. Benefits iON Restaurant Solution FunctionalitiesOur iON Restaurant Solution propels your business Day start. As a user logs into the application, the nto new heights. You benefit from: ‘day start’ activity starts. The iON Restaurant solution typically includes a checklist of tasks to do beforeTechnology empowered operations starting the day, as well as captures importantOur solution sets in place an intuitive, fast andn readings, such as the gas or electricity consumption accurate Point-of-Sale (POS) service. This supports readings of the previous day. The solution offers an multiple formats such as dine-in, self-service billing attendance register for the store manager to mark and home delivery, with options for multiple tender the attendance of employees who do not use the types, bill hold, bill void and manual invoicing; solution. A white board feature also facilitates communication between different applicationAn interactive menu displays ‘hot’ sellablen users, such as employees handling different shifts. categories to facilitate the selection of items. This feature is linked to the Kitchen Order Ticketing (KOT) Dine-in. Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) are generated n and billing, ensuring faster processing of orders for a table number and include the details of the and billing. items ordered by the customer. Special requests from customers may also be captured so as toImproved customer service inform the kitchen to take care during preparation.An efficient POS eliminates the risk of yourn Value-based add-ons may also be added to the customers walking away due to long queues item. KOTs are printed on a printer located in the and assures higher throughput and sales during kitchen, with the possibility of session-wise printing. peak business hours; The solution also has the option to void/cancel the entire bill or only a particular item in a KOT. GoingAn intuitive POS helps customise home deliveriesn forward, the solution will include a Central Kitchen and table reservations, leading to greater Catering format. customer satisfaction. Cashing-out a KOT. KOTs may be cashed-out or nEnhanced profitability billed for a table. The solution allows the creationComprehensive waste management optionsn of manual bills in case of electricity outages. Bills improve the management of materials and raised manually may then be entered into the enhance profitability; solution before the respective day closes. Manual bills capture a running bill number and are requiredThe food costing capabilities of the solution trackn to log the table number or name against which it is the actual cost of the food and calculate the cost made, the payment mode and the items billed. The of goods sold, thus monitoring profitability levels. solution also supports billing for occupants ofBetter inventory management rooms who use the restaurant as a house-guest – either by dining in the restaurant or by orderingThe solution facilitates the capturing and trackingn from room service on the account. The solution of local, imprest system and central purchases. offers the flexibility for customers to make part Processing transfer requests between stores online, payments on a single bill and change their payment saves precious time and helps increase sales and mode. Bills may be cancelled, reprinted, settled into customer satisfaction; complimentary mode, without tax, or discounted,Our solution has the capability to seamlesslyn or settled as staff meals. Tables may be managed – integrate systems while the robust inventory joined together or split – with the idea of setting up handling features help you manage inventories the area for maximum revenue. Bills may be split as at the outlet level. per defined categories or guest request. n delivery. Our solution handles home HomeInformed decision-making delivery style of operations too. Customer profilesStreamlined and seamlessly-integrated businessn may be searched with contact numbers to view processes and functions ensure consistent data the customer’s previous order details. This helps quality, increased accuracy and quick access to the person taking the order to refer to the information for critical decision-making; customer’s previous orders and ask for a repeatAdvanced reporting options facilitate faster andn of the same. Just by clicking the repeat order informed decision-making. The solution’s inbuilt button, the previous order is instantly converted futuristic decision-support reporting options scale into a new order. up to meet the requirements of a growing business.
  5. 5. Dispatch. The status of a customer order is trackedn Business parameter. This feature helps set up the n via the dispatch module. Once the order is ready, system as per business requirement and style of it is assigned to a delivery boy and tracked till it is working. Since this solution is made using the best finally settled. Our solution gives you the ability practices for hospitality, your business, depending to track the speed of delivery. on its size, has the ability to configure (enable/disable) options for the end user.n Our solution enables you to define standardRecipe. recipes for various order types, such as À la carte, Purchase and receiving. Local purchases are made n Staff, No-Charge and so on. This is then made wherein purchase requests are raised and sent to available at the POS and allows the chef to view it. the head office, where the purchase order is placed This process eliminates the need to print recipe with preferred vendors and the store then receives manuals. The latest update of recipes is always the goods against a GRN (Goods Receipt Note). This available at each POS. facilitates imprest purchases for predefined day-to- day items. Central purchases may be made whereinInventory. This aspect of our solution helps managen the head office directly creates a purchase order for raw materials, finished goods, assets and wastages all stores against consolidated purchase requisitions taking place across days, weeks or months. Stocks from different outlets; the local stores may receive are updated after a day’s billing is completed. goods based on the order placed. Wastages of food items are taken into account using a recipe-based stock consumption or update. Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)
  6. 6. Material transfer. The request of materials may ben without hampering regular work. The update may raised from one store to another. This request flows include the download of essential files from the to the requested store based on the items that are head office to the store, such as the article master issued. The order may also be rejected. Once the data, tax codes and rates and category discounts. items are received, the issued information is available instantly to accept, reject, or short Day-end. Day-end includes a set of activities n receive the order. This helps in faster flow of to be performed before the store closes. This information and execution of a request without encompasses activities such as updating stock, manual paperwork. recording wastages during the day, capturing utilities End-of-Day (EOD) readings, reconcilingOn demand sync. Store sales, bills, inventory, cashn cash and uploading data to the head office. collected and other data are regularly updated in n dashboard. Sales dashboards are available Sales the head office. This sync is scheduled within the store to take place at the day’s end, after the closure to the top management and head of departments process is completed. The update may also be to track the performance of the organisation. This generated manually for a previous date. The update may be drilled-down to region, city and outlet. happens through a secured FTP, in the background, Sales comparison across regions is also available. Sales Order DashboardOur Restaurant Solution generates pre-configured reports for various activities of the business.Some of the reports available at head office and the outlet are:n bill report;Manual Shift report; nBill-wise report;n Bill print report; nCategory wise report;n n analysis report; ComboVoid bill report;n n sales report; Hourlynregister report;Sales n delivery analysis report; Homen reconciliation report;KOT bill n register report; StockDiscounted bill report;n GRN report; nn report;Posting Wastage report; nTax-wise sales report;n Negative stock items report; nItem-wise sales report;n Purchase order report. n
  7. 7. Why iONiON provides comprehensive solutions that address A pay-as-you-use modelvaried IT requirements. From network to ERP, iON is This model eliminates capital investment as weoffered as a single service, in a pay-per-use model, provide the IT infrastructure and software on rent.allowing you to leverage the solution’s true potential. You pay as you use and only for the number of usersiON ensures integration of all processes along with who actually use the software. The rent is chargedease of use. monthly. Typically, the cumulative rental for threeiON promises: years is equal to the capital cost of acquiring similar or lesser software with one-time payment. Usually,nperformance in normal broadband;High the ROI exceeds rental within three months, whenStringent security and data privacy;n best practices are well followed. The rental includes maintenance and training, with no hidden costs.Guaranteed availability (99 per cent uptime);nDisaster recovery;n Personalised solutionsReduced need for IT staff.n Although this is a cloud service, the software is configurable to each business. You will always getiON, therefore, manages your processes while the flavour of your own business by picking andyou use the software. You gain from: choosing what processes you would need.Integrated solutions Automatic upgradesWe ensure that all your solutions are connected. For We continuously invest in our solutions to ensureexample, if you are using a CRM along with an ERP, best practices. We enrich the software based on userand have a document management system to feedback and business and statutory changes. Weorganise your files, we ensure that these solutions ensure the upgrade without disrupting the user.are connected and work as one. So for you, it issimply IT and not applications.Increased agilityWe bring in the agility to keep pace with changingprocesses or a new line of business. We help youconfigure the processes to work differently or simplychoose new practices recommended by the software.Our activation system flags on best practices whilethe system is running. As you pick and choose, wegive you more options to choose from.
  8. 8. About iONiON is Tata Consultancy Services’ strategic unit for Small and Medium Business. iON providesend-to-end business solutions to the SMB segment, the growth engine of the economy.iON caters to the needs of multiple industry segments with best practices gained throughTCS’ global experience, domestic market reach, skills, know-how and delivery capabilities.For more information, visit us at www.tcsion.comContactTo know more about the iON Restaurant Solution,Toll Free Number 1800 209 6030Email ion.salessupport@tcs.comAbout Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization thatdelivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCSoffers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering andassurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM,recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group,India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the NationalStock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.For more information, visit us at www.tcs.comIT ServicesBusiness Solutions TCS Design Services I P I 02 I 12OutsourcingAll content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). The content / information contained here iscorrect at the time of publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted ordistributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright,trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties.Copyright © 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited