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Collaboration Lesson

Collaboration Lesson






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    Collaboration Lesson Collaboration Lesson Document Transcript

      • Title of LessonWeb 2.0 ToolsGrade Level9-12Curriculum AreaAny Teacher:C. TomlinStandards For THE 21st Century Learner GoalsStandard 3: Teachers will share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic societyStandard 4: Pursue personal and aesthetic growth.Skills Indicator(s):3.1.4: Use technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess.4.1.7: Use social networks and information tools to gather and share information.4.1.8: Use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning.Benchmark(s):Use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiencesPrepare and deliver a presentation to audiences outside of school using technology as medium of presentationExpand use of technology tools and resources to collect, organize, and evaluate information that address issues or interests; Express their own ideas through creative products in a variety of formats; Select and use various types of multimedia applications for artistic and personal expression; Use a range of technology tools to produce sophisticated and creative renditions of personal learning. Dispositions Indicator(s): 3.2.3: Demonstrate teamwork by working productively with others. 4.2.1: Display curiosity by pursuing interests through multiple resources. Responsibilities Indicator:3.3.4: Create projects that apply to authentic, real-world contexts.4.3.1: Participate in the social exchange of ideas, both electronically and in person.4.3.2: Practice safe and ethical behaviors in personal electronic communication and interaction.Self-Assessment Strategies Indicator(s):How have I organized the product/presentation to make my major points and present convincing evidence?What technology will help me create a product or presentation?How well does my product/ presentation fulfill all the requirements of the assignment?How can I make my product/presentation as effective as possible?How have I shown responsibility in finding and using information? How have I shown responsibility in finding and using information in an ethical way?How can I use technology to communicate and interact with others?How can I express my own ideas creatively and effectively?Georgia Performance StandardFCS-FS-1: Students will define food science and explore careers in food science.a. Define the study of food science and summarize how food products and processing methods have changed in modern history due to contributions of food scientists.b. Describe the history of the development of food and food systems emphasizing the transition from hunting and gathering to farming and then to market-based societies.c. Analyze how studying food science now can benefit one in the future.d. Identify scientific equipment found in the laboratory and how to properly and safely use it.e. Evaluate and list careers in food science and list the educational requirements.Overview Students will preview and understand how web 2.0 tools work and ways web 2.0 tools can be utilized.Final ProductThe final product for the teachers would be a power point slide show that they will present in class, using sliderocket.com or prezi.com. Library Lesson (s): Teachers will learn how to utilize a web 2.0 tool effectively by creating their presentations using one of the tools previously mentioned in the lesson. Teachers will then have to create and present using one of the previous mentioned.Assessment:Product: Teachers will disseminate and students will use instructor created guides to prezi and sliderocket. Teacher will explain in detail what web 2.0 tools are by showing a teacher created document using one of the tools. Teachers will be shown different techniques of each tool.Process: Teachers will be given a Ticket Out the Door where they have to list at least 2 things they learned about one of the tools talked about on today. Student Self-Questioning: Which tool is easier to use? Do I have an email address established? How can I make this presentation creative to fit my creativity and personal learning style?Instructional Plan: Resources Students Will Use:Computerwww.prezi.com or www.sliderocket.comEmail (if necessary) Instruction/ActivitiesDirect Instruction: Teachers will show students teacher- created presentation using sliderocket and prezi. Teachers would give me their likes and dislikes about each. Modeling and Guided Practice: Teachers will go to a student computer and first practice using a tool of their choice. Students will need to make sure that they have a working email address.Independent Practice: students will follow the instructions given to them on the guide to help guide them on how set up prezi/sliderocket. Teachers will need to make at least 6 slides.Sharing & Reflecting: Teachers will work on their own or with 2 others to demonstrate their skills using web 2.0 tools.