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laptop repairing course

  1. 1. AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED INSTITUTE CHIPTRONIKS THE REPAIRING RESEARCH INSTITUTE Website: Call Email: 011-47592046 info@chiptroniks.comSHORT TERM COURSES LONG TERM COURSES Available Both Visit Our Demo Clasess HTTP://CHIPTRONIKS.COM/BOOKS/VIDEOS/?CATID=LAPTOP-REPAIRING HTTP://CHIPTRONIKS.COM/BOOKS/VIDEOS/?CATID=LAPTOP-REPAIRING-EQUIPMENT-TRAINING VISIT OUR TRAINING INSTITUTE : WWW.CHIPTRONIKS.COM INSTITUTE VISIT OUR SERVICE CENTER : WWW.CHIPMENTOR.COM VISIT OUR LAPTOP REPAIRING MACHINE & IC CENTER : WWW.BGA-REWORK.IN 1. Life Time Technical Support 2. 100% Job/Business Support * 3. Web Support 4. Free Trial Class 5. Live Practical Training 6. Hostel Facility Available* 7. Life Time Laptop Parts/Component/IC Support * 8. Life Time Laptop Repairing Machine Support * *Terms & Condition Apply.
  2. 2. OUR COURSESCourse :- PCLR (Professional certificate in laptop repairing)Duration : 5 Months (300 Hrs including practice Hrs) Daily 3Hrs Class 5 Day in weekCourse Fee : 40000Reg Fee : 500Course :- PCLR (Professional certificate in laptop repairing)Duration : 3 Months (240 Hrs including practice Hrs) Daily 4Hrs Class 5 Day in weekCourse Fee : 35000Reg Fee : 500Course :- PCLR (Professional certificate in laptop repairing)Duration : 1 Months (200 Hrs including practice Hrs) Daily 9Hrs Class 5 Day in weekCourse Fee : 30000Reg Fee : 500 3 MONTH SYLLABUSCourse :- PCLR (Professional certificate in laptop repairing)Duration : 3 Months (240 Hrs including practice Hrs) Daily 4Hrs Class 5 Day in weekCourse Fee : 35000Reg Fee : 500
  3. 3. Cover Syllabus: Basic Elctronics, Chip level Repairing: SMPS, Motherboard, Laptopmotherboard, Tablet Repairing Basic Electronics : • Introduction of Electricity (Volt, Current, Ac Dc Fundamentals, Current, Voltage, Watt, Ampere, Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, LED etc) • Use of Digital Multimeter. • What is Circuit ? And Types of circuit • Resistance & Color code,capacitor,Diode,Coil & transformer, Transistor, Mosfet, Sensor, IC’s Complete Theory & Practical SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) • Introduction of basic component, • Working Principal of SMPS. block diagram • Different Voltage Pin out Of Different Cable and Use • Trace Out Rectifier, Filter, Oscillator, SM Transformer • Tracing & Fault Finding Of SMPS, Basic Problem and SolutionChip Level Laptop/ Tablet/Printer Course1St Approach containModule: 1.1a) Basic Laptop Service Notesb) Laptop assembling and dismantling (all practical)c) DVD set/ link containing service manuals of different laptopsd) Basic replacement of different components detail practicallyMaterials requiredDigital Logic millimeter, Solder station, Hot Air, etcSMD electronics Traininga) Basic Electronics with SMD componentsb) Understand mosfet conceptc) Digital Electronics with Number System in short,
  4. 4. d) Practice of removing & testing SMD componentsOur online training contains notes, video, slides, flash files based training Module 2.1: Desktop motherboard repairing concept a) Understand block diagram of motherboard b) Different section of motherboard c) Understand power section of motherboards d) Understand vrm power section vcccore e) Common faults and solution f) Removing and replacing basic components and sockets g) Removing and replacing bga reball and replacement h) Bios updateModule 2.2: laptop parts repairinga) Adapter repairingb) Battery repairing conceptc) LCD conceptd) CCFL/LCD tube concepte) Inverter repairing conceptf) Ram types and voltg) Hard disk basic concepth) Dvd basic concept Module 2.3: Laptop motherboard Chip Level Repairing training a) Block diagram of laptop motherboard b) Basic difference between laptop motherboard and desktop motherboard c) Power stage of laptop motherboard d) Different section of laptop motherboard e) Different chip used in different section of different motherboard list f) Motherboard main signals and power detail g) Testing h) Dry solder problem solution steps i) Cleaning motherboard solution steps j) Removing and inserting different chips practice k) BGA rework removing and reballing of bga chip of motherboard l) Removing bios password process notes and device used m) Different slot tester detail ram, cpu, hdd etcr n) Testing and fault finding using debug card mini pci 3in1 5 in1 p) Different instrument list and support Online training is pdf, video, slides, flash files based training
  5. 5. Second ApproachContainModule: 1.12 Basic Laptop Service Traininga) Basic Laptop Service Notesb) Laptop assembling and dismantling (notesand videos)c) DVD set/ link containing service manuals ofdifferent laptopsd) Basic replacement of different componentsdetailMaterials requiredDigital logic millimeter, Solder station, Hot Air(required for testing) BGA station, Micro Iron etc. Module 1.13: SMD electronics Training a) Basic Electronics with SMD components b) Understand mosfet concept c) Digital Electronics with Number System in short, d) Practice of removing & testing SMD components Online training is pdf, video, slides, flash files based training3rd Approach of completeLearningModule 2.11 Laptop partsrepairingAdapter repairingchp 1. Block diagramchp 2. Methods of repairing and testing different adapterschp 3. How to open an adapter and tracing of the adapter (video)Battery repairing conceptchp 4. Block diagramchp 5. Explanation of the circuitchp 6. Series and parallel connections in detailchp 7. How to open a batterychp 8. Battery circuit conceptchp 9. Charging discharging mosfet / eeprom chips in batterychp 10. Fault finding and repairing methods (video)chp 11. Pinout detail of laptop batteryLCD/LED conceptchp 12. Different types of LCDs./ LEDchp 13. Block diagrams and the functions of LCD /LEDchp 14. How to open an LCD (video)chp 15. Basic problems and their solutionschp 16. Lcd led testing instrumentCCFL/LCD tube conceptchp 17. How to remove the CCFL tube from the LCDchp 18. Methods of testing and the CCFL tubechp 19. How to replace the CCFL tubeInverter repairing conceptchp 20. Block diagramschp 21. Repairing and testing method (stepwise)chp 22. How to open and tracing of an inverter (video)chp 23. Pinout detail of inverterchp 24. How to use universal inverter jumper conceptRAM types and voltchp 25. Types of RAMchp 26. Pin Detail Of RAM
  6. 6. chp 27. Ram EEPROMchp 28. SPD program of RAM conceptHard disk basic conceptchp 29. Types of hard diskchp 30. How to solve hard disk related problemschp 31. Different pin outs and main voltage of hard diskDVD basic conceptchp 32. how to solve issues related to DVD driveschp 33. installing drivers etc…Module 2.12 Laptop motherboard Chip LevelRepairing trainingBlock diagram of laptop motherboardchp 1. Block diagrams of motherboards and basic concepts related to motherboardschp 2. Basic working details of motherboardschp 3. list of tools required for repairing laptopsBasic difference between laptop motherboard and desktop motherboardchp 4. Basic differences between laptop and desktop motherboards, components difference, etc..chp 5. Power , clock , stagePower stage of laptop motherboardchp 6. Primary, secondary, RAM, VRM, etc. PCU MAIN SUS POWERchp 7. How a motherboard starts basic conceptschp 8. Understand Power on Stages of laptop motherboard (Compaq v2000)(3VPCU, 5VPCU , +5V, +3V 5VSUS, 3V SUS, NBSWON#, DNBSWON# SUSC# SUSB#, SUSON, MAINON, VRON S5_ON, HWPG,POWERGOOD, VCCP, VCORE SMDDR_VTERM, PWROK, RSMRST, PCIRST,CPUINIT,CPUPG, IMVPOK, CLK_EN# CPURST)Different section of laptop motherboardchp 9. MOSFETS USED ( 4404, 4435, 4800, 4814, 4825, 4836, 4856, 4914, 5130, 6676, 6690, 6900 )chp 10. CPU sectionchp 11. Northbridgechp 12. RAMchp 13. Battery chargingchp 14. BIOS sectionchp 15. Reset signals, Clock sectionchp 16. I/O controller (power chip control section)chp 17. Vin voltage signalschp 18. On/off switchchp 19. LCD connectionchp 20. Inverter connectionchp 21. Main PCU voltage signalschp 22. Primary voltage output MAIN SUSchp 23. Secondary voltage output SUS MAINchp 24. Discharge sectionchp 25. Different power stage : s0 ,s1 ,s2 ,s3 ,s4 ,s5Tracing different connectors and socket with pinouts detailchp 26. Mini PCI Slot, LAN IEEE 1394, Audio Connection, Modem Acc, RTL, I/O Controller KBC, CD Rom Connection, HDD Connection, VGAConnection, Key Board Connection, Touch Pad Connection, Power Board DVD Panel Topchp 27. Different chip used in different section of different motherboard list(Clock generator IC,Southbridge,Northbridge,IO IC,Graphic chips,etc).Motherboard main signals and power detailchp 28. Power stages of other laptop motherboards main signals(Compaq AD-OFF DCBATOUT TO_SYS. ACAVIN PWR_S5_EN 5V-PWR 3DE-PWR PWR-S5-EN 5V-PWR 3D3-PWR +3 VALW, +5 VALW+3 VALW, +5 VALW +3 VALW RSMRST-SB #3 ; z7 o# m8 [/ `+ I& j" Y! ^2 XBT-TH # PWR_BTN PWBTN-SB PM-SLP-S3 # PM_SLP-S4 ALL-PWRGD VR ON PM-PWPOK CPU PG PLT-RST )chp 29. Understand power on concept of Dell laptop motherboard(+ RTC_PWR5V & + RTC_PWR3_3V, + RTCSRC, (PWR_SRC) DCIN +, + DC_IN, SDC_IN +, ACAV_IN (+5 VALW & +3 VALW)LIVE_ON_BATT . power good VCC1_PWROK +5 VSUS & +3 VSUS +2 _5VSUS & +1 _5VSUS PWRSW_SIO # SUS_ON +3 VSRCSUSPWROK_5V RUN_ON +5 VRUN, +3 VRUN, +1 _8VRUN, +1 _5V RUN, M7_MEM, M7_CORE, M7_1.8V SMDDR_VTERM 1.25VRUNPWROK CPU VTT VCC1_2_MCH RESET_OUT # VCORE_PWRGOOD, 1715PWROK, IMVP_PWRGD CPUPWRGD SLP_S1 #IMVP_PWRGD VTT_PWRGD # DELAY_IMVP_PWRGD )chp 30. Understand power concept of IBM(VREGIN16, VINT16 VCC3SW , VCC5M , VCC3M , VCC1R2M VCC1R8M, MPWRGD, VCC3B, VCCCPUCORE for CPU, VBAT, DC –IN,VCC5B, VCC3A, VCC3B, VCC3P, VCC1R8A, VCC1R8B, VCC1R2A, VCC1R2B, VCC2R5A, VCCVIDEOCORE, VCCCPUIO,VCCCPUCORE)Testingchp 31. Testing with a multimeter different signalschp 32. How to use CRO basic concepts , Testing with CRO (stepwise)
  7. 7. chp 33. Testing outputs and inputs of Mosfetschp 34. Testing clock, Testing reset signals using CROCleaning motherboard solution stepschp 35. Washing a motherboard (video),Cleaning a motherboard after washing (video)Drying the motherboard using hair drier or blower (video)chp 36. Dry solder problem solution stepsHow to use a baking oven to dry motherboard(demo)Heating using a hair drierHeating basics components which have dry solder issues using a micro iron or blowerBasic notes and videos which explain these methodschp 37. Removing and inserting different chips practice (video & step)Replacing different ICs, using soldering irons etc..BGA rework removing and reballing of BGA chip of motherboardchp 38. Using infrared BGA machineTraining Using BGA Soldering StationRemoving BGA Chips and Reballing It Using Reball Stencilchp 39. ICs reballing, BGA ball arrangement, practice.Two methods1st by applying balls with help of BGA station2nd applying liquid paste and heat with BGA blower chp 40. Introduction to different BGA machinesWhy is reballing required1st method ( inserting BGA balls using stencils)2nd method (using a direct paste application)3rd method (inserting balls)BGA reballing process ( videos and notes)chp 41. Removing bios password process notes and device usedDell sorting processIBM read chip processHash codeDifferent devices used to remove passwordschp 42. Different slot tester detail RAM, CPU, HDD etcRAM slot testerCPU slot testerWIFI slot testerHDD slot testerMini PCI debug cardchp 43. Testing and fault finding using debug card mini PCI 3in1 5 in1Mini PCI debug cardDebug cards code error list of different bioschp 44. Bios update concept common fault and solution detailPost code error of different debug card and bios programUpdate Bios Method USB - EXEBios working DetailTablet Pc Repairing CourseCHIPTRONIKS has finally launched a very comphrensive course on tablet PC repairing . Here is what we will do in a tablet pc repairing .CARD LEVEL REPAIRING : • We will understand the different parts of a tablet , how a tablet is different than a laptop . • Installation and formatting of different types of OS like Android and Window • Changing Display onto a Tablet PC • Repairing Power Jack and Audion Section And Adapters • INTRODUCTION OF TABLET PC • Difference between computer, laptop, tablet pc , ipad • Basic operating of tablet pc • TYPES OF OPERATING SYSTEMS. IN TABLET PC • Android, operating system in tablet • 4.0.X ice cream sand wich • 3.X.X honey comb • 2.3.x ginger bread • 2.2 froya • Basic used detail of android FORMATTING INSTALLING OPERATING SYSTEM IN TABLET PC• FACTORY RESET,• WIPES.• Firmware update from sdcard• How to find firmware thru pcb• Flashing thru odin in Samsung• Flashing thru IUW in hcl tablet em 73
  8. 8. • Boot option in hcl standard boot, recovery boot, fdwn boot , fast boot• Installation of operating systems in tablet Pc Android operating system• Upgrading operating system• Changing operating systemsDRIVER AND APPLICATION INSTALLATION• Application installation on tablet pc• Application install from market• Application install from memory card• Troubleshooting of Operating systems.• Troubleshooting of Application software.• Troubleshooting of Tablet PCIDENTIFICATION PARTS OF TABLET PC• Adapter /charger• Battery• Ram & Rom• Keyboard of tablet pc• Display windows Touch screen/ touchpad• Display modules Lcd / TFT/ led Display• Primary Camera /secondary camera• Motherboard main pcb• Processor• Antenna Carrier• Loudspeaker• Led pcb• Harddisk/ memory card flashchip• Bios / cmos setting• Testing of partsBLOCK DIAGRAM OF TABLET PC• Understanding motherboard block diagram of Tablet PC• Different section of tablet pc• Top view of motherboard• Bottom view of motherboard ‘• Identify each chip and understand different section• Working detail of tablet pc motherboardDIFFERENT SECTION OF TABLET PC• Power section of tablet pc• Initial failure• Charging section• Sim section• Microphone section• Speaker section• Bluetooth wifi section• Lcd section & troubleshooting of tablet pc• Touchscreen section & troubleshooting in tablet pc• Light sensor• Camera not work front/ back• Gsm 850/ 900 / 1800 /WCDMA sectionUNDERSTANDING SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM OF TABLET PC• Understanding Circuit diagram of power section• Voltage measurement in Tablet pc• Troubleshooting power on failure in Tablet• Use of Debug card post error code.• Common problem of different motherboardsPROBLEM AND SOLUTION STEPS OF TABLET• Power on does not work
  9. 9. •Tablet initial failure•Abnormal charging•Insert sim cart (after inserting sim)•Microphone not work•Speaker not work•Bluetooth wifi not working•LCD is not work after PWR ON•Touch screen does not work•Camera does not work•Network Not work (gsm, 850,900,1800, wcdma)•Using Oscilloscope (CRO). REPAIRING AND BGA REWORK • Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine). • ICs re-bolling by BGA machine. Concept • BIOS update & password resetCHIP LEVEL REPAIRING : • Basic Electronics : We will teach you the very basic of electronics like Identification and Fault finding of basic Electronic components through Digital multimeter , Oscilloscope , Smart SMD Tweezer . We will also teach you to use USB micrsocope and SMD Tweezer simultaneously to find the fault in just 5 minutes • Sections of Tablet PC : A tablet PC is very different than a laptop . We will discuss about the basic block diagram of tablet pc. Since we trach you the block diagrams, you will be in position to repair any tabltetIC removal through IR BGA MACHINE RE 7500 : To work completely on tablet pc at component level you must know how to use a bga machine BATCH TIMING8AM TO 12 PM 10AM TO 1 PM 12AM TO 4 PM 2 PM TO 6 PM SAT & SUN FULL TIME* OUR TESTING AND REPAIRING TOOLS
  10. 10. ABOUT USChiptroniks is market leader in hardware & Networking Training . It is led by highlyintelligent minds belonging to elite IITs who have experience of running many blue chip &Educational Companies . Chiptroniks is the result of vision to produce well trainedindigenous technical people to catapult the growth of developing nations . Our parentCompany is V D Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our Company is leading Distributor of alllaptop spare parts & repairint Tools. We also Provide Corporate repairing services. OurService Centre CHIPMENTOR is one of the leading multibrand laptop/printer serviceCentre.We have Global partnerships as we have strategic alliance with many companies likeJOVY SYSTEMS, Shenzhen Scotle Technology , MasterInk Brazil, Mingda TechnologyShenzhen.Having an experience of more than 10 years in education sector , Chiptroniks is founded todeliver the same standard & quality , the way our other sister companies have been doing .With a vision of “Fostering Technology ” we will constantly engage in guiding students for
  11. 11. their best future . Our students are counted in different league and they are readily acceptedby industry.With solid industry interface & exclusive PDP classes , students are well prepared to handleany situations in not only job but in their entire career.We don’t preach but our Expert faculties , advanced infrastructure & labs ,industry interface and other exclusive facilities clearly depicts that we areunparalleled & No 1 in Technical Training . TRAINING PARTNERCHIPTRONIKS has constantly been serving industry manpower requirements . We also been serving nation skill building commitment inpartnering with many organization to provide quality vocational courses . Our parent company V D Intellisys Technologies is perhaps doing ayeoman job in this .We can also provide customize training according to employer needs.This goal is achieved by gathering all relevent inputs from companies andincorporating it in our training to produce right professionals.With our continuous training support we not only look to provide right people but also a continuous supply of right manpower. SinceCHIPTRONIKS is leader in hardware training and perhaps the peerless leader in repairing training industry , we customize our training according toindividual company requirements .Call us or contact us for any customized training / manpower requirements/vocational training project. Our representative will contact you ASAP.Regd. Office: 69, mall road, Kingsway camp, delhi-09Contact No : 011-47592046E-mail : info@chiptroniks.comWebsite :