SAPPHIRENOW + SAP TechEd Madrid 2011 Onsite Guide


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SAPPHIRENOW + SAP TechEd Madrid 2011 Onsite Guide

  1. 1. SAPPHIRE® NOWNem Ipsa ContesSequams Dolo+ SAP® TechEdMadridDolumesSinciisRumas VollaccusOn-Site GuideAut OdquentioMadridNovember LocationDate, City, 8–10, 2011 On-Site Guide
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  3. 3. CONteNtS4 Welcome6 Keynote Speakers8 Agenda at a Glance10 Essentials13 SAPPHIRE NOW15 Additional SAP Resources18 SAP TechEd23 Satellite Booths25 Evening Events30 Stay Connected32 Thank You33 Exhibitors36 Exhibitor Index38 Conference LogisticsSAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 3
  4. 4. WeLCOMeWe would like to personally welcome you to SAPPHIRE® NOW +SAP® TechEd Madrid. For the first time in SAP’s history, we arebringing the best conferences, SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd,together under one roof, giving you access to the entire SAPecosystem and providing the full picture of how SAP can helpyour organization become a best-run business.We have defined three new dimensions of innovation:• Mobile computing, delivering business software to mobile devices in exciting and secure ways. Now you can provide entirely new user experiences while dramatically simplifying the overall end-user experience, significantly increase productivity by mobilizing your workforce, and find innovative ways to reach your customers.• In-memory computing, revolutionizing how companies run their business – now in real time. With the SAP HANA™ platform, you can renew your business with information shaped for the future while simplifying your overall IT landscape today.• Cloud computing, simplifying how companies can take advantage of advanced business software without any installation of software on premise.SAPPHIRe NOW gives you a unique opportunity to see our latestinnovations at work. More important, the conference offers youan excellent opportunity to talk with customers, partners, andSAP experts about how you can accelerate the value creation ofSAP solutions in your company.4
  5. 5. SAP teched delivers more than 500 hours of technical trainingsessions focused on the SAP technology portfolio, includingSAP HANA, the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, SAPBusinessObjects™ solutions, and the entire portfolio of mobilityapplications from SAP and Sybase, an SAP company. Don’t missthe chance to become an expert on SAP’s latest innovations andto expand your skills even further in these areas.Our goal is that you leave Madrid with new inspiration on howtechnology can help you increase productivity, innovate your busi-ness, and differentiate your company. In addition, you’ll have a clear,individual road map for your success with SAP products and services.With the increased speed of innovation at SAP there’s no time to ,lose if you want to stay ahead of the competition.Thank you for joining us in Madrid. We hope you enjoy seeing ourlatest innovations at SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd Madrid.Jim Hagemann Snabe Vishal SikkaCo-CEO Member of the Executive BoardSAP AG SAP AGSAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 5
  6. 6. KeyNOte SPeAKeRSWednesday, November 9 Jim Hagemann Snabe Co-CEO of SAP and Member of the SAP Executive Board Jim Hagemann Snabe was appointed co-CEO of SAP alongside Bill McDermott on February 7, 2010. In addition to his responsibilities as co-CEO, Jimfocuses on strategy and innovation. As head of the products andsolutions board area, he holds responsibility for the company’sportfolio strategy. His deep customer insight and broad under-standing of the IT industry underpin his personal goal of ensuringthat SAP supports customers through times of dramatic changeby being a fundamental pillar for sustainable business success.6
  7. 7. KeyNOte SPeAKeRSthursday, November 10 Vishal Sikka SAP Executive Board Member Leading Technology and Innovation Dr. Vishal Sikka is a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG and heads the technology and innovation areas. His responsibilities includethe SAP technology platform and products, including database,application platform and middleware, collaboration, businessanalytics, and search. He is also responsible for the developmentof new products and new business areas, including SAP research,incubation, and new-products organizations. In addition, Vishal isthe chief technology officer (CTO) of SAP a role he has held since ,2007 when he was appointed SAP’s first-ever CTO. Vishal is theauthor of “Timeless Software,” which underpins SAP’s architectureand innovation strategy.Vishal holds a doctorate from Stanford University in computerscience. His background includes work in artificial intelligence,automated reasoning, programming languages and models, anddata management and search systems.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 7
  8. 8. AGeNDA At A GLANCetuesday, November 88:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. technology Innovation Campus Hall 108:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAP teched educational Hall 10 and North Breakout Sessions Conference Center11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAP teched Hall 10 Meet-the-Speaker Pods, expert Networking Lounge12:00 noon–2:30 p.m. Lunch Hall 106:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m. Demo Jam Reception Hall 57:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Demo Jam SessionWednesday, November 98:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. technology Innovation Campus Hall 108:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. Mobility Campus, Hall 9 Business Analytics Campus, Partner exhibition8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. “Run Better” Campus, Hall 7 exhibiting Partners9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. General Session – Hall 5 SAP executive Keynote Speaker Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAPPHIRe NOW theaters Halls 7 and 9 Microforum Sessions11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAP teched Hall 10 Meet-the-Speaker Pods, expert Networking Lounge11:00 a.m.–9:15 p.m. SAP teched educational Hall 10 and North Breakout Sessions Conference Center11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Spotlight theater Sessions Hall 712:00 noon–1:00 p.m. Meet Our exhibitors Halls 7 and 912:00 noon–2:30 p.m. Lunch Halls 7, 9, and 108
  9. 9. AGeNDA At A GLANCethursday, November 108:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. technology Innovation Campus Hall 108:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. Mobility Campus, Hall 9 Business Analytics Campus8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. “Run Better” Campus, Hall 7 Partner exhibition9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. General Session – Hall 5 SAP executive Keynote Speaker Vishal Sikka, SAP Executive Board Member Leading Technology and Innovation11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAPPHIRe NOW theaters and Halls 7, 9, and 10 Microforum Sessions, and North SAP teched educational Conference Center Breakout Sessions11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. SAP teched Hall 10 Meet-the-Speaker Pods, expert Networking Lounge11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Spotlight theater Sessions Hall 712:00 noon–1:00 p.m. Meet Our exhibitors Halls 7 and 912:00 noon–2:30 p.m. Lunch Halls 7, 9, and 108:00 p.m. Celebration Night Palacio de DeportesSAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 9
  10. 10. eSSeNtIALSSession types and PoliciesMaximum Classroom CapacitySession capacity for classrooms is strictly limited to the seatingcapacity of a room. We do not permit overcrowded or standing-room-only classrooms.Reserved SeatingSAP teched Hands-On Workshops – Open only to SAP techedfull conference attendeesIn two-hour and four-hour hands-on workshops, two studentsshare one laptop. Full conference attendees may reserve up to twoworkshop seats. Advance sign-up is required for reserved seating.The cutoff for reserving seats is 8:00 p.m. the evening before theworkshop. Registrants must claim their reserved seats before thestart of a hands-on workshop. Visit to reserve your workshop seats.Important: We reserve the right to release any unclaimed seat at thescheduled start of a hands-on workshop, so plan to arrive early.Arriving even one minute late may result in forfeiture of your seat.SAP TechEd full conference registrants may attend any hands-onworkshop with open seats at the start of the workshop on a first-come, first-served basis.For questions about your hands-on workshop schedule on-site,visit the session assistance counter.Open SeatingThe following activities and sessions are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Adding these sessions to your personal agenda doesnot guarantee a seat. Unless otherwise noted, the activities andsessions are open to SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd attendees.10
  11. 11. eSSeNtIALSSAP techedLecture Sessions in Hall 10 (One and two Hours)Lectures in the four open theaters (L1–L4) are open to all attendees.Lecture sessions offered in the classrooms in L5–L11 are open onlyto SAP TechEd attendees.Meet-the-Speaker PodsSpeaker pods feature a different topic every one to two hours thatcomplements lecture sessions and hands-on workshops. Stop byany time within the speaker’s scheduled pod hours to follow up withthe speaker, review topic road maps, and get your questions Networking SessionsOur 30-minute expert networking sessions feature small, interactivediscussions. For more information, see page 18 or visit the receptiondesk.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 11
  12. 12. eSSeNtIALSSAPPHIRe NOW20-Minute PresentationsSAPPHIRE NOW delivers specific benefit statements illustrated byour customers in just 20 minutes. Each presentation is followed bya 20-minute discussion with the speakers in a nearby room, givingyou the freedom to dive deeper into the subject or move on toanother topic.30-Minute Panel DiscussionsThese sessions give you an opportunity to hear multiple perspec-tives on a topic, delivered by some of the world’s leading authorities.Like the 20-minute presentations, each panel discussion is followedby a 20-minute Q&A session with the presenters.Demo Stations and Discussion tablesHere’s your chance to see the solutions you’ve been hearing about– with guidance from an SAP specialist. Meet one-on-one with anSAP expert, or sit and delve deeper into a solution with a smallgroup of your peers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity toask detailed questions about our solutions and your business.MicroforumsThis highly popular format is a 45-minute, single-topic discussionwith your peers. These interactive roundtable discussions focus ona specific story and encourage interaction with the guests at thetable. No slides are involved. Discussion is facilitated by one or twohosts from SAP and members of our community. Sessions tend tobe crowded. Plan ahead if there is a topic you are eager to discuss.Also make note that the more popular sessions are repeated.test-DrivesNothing can substitute for actually putting your hands on the software.Experience SAP solutions at the walk-up stations in each campus.Staff will be on hand to assist if you have any questions.12
  13. 13. SAPPHIRe NOWExplore campuses in business analytics, mobility, “Run Better,” andtechnology innovation. Each campus is divided into topic areas tohelp you quickly identify the content most important to you.Business Analytics CampusBusiness analytics offer incredible value and insight. To help youevaluate the impact on your business, we’ve unified sessions andinformation within a single campus. The campus is organized intoeight topic areas:• Business intelligence• Data warehousing• Enterprise information management• Enterprise performance management• Governance, risk, and compliance• Industries• Lines of business• Small businesses and midsize companiesMobility CampusAccelerate your business with mobile solutions from SAP andSybase, an SAP company. This campus offers more than 100 state-of-the-art mobility applications and solutions, along with numerouspresentations and opportunities to interact with mobility experts.Topic areas include:• Mobility platform• Mobility strategy• Device management and security• Mobile applications• Mobile commerce• MessagingSAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 13
  14. 14. SAPPHIRe NOW“Run Better” CampusThis campus showcases how the SAP solution portfolio can help linesof business in companies of all sizes and in all industries. Organizedaround the work streams of our customers, topic areas include:• Designing great products and managing assets• Managing sustainable manufacturing• Optimizing supply chain and procurement• Delivering exceptional customer experiences• Managing core business and subsidiary functions• Showcase industries• Test-drive: On-demand solutions for lines of business• Test-drive: Solutions for small businesses and midsize companiestechnology Innovation CampusTechnology and innovation power everything we do. Learn about thelatest advances in SAP technology, and how strategic innovationssuch as cloud and in-memory computing will transform businessand IT. This campus is designed to give you hands-on access to ourcurrent and future generation of technology solutions, and to giveyou access to experts who can help you understand and plan how tooperate, adapt, and collaborate better. The campus includes:Test-drive areas:• In-memory computing• Mobility• Cloud computing• SAP NetWeaver• Data management• SAP Labs and SAP ResearchDiscussion tables:• Technology overview• Technology deployment• Business process management and integration• Application lifecycle management• Custom development• Security and identity management14
  15. 15. ADDItIONAL SAP ReSOuRCeSSpotlight theaterThe Spotlight Theater, hosted by award-winning and veteranBBC World News presenter Aaron Heslehurst, provides a platformfor cutting-edge, real-world business and technology topics suchas business analytics, in-memory computing, and mobility. Livefrom Hall 7 and streaming live globally via the online platform,the exciting lineup of sessions includes customer perspectives,SAP experts, and discussion panels with subject-matter specialists.Please refer to the agenda builder for complete programmingdetails, including schedules and speakers.Meet Our CustomersThe Meet Our Customers Pavilion offers SAP customers a uniqueopportunity to network with SAP reference customers and hear first-hand about their challenges and successes. In an open discussionformat, you can ask your questions and exchange experiences inface-to-face meetings. Stop by the pavilion in Hall 8 and see thenumerous roundtables and one-on-one meetings that are availablefor you to attend. While here, visit the Explore Customer Storiesdesk and view written and video testimonials about the experiencesof small and midsize companies with their SAP projects.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 15
  16. 16. ADDItIONAL SAP ReSOuRCeSSAP MaxAttention™ LoungeThe lounge, with its casual seating, meeting tables, and meetingrooms, is the central place for SAP MaxAttention customers andprospects, SAP Active Global Support colleagues, and others. Itoffers a comfortable, relaxed environment for building relationships,sharing experiences, and networking with other SAP MaxAttentioncustomers and SAP On Thursday, November 10, meet-the-expert .sessions will be conducted in the SAP MaxAttention Lounge. Eachinteractive strategy session provides key information on how SAPActive Global Support can help you maximize your organization’ssuccess. Stop by to get more information about our services and tomeet SAP Active Global Support colleagues and your peers. TheSAP MaxAttention Lounge is located in Hall 8 near the Meet OurCustomers area and next to the SAP Services Lounge.SAP Services LoungeCustomers are invited to visit the SAP Services Lounge duringSAPPHIRE NOW. Meet services and education experts for informalnetworking and to learn more about maximizing your SAP invest-ment. Gain insights about how the SAP Services organization canenable you to quickly adopt innovation into your business withservices that help you develop strategies, implement software,educate employees, and operate your SAP software environment.The lounge is located within the “invitation only” area in Hall 8.Contact your services account manager to meet in the SAPServices Lounge.16
  17. 17. ADDItIONAL SAP ReSOuRCeSexecutive Meeting Center (eMC)The Executive Meeting Center (EMC) provides high-touch, uniquelypersonalized, executive-level dialogue sessions. Staffed by SAPindustry, solution, and value engineering experts, EMC meetingsare requested via account executives on behalf of their customers.The request process ensures that we align the right support teamfor each customer meeting. EMC appointments are requested byaccount executives using the central scheduling system calledCustomer Care Tool (CCT). Sessions will be confirmed in advance ofSAPPHIRE NOW and will appear in the attendee’s personal agenda.eMC Neighborhoods• Executive Meeting Center – Customer meetings booked by account executives via CCT with SAP subject-matter experts• Managing Director Offices – Please note that meetings in the dedicated offices must be scheduled directly with the executive assistants of the executives.• SVP Executive Offices – Please note that meetings in the SVP offices must be scheduled directly with the executive assistants of the SVPs.eMC Hours and LocationWednesday, November 9, and Thursday, November 107:30 a.m.–8:45 a.m. Doors are open Hall 88:45 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Closed during keynote Hall 810:45 a.m.–7:00 p.m. Doors are open Hall 8ecosystem and ChannelsEcosystem and Channels is a hub for business activity wherepartners can meet with SAP executives for one-on-one discussionsand where they can informally network with the SAP ecosystemand channels team. They also can attend microforum sessionsdesigned just for partners, where they will get the latest informationabout how their organization can work with SAP to help customersachieve maximum results. In addition, it’s a central location whereall SAPPHIRE NOW attendees can get information about partnersessions and demos taking place in other campuses and on theshow floor.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 17
  18. 18. SAP techedSAP teched ClubhouseHall 10Tuesday–Thursday • 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.Visit SAP TechEd to experience the latest in SAP technology andmeet face-to-face with some of the best minds in the industry.Learn how the SAP ecosystem provides a unique approach toharnessing collective knowledge. Find out how others – just like you– are expanding their capabilities and maximizing their impactthrough this ecosystem. Or simply take a break, relax, and rechargewhile enjoying an espresso at the Café.The following features and activities are open to all SAP TechEd andSAPPHIRE NOW conference Networking LoungeWHEN PEOPLE MEET, REAL COLLABORATION STARTS!Meet and chat with technical gurus and thought leaders who haveachieved excellence through their use of SAP technology solutionsand SAP ecosystem initiatives. During 30-minute, face-to-facesessions, a wide variety of experts will host open discussions onspecific topics, answer questions, or just spend quality time net-working with you and other conference attendees. Experts includespeakers for SAP TechEd, SAP mentors, Demo Jam finalists, SAPexecutives, and SAP partners, among others. Add the expert net-working sessions that interest you most to your personal agenda.Please note that seating is limited and available on a first-come,first-served basis to allow for an interactive experience among Lecture SessionsAttend one-hour and two-hour lecture sessions showcasing tech-nical road maps and SAP technology strategy. Hear from SAPcustomers who will demonstrate their best tips and tricks fromreal-life use cases. Partners also step out of their booth to goin-depth on their latest solutions that complement your SAPtechnology portfolio.18
  19. 19. SAP techedMeet-the-Speaker PodsDive deeper into educational session topics and get questionsanswered. Speaker pods feature a different topic every one to twohours that complements educational lectures and hands-on work-shops as well as highlights road maps discussed during the sessions.Add pod topics to your personal agenda, and then stop by to meetwith the speakers any time during their scheduled hours. If the podis busy when you arrive, try again later.Interactive StationsInteractive stations feature key SAP services, programs, and initia-tives that you need to fully leverage the power of the SAP ecosystem.Services Innovations for Driving Businesses FasterVisit us and see rapid deployment of operational reporting with SAPERP and SAP HANA, for faster implementations in a fraction of thetime you would expect. Take a look at demonstrations of innovativemobile applications, and find out how SAP Landscape Transformationsoftware and services can help you optimize your landscape andimprove flexibility to respond to changing business structures. Withservices to design and implement mobility and in-memory com-puting, we make sure that you have the right strategy for success.And we don’t stop when you go live. The SAP Education organizationprovides flexible remote training to optimize end-user knowledge ofyour new solutions. Take a test-drive and see how the SAP Servicesorganization can help make IT the driving force in business change.Heroes: Application Lifecycle ManagementHeroes are people who leverage new functionality in the SAPSolution Manager 7.1 application management solution. They useapplication incident management and root cause analysis to trackdown the source of system issues and to control changes to operatetheir core business processes along the application lifecycle. Learnhow the experts use SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to manage theirproduction systems. Stop by and find out how you can benefit fromtraining and working with our SAP Solution Manager subject-matterexperts to become a hero. For more information, go to and NOW + SAP teched Madrid 19
  20. 20. SAP techedSAP Solutions for Small and Midsize CompaniesThink SAP is only for large companies? For the first time ever atSAP TechEd, we offer a new interactive station dedicated exclusivelyto IT professionals and partners of small and midsize companiesand subsidiaries of large enterprises. Whether you are looking forsolutions to help you run your entire business better or to integrateyour smaller subsidiaries across multiple geographies, SAP offersa portfolio of software solutions that you can implement in weeks,on a small budget, and even with no in-house IT staff. Come andexperience the breadth and depth of SAP Business All-in-One solu-tions, the SAP Business ByDesign solution, the SAP Business Oneapplication, and SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions, and starttransforming your business today.SAP Community NetworkAccording to a recent Fast Company expert blog, “SAP has quietlybuilt a B2B social media juggernaut that puts most . . . to shame onjust about any measure.”1 SAP Community Network is the socialnetwork for SAP professionals. Over 2 million members visit thisvibrant online community to learn, connect, and share, building aninvaluable personal network. Members of the community can solvea problem, contribute, learn, network, and build their reputation.Visit the community interactive station to get a sneak preview ofour new platform. Join the conversation in our mobile, businessanalytics, on-demand, and SAP HANA appliance software commu-nities. Become a member or update your membership and extendthe learning experience of SAP TechEd all year long.Innovative Solutions for Cloud Computing from SAP and PartnersExperience how resources become more flexible and adjustablewhen they are deployed in the cloud. See how SAP BusinessByDesign lets you manage key business functions within a singleon-demand software solution. Learn how SAP partners can helpeasily provision SAP solutions in the cloud. Hear about successfulcustomer implementations of cloud computing, and see how totransform a traditional IT infrastructure into a cloud environment.1. Drew Neisser, “9 Ways to Measure The (Actual) Success of YourSocial-Media Community,” Fast Company, August 3, 2011.20
  21. 21. SAP techedInnovative Solutions for Mobility, Business Analytics, and Morefrom SAP and PartnersTest-drive the newest and hottest applications from SAP and part-ners, including solutions for mobility, business analytics, in-memorycomputing, and rapid deployment. Play with mobile applications thathelp you increase productivity, handle critical tasks, and make deci-sions in real time. Explore solution extensions from SAP that can helpyour organization improve day-to-day IT operations, more easilyimplement or upgrade SAP applications, and increase employeeproductivity, helping your organization become a better-run business.Discover the power of real-time analytics and explore how it’s drivingbusiness opportunities once considered impossible to achieve.Resources for Partners to Harness SAP InnovationsIf you’re an SAP partner developing solutions or offering servicesto SAP customers, stop by and learn about all of the programs andresources available to help you take advantage of the latest SAPinnovations. Get a snapshot of SAP technical enablement opportu-nities and initiatives available to partners. Drive bigger results withSAP guidelines for best-built applications that integrate with SAPBusiness Suite software. Maximize the value of software certifica-tion with the SAP Integration and Certification Center. Find outhow new technology innovations from SAP can benefit your ownsolutions, products, and services.experience the Renovated SAP Help PortalSAP Help Portal (see has been offering product docu-mentation for almost all versions of SAP products for 10 years. Withapproximately 5 million visitor sessions every month, it is well knownto customers, partners, and consultants. Stop by the SAP Help Portalinteractive station and explore the improvements of the renovatedSAP Help Portal. These include more extensive knowledge provision-ing, enhanced search and navigation, and improved knowledgediscovery of related content, all of which make SAP Help Portal acomprehensive, state-of-the-art knowledge base for SAP products.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 21
  22. 22. SAP techedengage with the Hasso Plattner InstituteDo you want to learn about the concepts behind in-memory, column-oriented database technology? The impact of column-orienteddatabases on enterprise application development? How in-memorydatabase technology can be used within an on-demand deployment?The latest prototypes that leverage modern database technology?If yes, then come to the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) interactivestation. The Hasso Plattner Institute is a university institution basedin Potsdam, Germany, and Stanford, California. Its bachelor andmaster programs are ranked first among all computer scienceprograms in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.SAP teched Live StudioCatch interviews filmed in the open SAP TechEd Live studio, whereSAP executives, speakers, demo jammers, and other experts will bestreamed live. Tell your colleagues to tune in this week for interviews,keynotes, and lectures. After the conference, catch up on what youmissed and watch highlights and behind-the-scenes videos MentorsSAP mentors are the top community influencers in the SAPecosystem. They are experts on an SAP product or service, and theyengage in collaborative activities to improve or influence their areaof expertise within the SAP ecosystem. Throughout SAP TechEd, lookfor mentors, who will be wearing navy-blue shirts with a number anda Twitter handle on the back. Find out more about this exciting,influential group, and learn what it takes to become a mentor.22
  23. 23. SAteLLIte BOOtHSMobility Partner ShowcaseSAP partners are readily adopting Sybase® Unwired Platform andhave developed many mobile apps for industry verticals and line-of-business customers. To view a sampling of what’s available and tosee how the SAP ecosystem can help you harness the transforma-tional power of mobile apps, stop by the Mobility Partner Showcase inthe SAPPHIRE NOW Mobility Campus. A schedule of demo sessionsfor partner apps is available in the agenda builder. Don’t forget toupdate your personal agenda with the sessions that are right for you.usability test CenterSHAPE THE FUTURE OF SAP SOFTWARESAP is offering an exclusive opportunity for you to evaluate earlyprototypes and products from various SAP software developmentareas. Participate in a 90-minute usability test session and havedirect access to user-interface designers and developers. Visit uson-site at the usability testing registration desk on level 1, abovegeneral conference registration (refer to the floor plan), to learnmore and sign up for your test session.Global SponsorshipsAcross the world of sport, art, and entertainment, SAP is proud tosupport world-class teams, athletes, and artists. Come and see howSAP’s portfolio of corporate sponsorships solves real problems andhelps individuals, teams, and organizations from the world of sports,arts, and entertainment run better. This year, the SAP-sponsoredSailing Team Germany will be on-site to demonstrate how SAP ishelping sailors chart a winning strategy for the 2012 Olympics – andbeyond. Visit Global Sponsorships in Hall 7, Entrance Area, while atSAPPHIRE NOW.In-Memory ShowcaseExperience the power of the SAP HANA platform on the big screen.Browse through interactive reports on a 100-inch screen in an entirelynew way. With the wave of your hand, you can control 3 billion rowsof data with lightning-fast response time.SAP Smart Stats experienceInsight, not just statistics. Experience business analytic solutionsfrom SAP for yourself – and enhance your knowledge and enjoymentof the 2011 European football season at the same time. Go to thekiosk by the Spotlight Theater in Hall 7 or look for the roving cart inHall 10 to sign up for the experience. You can also visit the experienceat NOW + SAP teched Madrid 23
  24. 24. SAteLLIte BOOtHSAsociación de usuarios de SAP españaAsociación de Usuarios de SAP España (AUSAPE), founded in 1994,is a nonprofit organization that brings together more than 380 SAPcustomers and partners with the goal of encouraging the interchangeof mutually relevant information about SAP products and services,establishing relationships with other associations and professionalgroups, and promoting the dissemination of information about allaspects related to SAP.To achieve its goal, AUSAPE has started several initiatives, such asthe creation of work groups on different functional areas of SAPproducts, specialized forums in AUSAPE’s Web site, in-depthtechnology-focused events, and a ramp-up laboratory with specificagreements with SAP and universities to facilitate access to SAPtraining. AUSAPE is also part of SAP User Group Executive Network(SUGEN), Asociación Usuarios SAP IberoAmerica (AUSIA), andInternational Customer Competence Center (ICCC).Visit AUSAPE at the Country Lounges area in Hall 9 and see whatAUSAPE can offer you. And visit us on the Web at ShopSHOW YOUR SAP COLORS WITH PRIDE!Visit the SAP shop, and check out the latest in SAP-brandedmerchandise. You’ll find a wide assortment of items, from shirts andcaps to outdoor gear to a variety of gifts for work, sport, and leisure.Some of our most popular items last year included luggage tags,key rings, USB memory sticks and other high-tech items, business-card holders, and other great offerings. The SAP shop is located inHall 10. Or you can visit the SAP shop online athttp:/ / PublishingWIS Publishing is the leading independent provider of informationfor those who deploy, manage, support, configure, and customizeSAP solutions. More than 200,000 professionals worldwide rely onproducts and events from WIS Publishing to improve their company’sROI in information technology. Visit WIS Publishing in Hall 10 whileat SAPPHIRE NOW or on the Web at
  25. 25. eVeNING eVeNtSDemo JamTuesday, November 86:30 p.m. –7:00 p.m. Demo Jam Reception Hall 57:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Demo Jam Session Hall 5During the summer, SAP customers, partners, and employeessubmitted proposals to demo their new, electrifying technologiesor applications at Demo Jam. SAP TechEd is the place where thefinalists will shine. Join SAP executives and thousands of cheeringtechies to watch the most impressive live demos hit the stage inMadrid. See them compete for the ultimate glory – to earn theaudience’s vote as best demo of the night.Check the SAP TechEd conference Web site for completeinformation at finalists• AirKiosk – Maxim Drabkin and Guy Soffer, SAP• An SAP Gamification Platform and an Illustration Leveraging a Forecasting Client – Wilfrid Real, IBM; Patrick Duverger, City of Antibes, France; David Trastour, SAP• Save the Planet and Save Money – John Astill, SAP• Real-Time Condition-Based Maintenance Leveraging SAP HANA – Arne Schramm and André Preußner, SAP• AppOS – Web Dynpro Applications by Design – Oliver Merk and Markus Beck, Deliance• A Mobile Tool for Education Services – Robert Noce and Lalit Canaran, Sybase, an SAP company 25
  26. 26. eVeNING eVeNtSSAP Celebration NightThursday, November 108:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m., Palacio de DeportesSAP, together with Deloitte, present anevening with Cirque du Soleil® and Anastacia informative presentations, sessions, and meetings, the cele-bration night offers you the perfect way to enjoy an outstandingopening high-energy performance and a fantastic concert.Cirque du SoleilCirque du Soleil offers a dramatic mix of circus arts and streetentertainment that will amaze and delight. Coming from all sides,highly skilled performers, defying gravity, will dazzle you, makingdaring feats look easy.Beginning in 1984 with a group of 20 street performers, Cirque duSoleil now features more than 5,000 employees, including 1,300artists. The company is a world-famous organization whose missionis to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses, and provoke theemotions of people around the world.We are proud to support Cirque du Soleil’s continuous innovationand reinvention of live entertainment. We hope that you enjoy thisspecial Cirque du Soleil performance, exclusively put together forSAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd Madrid.26
  27. 27. eVeNING eVeNtSPartners in Innovation: SAP and Cirque du SoleilOver the last 10 years, SAP has helped this innovative global enter-tainment franchise become a best-run business. Cirque du Soleilimplemented SAP software across a spectrum of core businessareas – ranging from costume manufacturing and merchandising tohuman resources and accounting. Because technology increasinglyimpacts what is possible in the entertainment industry, SAP hasprovided Cirque du Soleil with a platform that will allow the companyto rapidly adapt to changing market requirements and increase thetransparency and efficiency of its multifaceted organization.Photo: Daniel Desmarais, Costumes: Lyz Vandal © Cirque du Soleil 2009Legal notice: The trademark Cirque du Soleil is owned by Cirque du Soleil and used under license.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 27
  28. 28. eVeNING eVeNtSAnastaciaWith her powerful and soulful voice, Anastacia’s debut album NotThat Kind sold over 5 million copies worldwide. With songs including“I’m Outta Love” and “Not That Kind,” it instantly became a bestseller and made Anastacia an international superstar. It was thestart of what would be Anastacia’s remarkable career.Freak Of Nature, Anastacia’s second album released in 2001, sold over4.5 million units, going multiplatinum in more than 14 countries. Herthird, self-titled album, Anastacia, became one of 2004’s best-sellinginternational LPs and went on to push her total career sales to over16 million. Anastacia launched her first ever sold-out European concerttour, playing in front of more than 1 million fans across 25 countries.Since then, Anastacia has received in excess of 225 gold, platinum,or multiplatinum awards in 31 countries across her career. Her self-titled album remained at #1 on the Pan European sales charts for anincredible 13 weeks.Anastacia is also the winner of numerous awards, including MTVEurope Awards, NRJ Music Awards (France), World Music Awards,and the Marie Claire Woman of the Year Award. Her performance atSAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd Madrid promises to be unforgettable.28
  29. 29. eVeNING eVeNtSCelebration Night VenuePalacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de MadridAvenida Felipe II, S/N28009 MadridConference BadgeYour official conference badge is required for admission.Shuttle Bus ServiceComplimentary shuttle bus service is available from conferencehotels to Palacio de Deportes. Schedules will be posted at the hotelswith departure times. Shuttle service continues for 60 minutes afterthe end of the concert.8:00 p.m. Doors open Cool drinks, cocktails, and delicious party food will be available during the event.9:00 p.m. Showtime10:45 p.m.–11:45 p.m. Shuttle buses return to convention hotels.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 29
  30. 30. StAy CONNeCteDAccess the Latest Conference Information• Mobile on-site guide: Get conference highlights, the agenda, session details, and more in the mobile on-site guide at The mobile on-site guide help desk is located with the W-LAN help desk in the entrance area. Thanks to our mobile guide sponsor, Deloitte.• Information stations: View an interactive map and guide to the overall event by visiting information stations on the SAPPHIRE NOW show floor.• Internet kiosks: Access the latest conference information, schedule changes, and your personal agenda at Internet kiosks available throughout the venue. Please limit your time at the Internet kiosks to 10 minutes when others are waiting.QR CodesHave a smart phone? We’ve added QR codes to event signage soyou can scan and instantly get more information and accessevaluations for mobile sessions. If you don’t have a QR code readeron your phone, search for one in your smart phone’s app store anddownload it now so you’ll be ready.30
  31. 31. StAy CONNeCteDGet Social @SAPPHIReNOW and @SAPtechedSAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd Madrid are more “social” than ever,with an expanded social media experience connecting conferenceattendees with thousands of online participants. Follow the linksbelow and participate in our social media programs. If you are notsure how to set up social media channels on your mobile device,visit the Content Guidance desk where someone will assist you.• Twitter: and – Follow us @sapphirenow and @sapteched for news and event updates – Use hashtag #sapphirenow and #sapteched when tweeting about the event• “Like” us on Facebook: and• Find us on YouTube and LinkedInFor details on our social media programs, AccessSAP has partnered with IFEMA (Feria de Madrid) to provideattendees with complimentary wireless Internet access. You mustsupply your own wireless equipment. To access the network, go toyour wireless properties and search for available networks. Selectthe IFeMA network and connect. Then launch your Internet browser.To enable us to provide the best possible wireless service, please donot use devices like MiFis, personal access points, hubs, and switches.These will jam the airwaves for attendees, demos, and sessions.Important: For technical support with your wireless access, pleasecontact the W-LAN help desk located between the check-in desksin the main entrance area near the elevators.Reminder: Silence your Mobile PhoneAs a courtesy to others, please silence your phone during sessions.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 31
  32. 32. tHANK yOuVisit with participating technology, software, consulting,and implementation experts for SAP software, as well asservice and support providers, while at SAPPHIRE NOWand SAP TechEd. Explore opportunities and discover thebest solutions to meet your organization’s key challenges.The innovative products, services, and fresh perspectivesoffered at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd can energizeyour organization’s growth. See the list below of all exhibit-ors and their location on the show floor. We especiallywould like to extend recognition to the top-level exhibitors.Please take time to visit with all exhibitors while in Madrid.32
  33. 33. exHIBItORSAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services,and outsourcing company with more than 223,000 people servingclients in over 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience,comprehensive capabilities across all industries and businessfunctions, and extensive research on the world’s most successfulcompanies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them becomehigh-performance businesses and governments. With a 30-yearhistory developing and delivering SAP services – and a team of31,000+ skilled professionals – Accenture helps clients adopt andextend technology to drive business change and achieve their busi-ness goals. The company generated net revenues of US$21.6 billionfor the fiscal year ending August 31, 2010.CSC is a global business- and technology-enabled services power-house. An SAP global services partner and an SAP-certified providerof hosting services, CSC performs full-spectrum consulting and SAPsolution integration as well as application maintenance. CSC focuseson helping customers effectively use SAP solutions to achieve theirstrategic goals. Its solutions combine industry expertise, intellectualproperty, and technology in a way that achieves real business results.CSC’s approach has kept the company at the forefront of its industryfor half a century. The company has been recognized as a leader inthe industry, including being named by Fortune magazine as one ofthe world’s most admired companies for information technologyservices (2010). Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, CSC hasapproximately 94,000 employees worldwide and revenue of overUS$16.1 billion.Deloitte is a leading global professional services firm that providesaudit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public andprivate clients across multiple industries. With a globally connectednetwork of member firms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte bringsworld-class capabilities and deep local expertise to help clientssucceed wherever they operate. Deloitte offers true added value toany multinational, large-enterprise, or midmarket SAP customersrequiring implementation of SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite, or busi-ness analytic solutions. Deloitte has advanced tools and accelerators,vast industry expertise, and unrivaled experience in SAP offerings.Whether you’re planning a first-time implementation of ERP software,analytics, or mobility software; a version upgrade; or a complexsystem overhaul, you’ll get 360-degree service from Deloitte.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 33
  34. 34. tHANK yOu34
  35. 35. exHIBItORSAt HP we believe technology can create new possibilities for peoplearound the world – from high school students and soccer moms tobudding entrepreneurs, government officials, and business execu-tives. We’re the largest IT company on the planet, with 304,000employees working in approximately 170 countries around the world.And we are able to leverage our size and scope to deliver real valuein the products and services we offer. Our healthcare solutions arehelping hospitals reduce errors and insurers bring down costs. OurTouchSmart products are helping individuals with autism communi-cate for the very first time. Our digital printing solutions are revolu-tionizing the publishing industry by allowing publishers to print indi-vidual books on demand. And that’s just the beginning. We neverstop exploring and we never stop at impossible. And we can’t waitto show you what we think of next.The SAP and IBM alliance reflects almost 40 years of leadershipbased on continuous collaboration, innovation, and service. Theresult of this close relationship is a “best of both worlds” portfolio thathelps companies realize immediate business value and sustainablegrowth by improving processes and enhancing efficiencies. IBM holdsseveral SAP benchmark world records with its leading technologyplatforms. IBM has been awarded over 20 SAP Pinnacle Awards todate. IBM software offerings are well integrated with SAP BusinessSuite applications, receiving more than 170 certifications by SAP .Visit the IBM booth to experience and discover more about cloudcomputing, dynamic infrastructure, business and technologyconsulting, and IBM’s top-performing technology for the SAP HANAplatform and SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications. Find outhow you can power your SAP environment with IBM.eMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses andservice providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as aservice. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing.Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates thejourney to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store,manage, protect, and analyze their most valuable asset –information – in a more agile, trusted, and cost-efficient way.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 35
  36. 36. exHIBItOR INDexCompany Booth uRLAccenture 912+913 SA 710 www.agentil.comANCILE Solutions Inc. 705 www.ancile.comArch 932 www.arch-global.comAtos 927 Technologies 714 www.basistechnologies.comInternational LtdBearingPoint GmbH 713 www.bearingpointconsulting.comBI Excellence Software GmbH 909 www.biexcellence.comBlackLine Systems 724 www.blackline.comCapgemini 920 www.capgemini.comCIBER AG 723 www.ciber.comCisco Systems Inc. 903 919 www.clicksoftware.comCognizant Technology Solutions 701 www.cognizant.comCONIM Group LLC 725 AG 733 www.crossgate.comCSC 739 Technologies Limited 929 www.defiance-tech.comDeloitte 915 ErgoGroup 933 www.edbergogroup.comeFax® 749 www.efaxcorporate.comEMC Corporation 737 www.emc.comEPI-USE 736 www.epiuse.comErnst & Young 910 www.ey.comEvery Angle 901 www.everyangle.comFUJITSU 717 SOFTWARE AG 753 www.gk-software.comHCL AXON 911 www.hcl-axon.comHewlett-Packard 905 www.hp.comHitachi Data Systems 908 www.hds.comHubwoo 720 www.hubwoo.comIBIS Prof. Thome AG 750 www.ibis-thome.comIBM 914 Sistemas S.A. 728 www.indracompany.comInfosys 925 www.infosys.comiRise 712 www.irise.comISEC7 Group 918 www.isec7.comITC InfoTech 904 www.itcinfotech.comitelligence AG 704 www.itelligence.agKofax Inc. 703 www.kofax.comKPS AG 740 www.kps-consulting.comLandis+Gyr AG 751 www.landisgyr.comLevi, Ray & Shoup Inc. 732 www.vpsx.comLibelle AG 735
  37. 37. exHIBItOR INDexCompany Booth uRLMicro Focus 708 www.microfocus.comMicrosoft 702 Solutions 924 www.motorolasolutions.comMovilitas Consulting AG 926 www.movilitas.commsc mobile GmbH & Co. KG 921 www.msc-mobile.comNakisa Inc. 706 www.nakisa.comNeoris España S.L. 930 www.neoris.comNetApp 727 www.netapp.comOpenText Software GmbH 742 www.opentext.comOR Soft Jänicke GmbH 718 www.orsoft.netOracle Corporation 730 Revenue Management L.P. 709 www.prospricing.comReadSoft 744 www. readsoft.comREALTECH 746 www.realtech.comRed Hat 747 www.redhat.comRedwood Software Inc. 731 www.redwood.comRiverbed Technology 734 www.riverbed.comROFF 715 www.roffconsulting.comSEEBURGER AG 752 www.seeburger.deSoftware AG 716 www.softwareag.comStratesys Consulting 721 www.stratesys.esStratus Technologies 722 www.stratus.comSUSE 748 www.suse.comSyclo 928 Reply 922 www.reply.itTata Consultancy Services 931 www.tcs.comLimitedTeradata Iberia SLU 902 www.teradata.comTieto Corporation 917 www.tieto.comT-Systems International GmbH 916 www.t-systems.comUC4 Software GmbH 711 www.uc4.comUnisys Corporation 741 www.unisys.comUnited VARs 743 www.united-vars.comUtopia Inc. 907 www.utopiainc.comVendavo Inc. 719 www.vendavo.comVirtual Forge GmbH 906 www.virtualforge.comVistex GmbH 707 www.vistex.comVMware Inc. 745 726 www.winshuttle.comWipro Technologies 729 www.wipro.comWIS Publishing, publisher of Hall 10 www.wispubs.comSAPinsiderWorksoft 738 www.worksoft.comZebra Technologies 923 www.zebra.comSAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 37
  38. 38. CONFeReNCe LOGIStICSThe following section features general conference information andservices for SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd.IFeMAFeria de Madrid, North Entrance, 28042 Madrid, SpainTel.: 902 22 15 15Intl.: (34) 91 722 30 00Fax: (34) 91 722 58 01E-mail: infoifema@ifema.esCheck-In Desk Hours (North entrance Area)Sunday, November 6 10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.Monday, November 7 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.Tuesday, November 8 7:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.Wednesday, November 9 7:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.Thursday, November 10 7:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m.Conference BadgeA conference badge is required to access all SAPPHIRE NOW andSAP TechEd Madrid conference activities. Please ensure that yourbadge remains visible at all times. Do not misplace your badge orlend your badge to anyone. Replacement cost of a lost badge isequal to the cost of your conference registration fee.Bar-Code Badge ScanningPlease be advised that the bar code on your badge contains datasubmitted during the registration process (name, title, company,address, phone, fax, and e-mail address). It is at your discretion thatyou agree to provide your badge to any exhibitor for scanning, whichwill allow the exhibitor to collect your information and use it for futuremarketing purposes. You agree that SAP has no control, responsibility,or liability associated with any exhibitor’s collection or use of yourinformation, and if you do not agree to such collection and use, thendo not provide or allow your badge to be scanned.38
  39. 39. CONFeReNCe LOGIStICS First Aid Station and emergenciesThe first aid station is located on Level 1 of Hall 9; it is accessible viathe Avenida. Refer to the floor plan in this guide for the exact location.In case of an emergency, call the Medical Care Hotline at+49 6227 7 74112 to reach the on-site safety team. Alternatively,alert any conference staff member or security representative.Housing ServicesIf you have any questions regarding your hotel reservation, stop bythe housing desk located in the registration area (North Entrance).Information DesksThe main information counter is in the Foyer of the North Entrance.Additionally, you can get information from information desks in allhalls. For content-related questions, please refer to the ContentGuidance desk in the entrance area of Hall 9. See section floor plansin this guide for the exact locations.Information StationsView an interactive map and guide to the overall event by visitinginformation stations on the show floor.Internet KiosksAccess the latest conference information and schedule changes,and update your personal agenda at Internet kiosks availablethroughout the venue. Please limit your time at the Internet kiosksto 10 minutes when others are waiting.Luggage Storage and Coat CheckFor your convenience, complimentary luggage storage and coatcheck are available in Hall 10 (November 8–10) and in front of Hall 6(November 9–10).SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 39
  40. 40. CONFeReNCe LOGIStICSPersonal and unattended ItemsFor the safety and protection of conference attendees and staff,maintain control of your personal items at all times. All items broughtinto IFEMA may be subject to search. Any item left unattended issubject to confiscation. Please report any unattended item to thenearest conference staff member or uniformed security officer.Security Office and Lost and FoundThe Security Office and Lost and Found are located in the entrancearea of Hall 9 and are open November 8–10.transportationBus transportation will be provided November 8–10 to and from allhotels that were bookable via the registration process. You will findthe morning departure times at the check-in desk of these hotels.Transfer from IFEMA to these hotels will be 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.,Tuesday through Thursday. For detailed information, including anyupdates, please refer to transportationFor information about public transportation, please refer (general), (Metro)Wireless AccessSAP has partnered with IFEMA to provide attendees with complimen-tary wireless Internet access. You must supply your own wirelessequipment. To access the network, go to your wireless propertiesand search for available networks. Select the IFEMA network andconnect. Then launch your Internet browser.To enable us to provide the best possible wireless service, please donot use devices like MiFis, personal access points, hubs, and switches.These will jam the airwaves for attendees, demos, and sessions.Important: For technical support with your wireless access, pleasecontact the W-LAN help desk located between the check-in desksin the main entrance area near the elevators.40
  41. 41. CONFeReNCe LOGIStICSMobile on-site guide: Get conference highlights, the agenda,session details, and more in the mobile on-site guide at The mobile on-site guide help deskis located with the W-LAN help desk in the entrance area. Thanks toour mobile guide sponsor, Deloitte.QR CodesHave a smart phone? We’ve added QR codes to event signage soyou can scan and instantly get more information and accessevaluations for mobile sessions. If you don’t have a QR code readeron your phone, search for one in your smart phone’s app store anddownload it now so you’ll be ready.usage Guidelines for Cameras and Recording DevicesWhile we welcome and encourage the use of cameras and recordingdevices, we do ask that you follow these guidelines:• Be respectful. Ask permission of those whom you wish to record or who are responsible for the content being shown. If they say “no” or ask you to stop, please do so immediately.• Be aware. There are some sessions where cameras and recording devices are NOT allowed. Listen or watch for these announcements.• Be courteous. Set up tripods, lights, or other equipment in a way that is not disruptive or disturbing to any other participants.• Save energy. There’s no need to capture an entire presentation, demo, and so on. Much of the content will be available online on our platforms.• For professional press: check in with staff at the Global Communications Center in Hall 8.Nonsmoking PolicyIFEMA is a smoke-free facility.SAPPHIRe NOW + SAP teched Madrid 41
  42. 42. NOteSDisclaimerAll session information is subject to change.SAP may record attendee’s image, photograph, and voice by any technology or means at the event(“Recording”) and use it in various media for the event, advertising, or any other lawful purposes, andattendee releases SAP from any claims resulting from such use of the Recording.SAP shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from errors or omissions in its conference materials,nor shall SAP be liable for any damages resulting from the use of its conference materials or other informationconveyed at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd. SAP and IFEMA will not be responsible for any personal injuryor property damage arising from or in connection with attendance at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd orparticipation in any of the conference activities or events.SAP and IFEMA assume no responsibility for any losses due to theft or loss of equipment and articles orother personal property. SAP and IFEMA also reserve the right at their sole discretion and with no additionalliability to refuse entrance, immediately eject, and terminate the participation of any person whose conductis deemed objectionable, disorderly, or disruptive to SAP facility use, or in violation of any law. ,SAP reserves the right to refuse or cancel any registration at any time with no liability other than refunding theapplicable registration fee.42
  43. 43. xxx (yy/MM) by SAP AG. All rights rights reserved.50 xxx(11/10) © 2011© 2011 by SAP AG. Allreserved.SAP and the SAP logo are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries. BusinessObjects and the Business Objects logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business ObjectsSoftware Ltd. Business Objects is an SAP company.Sybase and the Sybase logo are registered trademarks of Sybase Inc. Sybase is an SAP company.