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A presentation I gave yesterday to the Ragan event "Social Media Summit: Best Practices for B2B Communicators". Discusses the growth and philosophy of SAP Community Network, components of the …

A presentation I gave yesterday to the Ragan event "Social Media Summit: Best Practices for B2B Communicators". Discusses the growth and philosophy of SAP Community Network, components of the community program, as well as a case story for how SAP leveraged the community for a successful launch of SAP's Business Analytics products in 2011.

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  • Some things are 1) run on the community (hosted properties). 2) Some are orchestrated properties FB, etc. and 3) and other social channels.Here are the sites being considered for ad (Business, Technology, Leadership sections of the site) (Leadership, Moneywatch sections) network (Finance, Healthcare and Retail industries) (Homepage, Business, Technology sections)
  • Build audience – BroadenSeed community – Enhance experienceOrchestrate – Curate content/conversationsHarvest – Revenue
  • With our new focus on Business Users, we are seeding the community with more non-technical content in our editorial process: This week’s feature is our self-paced eLearning content which are non-technical and aimed at all BI end usersWe’ve already gotten 43,000 views in the first 3 months and 4.0 is not even at GA yet! The two featured blogs below are targeted at business users. The community has responded well to this content and Mentors have asked for more of it.We will continue to engage thought leaders like Norman Marks (a GRC expert) to contribute quality content for business users.
  • This is our BI/EIM 4.0 launch page We use this page to feature a lot of business user/LOB content. This will likely evolve into a dedicated page for business user content. This week’s feature is a webinar on Dashboards (formerly Xcelius) which has received over 1,000 registrations – a record high! We also just launched a forum for non-technical discussions which received 3,000+ views in its first month with contributions from thought leaders, mentors, customers and partners. We are just getting started with this effort. In the lower left is an SAP video contest targeted at BI/EIM end users – In the lower right is a blog on key new features in 4.0 – also Business User-friendly content.
  • This screenshot shows how we create and monitor conversations in Sprinklr We use Sprinklr not just for Business Analytics but for all of SCN’s social media posts (Twitter and FB primarily) As you can see Sprinklr allows you to track mentions of your accounts; and create custom lists & searchesThis is similar to TweetDeck or HootSuite but integrated within Sprinklr At the bottom of the page is where we create our postsYou can assign your post to a particular campaign; assign tagsSprinklr also allows collaboration between multiple social media teams for promoting BI4 event. Multiple accounts can be selected to tweet the same message at the same time. Each account can assign their tweets using the same campaign, allowing us to see consolidated results.Most importantly, you can create posts in advance to post content at a specific day and timeThis allowed us create an Editorial Calendar for the 4.0 launch and be proactive with a daily stream of posts based on our key launch messages
  • This is the Reporting tab within Sprinklr. As you can see, you can create a specific campaign and assign all your tweets and posts to that campaign This allows you to have a consolidated, real-time view into how your campaign is doingAs you can see, you can view the specific message, reach, # of clicks and RTs for Twitter, comments, likes for Facebook, and videos views, rating for Youtube(all the columns sum up at the bottom of the page)You can also export this data to Excel if you want to perform additional analysis For Business Analytics we created a “BI4” campaign which allowed us to track the buzz we were generating both PRE and POST-launch. What Spinklr showed us was the following:PRE-LAUNCH: 58 tweets/FB posts generating 7,152 click-throughs and 399,717 impressions (1.8% CTR)LAUNCH DAY+: 107 launch-related SCN tweets/FB posts generating 7,242 click throughsPlus another 150 “live” tweets from SCN community members who attended the event in NYC In summary, if Twitter is part of your marketing mix, a tool like Sprinklr can help orchestrate your conversations and measure your impact.
  • Used SCN platform used to “anchor” a webcast series on Business Intelligence related to the new BI4 launch. (Done with Regional Marketing and have CRM codes. Can provide a list of topics that will be in the webcast. )Speakers wrote blogs on the community to say what they were going to talk about on the webcasts. Forums used to extend conversation after the webcasts. Also, promote via the SAP Community Network FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter (SAPCommNet). 30,000 social users. An interconnected communication channel. 2010 generated 440 million marketing touched pipe with 24 webcasts.


  • 1. The SAP Community NetworkBuilding a Comprehensive Ecosystem
    Chip Rodgers| SAP Community Network
    May 5, 2011
  • 2. Intro to SAPThe world’s leading supplier of business software …
    Make the World Run Better
    Make Every Customer a Best-Run Business
    • 100,000+ customers
    • 3. 25 industries
    • 4. All market segments
    • 5. 49,000 employees
    • 6. 38 years of business process experience
    • 7. #1 business applications
    • 8. #1 business intelligence
    • 9. #1 in SME
  • SAP Community and Social Media Approach
  • 10. We All Face Extreme Business Challenges …
    Exponential rate of change
    a × 10b
    101 0111
    110 1011
    110 1001
    110 1001
    Explosive growth
    Fewer resources
    Proliferation of devices
  • 11. How Does Social Networking Address Business Challenges?
    Exchange information in knowledge stores and via knowledge flows
    Connect with others to find answers and insight
    Get just-in-time solutions to urgent business or tech challenges
    Save time and $$ by re-using or adapting solutions built, proven, recommended by trusted others
    Build and refresh skills in a dynamic peer learning environment for career growth
    Increase success, quality, value by adopting shared best-practices
    Discover, evaluate, and buy based on peer recommendations and with more info and knowledge
    Gain insight and generate net-new knowledge thru innovations
  • 12. SAP Community Network (SCN) is the
    Social Network for SAP professionals
    (covering developers, IT professionals, business process experts,
    business users, business intelligence pro’s, professors and students)
    to SAP customers, partners, employees,and independent experts
    Social Insight
    Social Intelligence
  • 13. The SAP Community NetworkKey Elements of our Social Business
    Social Insight
    Social Intelligence
    • Enabling customer success through the active sharing of knowledge, solutions and best practices
    • 14. Extracting intelligence from customer behaviors and conversations to equip our field force with insight into customer hot topics, burning issues and new opportunities
    • 15. Using the wisdom of the crowd to drive higher quality solutions and innovations that better meet customer needs and therefore have greater market impact
    • 16. Leveraging the reach of our online channel and the unique tools of our platform to drive dramatically increased leads and revenues through targeted campaigns
  • SCN: The Social Network for SAP Professionals
    The Engine for Social Business Acceleration
    Social insight
    Social Intelligence
  • 17. The SAP Community NetworkA Rich, Global Network of Communities and Assets
    SAP Developer Network
    Business Process Expert community
    SAP Community Network
    University Alliances community
    Business Analytics community
    SAP EcoHub
  • 18. Large, Leading and ImpactfulLeadership in Social Innovation, Social Commerce and Social Intelligence
    > 2.4 million members strong
    > 200 countries and territories
    ~ 20,000 new members / month
    ~ 1.5 million unique visitors / month
    > 4 million visits @ 20 million pages / month
    > 200,000 have contributed (ever)
    > 115,000 last year w/ 2,500 top contributors
    ~ 8,000 bloggers … 100+ SAP Mentors …
    “SAP Community Network may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.”
    Leveraging the Talent-Driven Organization The Aspen Institute - 2010
    ~ 4,000 posts / day in 350+ forums
    ~ 2 million topic threads @ 7M messages
    ~ 2 million monthly newsletter impressions
    ~ 750+ SAP ecosystem solutions
    Thousands of demos and trials delivered
    Serving >200 countries @ all industries
  • 19. Layers of Community Engagement
    Formal Content
    SAP Mentors
     Varies by Target Audience 
  • 20. Community Engagement Building Blocks
  • 21. Community Participants & StakeholdersHolistic Business Responsibilities – SCN as Orchestrator
    Internal Participants
    Orchestrated by SCN
    External Members
    Consume, Learn, Share
    Create Content
    External Participants
    Set Speed
    Establish Direction
    IT Platform / Infrastructure
    Establish Policy
    Share Best Practices
    Take Responsibility
    Remove Barriers
    Thought Leadership
  • 60.
    • Contribution Points
    Active Contributor badges (bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
    Topic Leaders: contributors recognized by topic
    Active Contributors (250+ points)
    Achievement Certificates
    Top Contributing Companies Featured
    • Additional Recognition
    Best content featured on home pages, newsletters…
    Recognition at major events – TechEd, etc.
    • Numbers:
    115,000 contributors in 2010
    2,000+ Active Contributors in 2010
    129 Topic Leaders
    100 SAP Mentors
    SAP Community Network Reputation SystemIncentives to Encourage Quality Contributions
  • 61. SAP Mentor ProgramCommunity Engagement with a Passionate Group of Core Influencers
    • SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem
    • 62. 100 mentors are customers, partners or SAP employees
    • 63. Top 0.0001% of SAP Community members
    • 64. All are hands-on experts in an SAP product or service
    • 65. Champions for SAP product roll-in and roll-out
    • 66. Advisors to SAP
    • 67. Represent the larger community
  • 68. SAP TechEd16,000 Attending in Four Regions
    • SAP’s premier technical education conference
    • 69. Community Events – Drives deeper and more meaningful engagement, networking
    Las Vegas:
    Berlin: 3,900
  • 70. SAP TechEd Community Engagement ExamplesInnoJam… Innovation Lab … Expert Networking… SAP TechEd LIVE …
  • 71. Lifecycle of Community BuildingOr… “Does Social Media Really Impact Revenue?”
  • 72. 12 Social Media Marketing Capabilities and Tactics
    Audience-Focused Capabilities
    Integrate with otherroutes-to-market
    Deliver awareness programs & campaigns
    Map audience presence
    Harvestfor impact
    Orchestrate conversations
    Social Media Foundational Capabilities
    Risk management
  • 73. Best Practices for Community Building
    Decide on a strategy
    Define the audience
    Let the community/evangelists speak among themselves
    Use Social Media Measurement System (SMMS) to orchestrate and measure
    Nurture, then harvest
  • 74. Questions to Ask to Help You Pick a Strategy
    Am I trying to:
    …build awareness
    …get a prospect to consider buying?
    …make a sale?
    …assess after-sale satisfaction?
    …collect customer feedback on a product?
    Which job roles, lines of business, industries should I target?
    Is my target global or regional/local?
    Does my target audience speak English or another language?
  • 75. Business Analytics LaunchRecent Case Study
  • 76. Business Analytics Case Study
    Community Building Process
    Seeding and Orchestration
    Measuring with Social Media Management System
  • 77. Background
    • SAP Portfolio expands to Business Analytics
    • 78. Success requires:
    • 79. Sharing of vision: Analytics
    • 80. Growth and sustained momentum
    • 81. Major Product Launch: BI 4.0….
    • 82. Need to generate sustained, long term buzz(not just a 1-day spike on Launch Day)
    • 83. Community is an asset to be leveraged
    • 84. Business Objects Community: 520,000; passionate about Business Objects
    • 85. But to fully leverage, must:
    • 86. Build, Seed, Orchestrate and Harvest
  • Objectives
    Leverage the SAP Community Network team/platform/members to build sustained, authentic conversations about Business Analytics
    • Name Change: BusinessObjects  Business Analytics
    • 87. Engage business decision makers
    • 88. Launch 4.0 Product to Drive revenue for SAP
  • Short-Term Planning
    • First milestone: BI/EIM 4.0 Launch Pre-During-Post Activity
    Early Awareness
    Training Content
    Educating Evangelists
    Launch day
    Ongoing content curation
    • SCN members started blogging about the BI/EIM 4.0 release severalmonths prior to launch
    • 89. 200 new eLearning tutorials on BI 4.0 were created and available on SCN a month prior to launch
    • 90. SAP Mentors given early access to 4.0 demo environment to help their blogs and podcasts
    • 91. Social Ambassadors
    • 92. Blogs, non-technical forum, features, webcasts
  • Pre-Launch BlogsBy SAP Community Members, Mentors, Influencers
  • 93. Seeding and Orchestration: Examples
    SCN eLearning Curriculum
  • 94. Seeding and Orchestration: Examples
    SAP Community YouTube Channel(customer videos)
    Twitter hashtag #BI4 for launch with high velocity tweet stream
    JP Morgan
    SAP Community Facebook Page
  • 95. Rich, Engaging, Community-Generated ContentBusiness Analytics Community Homepage
    Self-paced eLearning demos for all BI users
    Featured blogpost targeted at business users
    Blog post for business leaders written by a GRC thought leader
  • 96. Fresh Content to Engage the AudienceBI/EIM 4.0 Launch Page
    Webinar on Dashboards 4.0
    Newly launched forum for non-technical discussions
    Video Contest targeted atend users
    Blog post about new features
  • 97. Social Media Management SystemSprinklr for Conversation Management
    Captures all mentions of your Twitter account (RTs, mentions, replies)
    Set up customized lists and searches to monitor
    Create your Twitter or FB post here – assign a campaign, tags, and schedule your posts in advance.
  • 98. Sprinklr for Campaign ManagementBusiness Analytics Tracking from @SAPCommNet
    Created a specific campaign for the BI4 launch
    Tracks all Twitter & FB activity for your campaign
  • 99. Harvest for Revenue
    Registration Page on SAP EcoHub
    Community/SAP EcoHub host 30 Analytics webcasts
    Integrated into Online Lead Routing with CRM code
    Next–gen promotion
    Promotion community/social tactics
    Blogs, features, banners, forum posts, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube channels across SCN, BI, SAP
    Community evangelists drive interest
    March 30 Webcast
    974 registrants
    Registration Page on SAP EcoHub
  • 100. Business Analytics Community – Results
    • Strategic Objectives
    • 101. Re-brand “BusinessObjects Community” to “Business Analytics Community”
    • 102. Attract Non-technical LOB audience
    • 103. Drive Leads for Business Analytics solutions
    • 104. Tactics: BI / EIM 4.0 Launch
    • 105. Pre-Launch:
    - 83 blog posts generating 103,000 page views and 271 comments
    - 58 tweets / 7,152clickthroughs and 399,717impressions
    - 200 new eLearning tutorials with 42,000views in first 3 months
    • Launch Day and Beyond: 107tweets generating 7,242clickthroughs
    - Another 150+“live” tweets from SAP Mentors
    - 22 new blog posts on SCN thus far
    - Overall 200K page views from all social launch activities
  • 106. Best Practices for Community Building
    Decide on a strategy
    Define the audience
    Let the community/evangelists speak among themselves
    Use a Social Media Management System (SMMS)
    Nurture, then harvest
  • 107. Questions
  • 108.  Chip RodgersVice President & COO
    SAP Community Network
    Thank You!