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talk at geekup leeds about psychogeography its origins some of the

Psychogeography at geekup leeds

  1. 1. What on earth is Psychogeography? Tim Waters Also known as chippy Is his email address @tim_waters Is his twitter username
  2. 2. Quick Definitions Its the effect of place on the brain. It is the poetry of places. the study of the specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. Ley lines, folklore, biography of people in place. Techniques to explore and extend the imaginative, experiential qualities of urban and other landscapes, as part of a wider attempt to achieve a revolutionary transformation of everyday life. he emotional and behavioural effects of the environment, and its ambience; 'cognitive mapping' (the city in our heads, with the places that have special meaning for us); and what might more prosaically called 'local history'.
  3. 3. Experienced / Practiced Get outside – exploration Derive – rapid passge, drifting. Strolling To transform a place, our perception of a place, and therefore the world. Experiencing place not in the same way as everyone else. Unique perspectives. Drunken Situationists in Paris
  4. 4. Origins Situationism Flaneurs
  5. 5. New Breed London Psycho Association Manchester Area Psychogeographic Stewart Home Ian Sinclair J G Ballard Flim Patrick Keiller London Calling Richard Long
  6. 6. Current Breed Will self London perambulator
  7. 7. Alan Moore We define ourselves by our surroundings and our situations. If you are brought up in a neighborhood that resembles a rat trap, pretty soon you are going to come to the conclusion that you are probably a rat. If on the other hand you have got to the tool of psychogeography — or poetry, then you can look at the ordinary world around you with the eye of a poet. If you have that kind of insight into the tawdry and debased streets in which most of us spend our lives, then instead of walking down a rat trap you are walking through cataclysmic history, from your personal memories to the local legends. then the rat trap becomes a fable, a mythological landscape. And just as living in rat trap will give you the impression you live in a rat trap, then l suspect that living in a mythological landscape might after a while give you the subliminal impression that you are at least a mythological figure. A heroic character in your own narrative.
  8. 8. Mapping Weird Stuff is a course offered as part of the OWjL summer camp at Ohio Wesleyan.
  9. 9. Story telling Crowd
  10. 10. Biomapping Christian Nold
  11. 11. Smell map "a toasty odour of cow dung" to "used socks in the summer" Soundmaps too!
  12. 12. We Feel Fine LiveJournal, MSN Spaces, MySpace, Blogger, We feel fine Flickr, Technorati, Feedster, Ice Rocket,
  13. 13. Make Playce – Leeds Parking Day
  14. 14. Leeds Derives
  15. 15. Beating the bounds Bring booze!
  16. 16. - Ends - It is practice based! so...... Get into groups of 3. Each group take a piece of paper from me. Go outside and follow whats on the paper for 10 mins (or longer) then come back. Join Leeds Psychogeography Group on Facebook