TRACK E: An ultra low power Bluetooth Smart integrated solution/ Franz Dugand, Simon Gray


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TRACK E: An ultra low power Bluetooth Smart integrated solution/ Franz Dugand, Simon Gray

  1. 1. May 1, 2013An ultra low powerBluetooth Smart integrated solutionMay 1, 2013Franz Dugand, RivieraWaves, FranceSimon Gray, CSEM, Switzerland
  2. 2. May 1, 2013Bluetooth Smart solution offering• RivieraWaves and CSEM team up to provide the world’slowest power Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth lowenergy) integrated solution as IP• Qualified solution• High performance and ultra low power RF• Reference application for Smart Phones, and demo webdatabaseBLE RFBLE BB CPUmemperiphlogicBLESW Enable differentiated highly integrated SoC for Bluetooth Smart Devices
  3. 3. May 1, 2013CSEM – Leader in Ultra Low Power RF• 30 years history of low power IC design and industrial projects• Leading edge low-power and low-voltage IC experience• Design of complex ASICs and System-on-Chip’s (SoC) Team with 60 experienced designers Global ASIC service From design to industrialization Fabless One-Stop ASIC Shop
  4. 4. May 1, 2013RivieraWaves company and product lines• Leading semiconductor IP anddesign services for Bluetooth®and Wi-Fi™• Created in January 2010• Team of >30 highly skilledengineers• More than 20 customers,including 6 from top-25semiconductor company• Markets: mobile, STB, consumer,medical, industrial, smartmetering, …BT2.1+EDR/3.0BB controllerCMOS RFBluetooth low energyBB controllerSW + profilesCMOS RFBT4.0BB controllerCMOS RF802.11abgMAC: HW + SWModem: HW802.11abgn/acMAC: HW + SWModem: HWFrom 1x1 upto 4x4, 2SS802.11abgn/acMAC: HW+SWModem: DSP basedFrom 2x2 upto 4x4, 4SSIntegrated platformEmbedded 32-bit CPUIntegrated platformEmbedded 32-bit CPU
  5. 5. May 1, 2013Why Bluetooth Smart for medical and sport & fitness?• Low Power– Peak power as low as ANT and otherproprietary 2.4GHz solutions (~10mW)– Optimized protocol with minimal packetexchange over the air (~µW)– Year+ lifetime on coin cell battery• Reliable and secure link– Frequency hopping  Quality&Security– Use of AES128  Security• Low infrastructure cost– Standard solution, huge WW deployment– Bluetooth Smart Ready Hubs: smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital TV, Set TopBoxes, …Bluetooth Smart Ready hubsBluetooth Smart devices
  6. 6. May 1, 2013Bluetooth Smart RF IP: icyTRX• Complete RF transceiver including– RF front-end (LNA, PA)– Frequency synthesizer– Mixer– RX ADC– Analog RSSI measurement– digital baseband (modem)
  7. 7. May 1, 2013icyTRX: a high perf & low cost Bluetooth Smart RF• Techno:– UMC 90nm– Full digital CMOS process– Other process and nodes available on request• High performance– Sensitivity: -94dBm (typical) @ 0.1% BER– Current consumption• TX 0dBm: 9.5mA @ 1,2 V• RX: 7.5mA @ 1, 2 V• Low cost– Size: < 2mm2– No process options– No external RF components required– Single ended antenna– Single input power supply @ 1.2V
  8. 8. May 1, 2013Bluetooth Smart baseband controller• Easy integration into any SoC platform– Sub-System reference platform available• AES-CCM128 hardware engine, available as a security tool box for application• Packet generation and decoding (formatting, CRC, …)• Complete Bluetooth Smart event handling, leading to lower power consumption• 8MHz only!Processor busCPUSystemRAMBLESWEMSRAMROM orflashmasterslaveBLERadioBLEBasebandcontrollerADCDACctrlMODEMPeriph.Int.ctrlClk / rst /Powermanager
  9. 9. May 1, 2013Event based versus packet based architecture• Packet based:• Frame based:• Event basedTX NACK TX ACKTX NACK TX ACKTX NACK TX ACKBB/RF activityCPU activityBB/RF activityCPU activityBB/RF activityCPU activity
  10. 10. May 1, 2013Flexible solution to accommodate popular partitioning optionsStandard HCI (Ex: UART)Standard HCI (Ex: UART)BB controller+ RFFully HostedSingle CPU systemSoftware stackHardware + RFLink LayerHCIHCIBB controller+ RFSMPLink LayerProximityFindMeHealthThermoHeartRateHIDSplitDual CPU systemMCUBLE ICATTGAP, GATT…APPApplicationSMPL2CAPProximityFindMeHealthThermoHeartRateHIDATTGAP, GATT…APPBB controller+ RFLink LayerFully EmbeddedDual CPU systemMCUBLE ICSMPL2CAPProximityFindMeHealthThermoHeartRateHIDATT…GAP, GATTProprietary HCI (Ex: UART)APPProprietary HCI (Ex: UART)L2CAP
  11. 11. May 1, 2013Innovative system partitioning: the 4th option• Low cost CPU-less BLE IC• Full software from LL to applicationrunning on MCUSMPL2CAPProximityFindMeHealthThermoPUIDSRCPATTGAP, GATT…APPSerial Interface (e.g. SPI)Baseband + RFSerial Interface (e.g. SPI)Single CPU, Dual Chip systemMCUBLE CPU-lessICLink Layer
  12. 12. May 1, 2013Dynamic attribute database• The RivieraWaves GATT is based on dynamic attribute databasearchitecture• Can be dynamically configured depending on profile requirementsSMPL2CAPProximityFindMeHealthThermoPUIDSRCPATTGAP, GATT…APPLink LayerROMSRAM orflash• Thanks to this architecture:– The entire software stack up to GATTcan be put in ROM for cost reduction– Attribute database, profile andapplication can reside in SRAM or flash– Even if ROMed, the solution is stillflexible and can be used for variousapplications, with minimal memoryfootprint.– New profiles can be supported
  13. 13. May 1, 2013Implementation scenario 1 – fully hosted configuration• Single chip / single CPU wireless microcontroller solution– Most integrated solution– Lowest power consumption– Suitable for ultra small devices• Most software can be ROMedFull BLE protocolstack, profilesand application
  14. 14. May 1, 2013Implementation scenario 2 – split configuration• Connectivity IC + microcontroller IC: Dual chip / 2 CPUs solution– Flexible: BLE IC can be connected to any microcontroller IC through HCI– BLE IC running time critical software (lower layers BLE protocol stack below HCI)– Microcontroller IC running upper layers BLE protocol stack, profiles andapplication– HCI interface is standardized in the Bluetooth specifications• Full BLE IC software can be ROMedUpper layers BLEprotocol stack, profilesand applicationLower layers BLEprotocol stack (Link Layer)HCIBLE ICMCU IC
  15. 15. May 1, 2013Implementation scenario 3 – Connectivity IC: different split• Connectivity IC + microcontroller IC: Dual chip / 2 CPUs solution– BLE IC running full BLE protocol stack (and possibly profiles if not in MCU IC)– Microcontroller IC running application (and possibly profiles if not in BLE IC)– Lowest impact on MCU performance and memory– 2 chips solution, 2 CPU• Full BLE IC software can be ROMed, except attribute databaseProfiles + applicationFull BLEprotocol stackProprietary HCIBLE ICMCU IC
  16. 16. May 1, 2013Implementation scenario 4 - Transceiver IC• Transceiver IC + microcontroller IC: Dual chip / 1 CPU solution– Flexible: BLE IC can be connected to any microcontroller IC through SPI– Low cost BLE IC, like proprietary 2.4GHz RF IC• no CPU• Small memory (TX/RX buffers and control structures)• Microcontroller IC running whole software– Connected to the processor-less BLE IC through SPI– Runs the whole BLE SW stack (bigger memory), from Link layer to profiles andapplications.SPIFull BLE protocolstack, profilesand applicationBLE ICMCU IC
  17. 17. May 1, 2013Development platform• Flexible FPGA board with push buttons, joystick, LCD screen and sensorinterfaces• Allow full Bluetooth Smart application development• Connected to iPhone 4S running NiceWaves™ Bluetooth Smart demo app– Stores data on web database (on RW server) for remote monitoringBluetooth Smart eval kitiPhone 4SRunning NiceWavesBluetooth Smart AppData base in the cloudBattery
  18. 18. May 1, 2013EVB connected to iPhone 4S
  19. 19. May 1, 2013NiceWaves web database
  20. 20. May 1, 2013Thank you !Franz Dugand, RivieraWaves, Francefranz.dugand@rivierawaves.comSimon Gray, CSEM,