CloudStack 4.1, 4.2 and beyond


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Presentation about Apache CloudStack 4.1 and 4.2 for the CloudStack NYC Meetup group on April 10th, 2013.

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CloudStack 4.1, 4.2 and beyond

  1. 1. 4.1, 4.2 and Beyond!Chip Childers, Principal Engineer @SungardAS & VP Apache CloudStack @TheASF | Twitter: @chipchilders | IRC: chipc on freenode
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Chip. Nice to meet you.Chip Childers, Principal Engineer @SungardAS & VP Apache CloudStack @TheASF | Twitter: @chipchilders | IRC: chipc on freenode
  3. 3. Let’s Talk aboutCloudStack’s Upcoming Releases!Chip Childers, Principal Engineer @SungardAS & VP Apache CloudStack @TheASF | Twitter: @chipchilders | IRC: chipc on freenode
  4. 4. But first, a bit aboutthe CloudStack Release Process Time-based feature releases ~4 months* Bug-fixes in between Semantic Versioning for release numbers:  Started at version 4.1.0-incubating  4.1.0 will be backward compatible with 4.0.x-incubating Ongoing feature merges into master * Specific dates are hard to hit for the actual release, given that we’re volunteers and we want high quality releases!
  5. 5. So when do you get 4.1.0? Real soon now… No really… any day now… (I hope to start the vote in the next few days) It’ll take a few days after the vote passes to publish the official release though!
  6. 6. What’s in 4.1? Lots of internal architectural changes (we want to speed up development of new integrations) 20 new features 24 “improvements” 155 bug fixes
  7. 7. Architectural Changes Converted from custom injection framework to Spring Lots of refactoring:  Storage plugin model  Network plugin model  API implementation refactored (remains compatible) There’s a theme here: We are making CloudStack more flexible, both for developers and operators…
  8. 8. New Features in 4.1API, UI and Integration Options: AWS style regions Event pub-sub framework (RabbitMQ implementation) Advanced search within the UI API Server request throttling API Discoverer Service Users resetting their own passwords Users directly changing their API keys EC2 query API Cloudmonkey CLI
  9. 9. New Features in 4.1Networking: Nicira integration adds L3 functionality Persistent networks without a running VM Autoscale (Netscaler implementation) Juniper SRX & F5 Big IP inline mode Egress FW rules for guest networks Open vSwitch support for KVM
  10. 10. New Features in 4.1Compute: Support for passing custom VMX settings to vSphere on VM create Adding and removing Virtual NICs from VMs Reset SSH key within a VM
  11. 11. New Features in 4.1Storage: Volume resizing S3-backed secondary storage
  12. 12. Great, That’s 4.1…What about 4.2? Many features proposed for 4.1 were moved to 4.2 (Remember that time-based release thing?) 58 New Features scheduled for 4.2!  16 of them are already finished, including testing  Some of them won’t make the release (again, time-based!) 40 Improvements (same caveats as features)
  13. 13. A sampling of New Featurescoming in 4.2… Midonet and BigSwitch SDN  Zone-wide primary storage integrations  Security group isolation in Enhanced Baremetal Advanced Network zones provisioning  Dedicating resources to domains VM I/O Throttling and accounts Hyper-V 2012 Support  IP Address reservation w/o a LXC Support vNIC allocation Cisco VSG integration  Improved synchronization Cisco ASA 1000V between CloudStack and what’s actually running on the hosts VM Affinity Rules  vSphere DVS support Eliminate NFS layer for S3 secondary storage  UI Plugin framework
  14. 14. We’re just getting startedthough…
  15. 15. Enough about us, let’s talkabout you!
  16. 16. If you’re a CloudStack user,come join us!Ways you can participate:  Build a feature  Fix a bug  Help other users  Review, edit or prepare documentation  Feature and release testing  Marketing  Other ways that you come up with!If you’re interested, start here:
  17. 17. Thanks! (any questions?)Slides posted on slideshare at Chip Childers, Principal Engineer @SungardAS & VP Apache CloudStack @TheASF | Twitter: @chipchilders | IRC: chipc on freenode