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Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
Global SRVCS  Porfolio
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Global SRVCS Porfolio


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Published in: Business, Career
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  • Global SRVCS Building Relationship to Grow Your Business
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. About Global SRVCS
      • Established in early 2007 at the request of Beeline RPO
      • Hybrid onshore/offshore recruitment model
      • Hands on American Management and Training
      • Western approach to business
      • State of the Art Delivery Center located in Bali
      • Onshore Quality at Offshore rates
      • Experienced 300% growth to date
      • Supports top tier, mid-size, and small businesses
      • Scalable, cost effective, quality driven solutions
      • 4-Stage “in house” RPO Implementation Methodology
      • “ Green” business model with emphasis on community service
      • Operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week
      Building Relationships to Grow Your Business Global SRVCS’ vision is to provide Sourcing, Recruiting, and Virtual Consulting Services to clients in need of recruitment process solutions. We design and implement customized recruitment processes that are tailored to small, midsize and large scale enterprises. Global SRVCS’ approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) was born from experience and knowledge in agency staffing and corporate recruiting. We have applied best practices and methodologies taken from each of these environments to create an energetic, result driven, professional recruiting staff.
    • 3.
      • Results in a 50% - 75% savings over traditional RPO solutions, staffing agencies, or retained search firms
      • We implement an RPO approach that personalizes the candidate / client relationship
      • Our ability to reduce cost per hire, shorten your department’s hiring cycle, and increase candidate quality keeps your customers and managers happy
      • Allows your internal staff to focus on core competencies
      • All of our consultants are fluent English speakers who specialize in the recruiting industry
      • We are simply an extension of your HR department
      • Our contracted consultants can act as a third party when recruiting out of your competition
      • Location allows our team to work around the clock ensuring your recruiting needs are met. Your business is now operating 24 hours a day
      • The hourly and monthly pricing structures enable us to focus 100% of our consultant’s time on your critical business needs
      Why Use Global SRVCS? Building Relationships to Grow Your Business
    • 4. Building Relationships to Grow Your Business SRVCS
      • Global SRVCS solution offerings include:
      • Sourcing / e-Recruiting
      • Voice Screening
      • Full Lifecycle Recruitment / RPO
      • Name Generation
      • Executive Search
      Global SRVCS offers recruitment process solutions to companies looking for short and long term answers to talent acquisition. Our approach to business offers a flexible model to clients in search of recruitment services. We execute strategic initiatives that focus in on your hard to fill critical staffing needs or take on large scale recruitment efforts designed to support requirements enterprise wide.
    • 5. Leverage the talent of your on-site recruiters by enabling them to focus on core competencies such as candidate relationship management, interfacing with hiring manager, and conducting interviews. We source while you sleep to help add structure and organization to your recruiting staff’s day. Global SRVCS e-recruiters take on the time consuming activities that create backlog and drawn out hiring processes. When engaging the Global SRVCS’ e-recruitment team you are adding backend bandwidth allowing your department to increase candidate quality, reduce time to fill, and cut costs of retaining agency search firms. Sourcing / e-Recruiting Building Relationships to Grow Your Business
      • Our e-Recruiting Solutions include:
      • Job board searching
      • Internal database mining
      • ATS uploading
      • Open Web, X-Ray, Flipping
      • Job advertisement posting
      • Internal database scrubbing
      • Email filtering/screening
      • Email campaigns
      • Company branding
    • 6. Voice Screening Not enough hours in the day? Is your target candidate pool a time zone or two away? If so, Global SRVCS voice screening solution could be the answer to your problem.   As your day ends, ours is just beginning. Our 24/7 screening services allow for our clients to add the reach that they need to get in touch with those “impossible to contact” candidates. It is imperative that while your internal recruiters are on the job they are focusing on priority tasks. We help to lift the burden of moving through long call lists, last minute event coordinating, and resume screening.   Building Relationships to Grow Your Business
      • Our Voice Screening services include:
      • Technical testing
      • Presenting fully screened candidates
      • Candidate Relationship Management
      • Interview coordination
      • Reference checks
      • ATS tracking and disposition
    • 7. Full Lifecycle Recruitment / RPO Global SRVCS is making it possible for HR and Recruiting departments to outsource the entire “end-to-end” recruitment process. Our management teams work with clients to customize strategies that optimize existing workforce and provide solutions to internal inefficiency. We integrate our team and technology into our client’s current recruitment infrastructure and engage into the full lifecycle recruitment process. This scalable model allows for complete client flexibility and is guaranteed to reduce cost while drastically improving existing recruitment capabilities.     Building Relationships to Grow Your Business
      • What is included in an RPO Implementation?
      • Consultation
      • Blueprint
      • Realization / Implementation
      • Measurement
    • 8. Building Relationships to Grow Your Business Name Generation Global SRVCS name and lead generation solutions provide clients the ability to seek out active and passive professionals who are currently working directly for their competitors. Global SRVCS uses the most advanced internet research strategies, social networking tools, and cold calling tactics to identify names, phone numbers, and email addresses of active and passive candidates working for companies sharing the same industry space as our clients. We compile a list of valuable contacts for our internal staff to build relationships upon.
      • Why outsource name and lead generation?
      • Backbone of developing candidate and client relationships
      • Time consuming and tedious
      • Gain access to passive candidates
      • Allow recruiters to focus on core competencies
      • Reduce costs of using agencies
    • 9. Building Relationships to Grow Your Business Executive Search Our management team will then perform market and vacancy testing to ascertain that the search is viable. Once the search criterion is established Global SRVCS will begin implementing a customized recruitment strategy to source, screen, and short list candidates. The client will be kept abreast of all activity pertaining to the search until we begin to move to candidate closure. At the point there is mutual interest between a candidate and client, Global SRVCS will initiate reference checks and act as a bridge of negotiation. After the successful placement of a candidate we will continue ongoing dialogue with the client to ensure a smooth and seamless integration into the organization. This service offering enables our client’s to work with us on a contingency basis. When engaging into an executive search our clients are paying placement fees that are below the industry standard. We will conduct an in depth consultation to gain an understanding of the organization, culture and business initiatives, and the requirements of the search.
    • 10. Building Relationships to Grow Your Business To Do List
      • Streamline hiring process
      • Find cost effective sourcing solution
      • Work with a quality partner
      CONTACT GLOBAL SRVCS 703-485-0063
    • 11. Building Relationships to Grow Your Business Building Relationships to Grow Your Business