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Internet Marketing Through Articles and  Blogs
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Internet Marketing Through Articles and Blogs


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This presentation on Web promotion and internet marketing through article and blog. Helpful for Online business promotion and web marketing.

This presentation on Web promotion and internet marketing through article and blog. Helpful for Online business promotion and web marketing.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Presentation on INTERNET MARKETING
    “Through Articles and Blogs”
    Prepared By;
    Mr. Chintan Patel
    B.E. (EC), MBA (Marketing)
  • 2. Introduction
    The most important means is letting the people know that there is somebody out there that can meet their needs and offer them what they are looking for.
    Article marketing:- Topics closely related to one's business, and then submitting those articles to various directories or specialized article submission sites.
    Bio box:- Such a section contains information about the author of the article, and about his business. These articles also include a link that can lead possible visitors back to the original Web site.
    Pay attention (Duplicate Content):- Writing new articles and keeping your site constantly up-to-date are sure ways to prevent you from falling into that pit
  • 3. Tips for Writing Good Articles
    Select a good topic
    Don't write extensively long articles or Don't write very shortarticles
    Write original content
    Use appropriate, effective keywords
    Let your readers know that there is a person behind all those words
    Use language that is easily understood by the target readers
    Mind your grammar and spelling
    Use short sentences and paragraphs
    Write good headlines
  • 4. Article Marketing PROs and CONs
    • PROs
    Your Web site benefits from a surge in relevant traffic
    Improve Page Rank due to the increasing number of outbound links (links that come from outside your site)
    Visitors will want to return to your site
    Article Marketing is a great way to get back links.
    • CONs
    • 5. Writing articles is a laborious activity
    • 6. Article submission takes a lot of time
    • 7. Not everybody can write good articles
  • Anatomy of an Effective Article
    1. Decide on a Keyword to Target
    2. Select a Topic and an Angle
    3. Outline the Main Points
    4. Write the Article
    5. Write the Title
    6. Write a List of Keywords Separated by Commas
    7. Write a Short Description
    8. Edit Your Article
    9. Compose a Signature for the End of the Article
    10. Format Your Article
    11. Submit Your Article to Article Directories
  • 8. 50 Free Article Submission Websites
  • 9. Continue…
  • 10. BLOGS
    A blog can help you stay in touch with others, receive feedback from clients, build online reputation and awareness of your business.
    Polled 2,210 people , found that the increase in blog readership from 2004 to 2008 was 300 percent; 47 percent of online consumers now read blogs. our new releases.
    Blog are more trustworthy than a social network like Facebook, the study found; 25 percent said they trust blog ads, with 19 percent trusting social network ads.
  • 11. Three Blog-Related Considerations
    Blogs require an ongoing investment. (In Terms Of Men Power)
    Blogs can take time to have an impact on purchasing and search optimization. (Time Constraint)
    Blogs require transparency. (Ready to face people)
  • 12. Five Marketing Reasons to Use Blogs
    Provide information across a wide range . This can help customers at different points in the purchase cycle, including post-purchase support .
    Depending on your company and employee expertise, you may be able to utilize non marketing staff to author a blog, such as product developers, merchandisers, and customer service personnel who have offering-related expertise.
    Aid search optimization with additional content and internal and external linking.
    Enhance content offering, including photo galleries, videos, to help customers better visualize how they would use your products.
    Enable interaction through comments. This input can help both your firm and customers.
  • 13. Top 50 Free Blog Directories
  • 14. Continue….
  • 15. Blogs : Pros
    To promote your products and services.
    Blogging will help develop stronger relationships and loyalty with your clients by providing useful information on regular basis.
    Search engines scan them on daily basis. This means you are reaching a far larger public than you expect
    By enabling comments to your blog, you’ll have a free opportunity to get feedback and see how the readers react to your products, prices, etc.
    A professional blog will help in presenting your organization as a trustworthy and experienced one.
  • 16. Blogs : Cons
    It’s difficult to find quality blogs.
    For business blogs it’s also difficult to find the right blogger who can write comprehensible text that appeal to the public and call to action.
    Blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain.
    Writing is a time-consuming task.
    If you don’t update your blog, your organization might lose reputation.
    Hire a professional writer to blog for your organization.
  • 17. Thank You