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  1. 1. BY Chanting Lee & Nora LiWORKSHOP SESSION
  2. 2. Seven young broadcasters fromregional areas around Australia,camera, laptop, portable recorder andphone, accredited training, one youthforum and two days of broadcasting…
  3. 3. First Day - Training
  4. 4. Our trainer… Erin McCuskey • Multimedia trainer from Yum Productions
  5. 5. Other eChamps…•From Cairns•FromFrankston, VIC•FromTenterfield,NSW•FromBrisbane•From Malvern,VIC
  6. 6. Using Social Media• Twitter- using the hashtag (#)- #nembcyouth12• Facebook- status updates- facebookpage/groups• Youtube- videos• Blog/Website
  7. 7. What We Learnt on the first day…• aftermeeting and talking with other youth presenters fromdifferent regional areas, we found that the aspects we needto improve at our respective radio stations have a lot incommon• how to use social media to engage with audiences and
  8. 8. Tour of the 4EB Radio Station
  9. 9. Second Day – Radio Active Youth Forum• all 7 of us were assigned to cover one major part of theforum respectively, and also assist others in either takingphotos, videos, or notes• post them on the eChamps blog• record the day’s activities on Facebook, Twitter, etc. topractice what we learnt the day before
  10. 10. We are working ^^
  11. 11. The Presenters for the Day…• 4EB President Nick Dmyterko•‘Get heard and Get on Air’Current youth presenters from a couple of different Radio Stations inBrisbane discussed what they do and let us know about the opportunitiesthat exist in QLD and Brisbane to have a voice in the media and how toaccess free broadcast training at local radio stations.• Speaking Out with Rhianna PatrickRhianna from ABC local Radio discussed her media journey, theimportance of speaking out on underrepresented issues and storiesrelating to communities. She also looked at the intersection of technologyand broadcasting.• Media Career Pathways - Sinead Lee and Thomas WrightSinead Lee discussed her media journey from 4EB to ABC, 4BC andChannel 10. Thomas Wright, a 4EB youth German broadcaster, discussedhis experience of Community Radio as well and how he has been able tomove into paid radio employment.Dr Kitty van Vuuren discussed opportunities at the Journalism andCommunications at University of Queensland
  12. 12. • Multimedia FeastErin McCuskey, social media user, trainer and commentator from yumcreative multimedia studio, discussed the opportunities to share and shapemedia online. She also talked about some projects that led the way andshowed us what is "Tune In", the new NEMBC multimedia website, whichoffers youth broadcasters to share their content beyond borders, beyondtechnology and connect with people around Australia.• Radio and OnlineTane Karamaina (4EB Maori program) and Aneel Mazhar (4EB Pakistaniprogram) discussed multimedia opportunities at 4EB Radio and the use ofnew media and social networking in your programming.• Youth Broadcaster sharing session-At this session we heard from 2 young presenters from different radiostations from around Cairn FM and 4ZZZ FM. They told us what they do,how they connected with their community/audience, innovative ideas andapproach which they used in their shows or at their station and anychallenges they encounter.
  13. 13. At the very end, all the participants were divided into 3groups to discuss how to connect with audiences and wereally came up with a lot of innovative ideas.
  14. 14. And then wedid thepresentationas a group
  15. 15. Thanks forlistening!Any questions? =)
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