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NetDragon Introduction 2011
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NetDragon Introduction 2011


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Introduction to NetDragon Websoft Inc.

Introduction to NetDragon Websoft Inc.

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  • 1. Introduction to NetDragon Websoft Inc. (figures updated to Jul. 2011)
  • 2. l  Established in 1999l  One of the leading online game developers and operators in Chinal  Started online game business in 2001l  English Conquer Online hit N.A. in 2004l  Started mobile division in 2007l  Listed on Main Board of SEHK in 2008l  R&D of 2000+
  • 3. •  In House Game & •  91 Open Mobile Engine Dev. Platform•  Oversea •  Application Marketing & Development Game License Game Mobile Innovation Education• (with •  Educational Sites Cartoon Network) •  Educational E-•  Digital Publishing books/Apps•  Outsource •  Mobile School Platform
  • 4. 9/03 Conquer Online 7/02 3/06 07/10 Monster and Me Eudemons Online CJ7 Online 12/09 Tian Yuan 12/09 Disney Fantasy Online 4/07 Zero Online 3/09 Way of the Five 12/07 5/08Tou Ming Zhuang Online Heroes of Might & Magic Online
  • 5. 1Q 2012 Late 2010E TRANSFORMERS Online Dungeon Keeper Online* (3D ARPG) 2H 2010E (Medieval ARPG) Stock Tycoon*(3D Modern Sim) 4Q 2011E Cross Gate* (2D side-scroll fighter) 2H 2011E Witty Cards* (Online TCG) 4Q 2011E Absolute Force* (3D FPS)
  • 6. North EuropeAmerica M.E.N.A. Japan Brazil S.E.A. Greater China
  • 7. Most attractive titles for oversea market***Some titles involves license discussion with original IP owner
  • 8. •  3D MMORPG•  ARPG + Dungeon construction•  Evil is Good (Human & Evil faction)•  In house developed 3D engine – S3•  F2P + Item Based•  Target launch Date: Q4 2011•  Licensed by EA•  Licensed territory: Greater China•
  • 9. •  3D MMORPG + TPS•  Autobots + Decepticons + Third Faction!•  In house developed 3D engine – S3•  F2P + Item Based•  Target launch date: Q1 2012•  Licensed by Hasbro•  Licensed territory: Greater China•
  • 10. •  Self developed 2.5D fantasy MMORPG•  Launched in 2006•  Top historical PCU: 700,000•  5 expansion patches, including lasted on Apr. 2011•  Global operation: N.A., Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore•
  • 11. •  Self developed 2.5D Kung Fu Martial MMORPG•  Launched in 2003•  7 expansion patches•  Global operation: N.A., Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, France, MENA, Japan, Russia (soon)•  IPAD version on Sept.•  Web browser version on Aug.•
  • 12. •  Self developed 2.5D Sci-Fi MMORPG•  Launched in 2007•  3 expansion patches (newest one on 28th Mar. 2011)•  Oversea operation: N.A., Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan•
  • 13. Top player in Chinese mobile marketplace
  • 14. —  Over 70mn installation of 91 PC Suite and Apps—  More than 6mn weekly active users—  Over 30mn weekly downloads of contents—  More than 33mn daily PV of—  Total download of contents over 1.7bn
  • 15. Distribution 91Games & Apps Mobile Portal Platform 3rd Party SDK
  • 16. —  PC and Mobile end all around —  Biggest and most actively cross platform cellphone used Android marketplace management tool in China—  Apps, Themes, Wallpapers, —  Over 25,000 Apps Ringtones, Tools—  Over 15mn of total PC end —  Apps localized in Chinese users; 9.43mn of Mobile end —  Over 1.8mn daily download—  3.23mn of PC end weekly active users, and 3.35mn of —  Working with over 4,000 Mobile end developers
  • 17. 48,896 Total Apps (by Jul. 2011) In-House 3rd Party APPsGames: Apps:91 Farm Panda Reader91 Ranch Panda Player91 Fishing Panda Desktopand MORE tablet 91 Showgames coming… Panda Space …
  • 18. —  Largest smart phone portal —  Launched on Mar. 2009 in China —  Over 8mn PV—  Over 33mn daily PV —  Over 4.4mn users
  • 19. Released SDK for 3rd party on Dec. 2010Platform users: over 2mn•  Login, Registration •  Virtual Store•  Payment, Top-up •  Notification•  Friend, Status •  Rank, Achievement•  Message, Announcement •  Forum•  User Feedback •  Applications Center•  Build Detection and Update •  Interface for Sina Account and Share