Final Year M.Tech/B.Tech IEEE Projects-Dip,dsp & communication [matlab & ti processor]


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Data mining, Mobile computing, system, NETWORKING, application, PLC,
 Compression of images
 Fusion of different images
 Communication projects in MIMO, OFDM
 Wireless technology.
 SIMULINK Projects.
 DSP hardware kit projects

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Final Year M.Tech/B.Tech IEEE Projects-Dip,dsp & communication [matlab & ti processor]

  1. 1. DIP, DSP & Communication [MATLAB & TI Processor] Email: PSDIP302 PSDIP303 PSDIP304 PSDIP305 PSDIP306 PSDIP307 PSDIP308 PSDIP309 PSDIP310 PSDIP311 PSDIP312 PSDIP313 PSDIP314 PSDIP315 PSDIP316 PSDIP317 PSDIP318 PSDIP319 PSDIP320 PSDIP321 Implementation of Image Fusion algorithm using MATLAB Directive Contrast Based Multimodal Bio-Medical Image Fusion in NSCT Domain Robust Face Representation Using Hybrid Spatial Feature Interdependence Matrix Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR): A Stateof-the-Art Review Fuzzy C-Means Clustering With Local Information and Kernel Metric for Image Segmentation Automatic Defect Detection on Hot-Rolled Flat Steel Products Fabric Defect Detection Algorithm Using Morphological Processing and DCT MR image de-noising and enhancing Using multiresolution image Decomposition technique Fast Compression Algorithm of SAR Image Based on Compressed Sensing DSP Implementation of Moving Object Detection in Frames by Using Background Subtraction Algorithm Image Fusion with Guided Filtering Machine vision-Based Defect Detection in IC Images Using the Partial Information Correlation Coefficient and Pit Detection using image processing in PCB boards Visible and IR image fusion algorithm for short range Smoke and weapon detection Compression of Hyper spectral Images Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Tucker Decomposition A Bi orthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking Scheme Multimodal Biometric Recognition Using Iris Feature Extraction and Palm print Features Design and implementation of an automatic traffic sign recognition system on TI Processor Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption Separated Component-Based Restoration of Speckled SAR Images Fusion of Color, Shape and Texture Features for Content Based Image Retrieval Implementation and performance analysis of DCTDWT-SVD based watermarking algorithms for color images APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY / CORE Multimedia & Photoshop Bio-Medical Biometric Security system Machine vision Bio-Medical Machine vision Machine vision Machine vision Storage & Transmission Surveillance Bio-Medical Machine vision Surveillance IEEE 2013 TMS320C6745|Interfacing|Wireless|Sensor Application Digital Image Processing PSDIP301 PROJECT THEME Storage & Transmission Data Security Biometric Security system Machine vision Data Security Machine vision Neuro computing Data Security| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2013 ADSPBF532Processor Image Processing PROJECT CODE 7
  2. 2. DIP, DSP & Communication [MATLAB & TI Processor] Email: PSDIP324 PSDIP325 PSDIP326 PSDIP327 PSDIP328 PSDIP329 PSDIP330 PSDIP331 PSDIP332 PSDIP333 PSDIP334 PSDIP335 PSDIP336 PSDIP337 PSDIP338 PSDIP339 PSDIP340 PSDIP341 PSDIP342 PSDIP343 Analysis of Spectral shaping on DFT-OFDM DFT based channel estimator for OFDM systems with Leakage Estimation Realizing cooperative multiuser OFDMA systems with subcarrier resource allocation Resource allocation for OFDMA cognitive radios under channel certainty Audio Watermarking Via EMD Uncompressed Video Quality Metric Based on Watermarking Technique Border Crossing Security and Privacy in Biometric Passport using Cryptographic Authentication Protocol EEG Signal Classification using Principal Component Analysis with Neural Network in Brain Computer Interface Applications Day or Night Activity Recognition from Video Using Fuzzy Clustering Techniques A Robust QR- Code Video Watermarking Scheme Based On SVD and DWT Composite Domain Wavelet Based ECG Steganography for Protecting Patient Confidential Information in Point-of-Care Systems Usage of Electroencephalography to detect drivers’ emotion with Neural networks Intensity Range Based Background Subtraction for Effective Object Detection Shadow Removal for Background Subtraction Using Illumination Invariant Measures The Human-Height Measurement Scheme by Using Image Processing Techniques for sport applications Aircraft Recognition in High-Resolution Satellite Images Using Coarse-to-Fine Shape Prior Design of Low-Complexity High-Performance Wavelet Filters for Image Analysis Noise reduction in magnetic resonance images using adaptive non-local means filtering Storage & Transmission Data security Machine vision Mobile system Antenna Design Antenna Design WSN(wireless sensor N/w) CR(Cognitive Radio) Data security IEEE 2013 OFDM|MIMO|CDMA Communication System Design PSDIP323 Image Compression Using Lifting Based Wavelet Transform Coupled With SPIHT Algorithm Secure Transmission Bio-Medical Data for Pervasive Healthcare System using Android Contrast Enhancement Using Dominant Brightness Level Analysis and Adaptive Intensity Transformation for Remote Sensing Images Performance Analysis of New Binary User Codes for DS-CDMA Communication over Rayleigh fading channel Data security Biometric Security system Neuro computing Surveillance Data security Data security Machine vision Surveillance Surveillance IEEE 2013 ECG|EEG|Cryptographic protocol Digital Signal & Video Processing PSDIP322 Surveillance Surveillance Biometric Security system Machine vision| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 8
  3. 3. DIP, DSP & Communication [MATLAB & TI Processor] Email: PSDIP345 PSDIP346 PSDIP347 PSDIP348 PSDIP349 PSDIP350 PSDIP351 PSDIP352 PSDIP353 PSDIP354 PSDIP355 PSDIP356 PSDIP357 PSDIP358 PSDIP359 PSDIP360 PSDIP361 PSDIP362 PSDIP363 PSDIP364 PSDIP365 Gender Classification Based on Fusion of Different Spatial Scale Features Selected by Mutual Information From Histogram of LBP, Intensity, and Shape Recognizing Surgically Altered Face Images Using Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm An Averaging Technique for Improving Human Age Estimation Algorithms “i” - A novel algorithm for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Building Detection in Aerial Images Based on Watershed and Visual Attention Feature Descriptors Real time Rotation invariant Static hand Gesture recognition using an Orientation based Hash code Efficient Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Gamma Correction with Weighting Distribution Simultaneous Facial Feature Tracking and Facial Expression Recognition Introduction to the Special Issue on Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data Parameter Estimation for Blind and Non-Blind Deblurring Using Residual Whiteness Measures Probabilistic Fuzzy Image Fusion Approach for Radar Through Wall Sensing Adaptive Local Tone Mapping Based on Retinex for High Dynamic Range Images Binary Plane Technique for Super Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Integer Wavelet Transform Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using DualTree Complex Wavelet Transform and Nonlocal Means Satellite Image Enhancement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Threshold Decomposition Driven Morphological Filter Track Creation and Deletion Framework for Long-Term Online Multi face Tracking Colorization-Based Compression Using Optimization Histology Image Retrieval in Optimized Multifeature Spaces Fast SIFT Design for Real-Time Visual Feature Extraction Detection and Analysis of Irregular Streaks in Dermoscopic Images of Skin Lesions Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Detection Using Mammograms: A Review Automatic retrieval of MRI brain Image using multiqueries system Computer Machine vision Biometric Security system Computer Machine vision Computer Machine vision Surveillance Computer Machine vision Machine vision Computer Machine vision Surveillance Machine vision Machine vision Machine vision Machine vision Machine vision Machine vision IEEE 2013 Enhancement|Fusion|Recognition|Fuzzy logic Digital Image Processing PSDIP344 Computer Machine vision Storage & Transmission Neuro computing Neuro computing Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Neuro computing| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 9
  4. 4. DIP, DSP & Communication [MATLAB & TI Processor] Email: PSDIP368 PSDIP369 Binary Compressed Imaging PSDIP370 Visually Lossless Encoding for JPEG2000 PSDIP371 PSDIP372 PSDIP373 PSDIP374 PSDIP375 PSDIP376 PSDIP377 PSDIP378 PSDIP379 PSDIP380 PSDIP381 PSDIP382 PSDIP383 PSDIP384 PSDIP385 PSDIP386 PSDIP387 Automatic Segmentation of Antenatal 3-D Ultrasound Images An Efficient Steganography Technique Based on Chaotic Maps and Adaptive PPM Embedding General Framework to Histogram-Shifting-Based Reversible Data Hiding Brain Tumor Classification Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network Cancer Detection using Bi clustering Segmentation of Tissues in MR Images using Modified Spatial Fuzzy C Means Algorithm Copy-Move Forgery Detection based on SVD in Digital Image Novel Techniques to reduce PAPR in OFDM Systems Using Threshold SLM Energy Efficient Transmission for MIMO-OFDM Systems On Performance of Vector OFDM With Linear Receivers Comparative analysis of BER performance of dwt based OFDM system with conventional FFT based OFDM system. Blind Channel Shortening for Space-Time-Frequency Block Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems PAPR Reduction based on a Modified PTS with Interleaving and Pulse Shaping method for STBC MIMO-OFDM System Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images based on Image Fusion and Fuzzy Clustering Facial Expression Recognition in Perceptual Color Space Palm print Identification Using Transform Domain and Spatial Domain Techniques Remote-Sensing Image De noising Using Partial Differential Equations and Auxiliary Images as Priors Neuro computing Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Storage & Transmission Storage & Transmission Bio-Medical Data Security Data Security Bio-Medical Bio-Medical IEEE 2013 For steganography | Compression | Segmentation Digital Image Processing PSDIP367 Performance Evaluation 0f Image Retrieval Using Enhanced 2D Dual Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform Automatic Detection of Optic Disc Based on PCA and Mathematical Morphology Wavelet statistical texture features-based segmentation and classification of brain computed Tomography images Bio-Medical Data Security Antenna Co-Operative N/W Antenna,Wi-Fi Antenna Antenna, N/W Antenna, N/W Surveillance Computer Machine vision Biometric Security system IEEE 2012 OFDM|MIMO Communication System Design PSDIP366 Machine vision| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 10
  5. 5. DIP, DSP & Communication [MATLAB & TI Processor] Email: PSDIP393 PSDIP394 PSDIP395 PSDIP396 PSDIP397 PSDIP398 PSDIP399 PSDIP400 PSDIP401 PSDIP402 PSDIP403 PSDIP404 PSDIP405 PSDIP406 Computer Machine vision Computer Machine vision Surveillance Surveillance Machine vision Data Security Data Security Storage & Transmission Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Bio-Medical Antenna, N/W Antenna, N/W Antenna, N/W| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited Digital Image Processing PSDIP392 Surveillance Steganography | Compression |Segmentation PSDIP391 Computer Machine vision IEEE 2012 For Enhancement | Fusion | Recognition Digital Image Processing PSDIP390 Machine vision IEEE 2012 PSDIP389 A Single Image Enhancement using Inter-channel Correlation Robustness of Offline Signature Verification Based on Gray Level Features Background Subtraction for Dynamic Texture Scenes Using Fuzzy Color Histograms Feature Extraction of Currency Notes An Approach Based on Wavelet Transform Gender Recognition from Face Images with Local Wld Descriptor A New Change Detection Algorithm for Visual Surveillance System Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Land Cover Mapping Using Satellite Images Foggy Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Decomposition, Quadratic Threshold and AutoAdaptive LUM Filter Pixel Bit Manipulation for Encoded Hiding – An Inherent Stego A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching Content-Based Image Compression for ArbitraryResolution Display Devices Tumor-Cut Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radio surgery Applications Wavelet-Based Energy Features for Glaucomatous Image Classification Multilevel Segmentation of Histo pathological Images of Tissue Objects Non-Melanoma Skin Lesion Classification Using Color Image Data In A Hierarchical K-NN Classifier Innovative Feature Set for Retinopathy Analysis of Diabetes and its Detection An Improved DFT-based Channel Estimation Algorithm For MIMO-OFDM Systems Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using Singular Value Decomposition and Water Filling Algorithm Enhancing Communication System Efficiencies by Wavelet Implementation IEEE 2011 MIMO|OFDM Communication PSDIP388 11