B.E/B.Tech Latest IEEE Projects On Embedded sytem design 2013


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Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd, Provides Projects guidance for BE, B.Tech, & ME,M.Tech and all Electrical science Students......
 PSoc,
 Robotics,
 Bio-Medical,
 Bio-Metrics,
 Image Processing Application,
 Protocols (CAN,LAN, Ethernet,)
 Security Application,
 Communication (GSM,GPS,Zigbee, Wi-fi).

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B.E/B.Tech Latest IEEE Projects On Embedded sytem design 2013

  1. 1. Embedded System Design PSEMB304 PSEMB305 PSEMB306 PSEMB307 PSEMB308 PSEMB309 PSEMB310 PSEMB311 PSEMB312 PSEMB313 PSEMB314 PSEMB315 PSEMB316 PSEMB317 Emotion Recognition of EEG Underlying Favourite Music by Support Vector Machine Real-time Assessment of Vigilance Level using an Innovative Mindo4 Wireless EEG System Location Estimation Using Probability Map of a ZigBee Sensor Network Instrumentation for safe vehicular flow in intelligent traffic control systems using wireless networks Electric Vehicle Charging Method for Smart Homes/Buildings with a Photovoltaic System Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on Wireless Sensor Networks Context-Adaptive Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for Energy-Efficient Gas Monitoring A Zigbee Sms Alert System With Trust Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks A Novel and Lightweight System to Secure Wireless Medical Sensor Networks VehNode: Wireless Sensor Network platform for automobile pollution control Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking Dynamic wireless sensor networks for real time safeguard of workers exposed to physical agents in constructions sites Secure and Lightweight Network Admission and Transmission Protocol for Body Sensor Networks Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind PSEMB318 Intelligent Monitoring and Control Rendered to Street Lighting Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module Accelerometer Based Intelligent System for Human Movement PSEMB320 Recognition A Low-Power Lighting Control System using Wireless Sensor PSEMB321 Network Approach A Flexible Wireless Body Sensor Network System for Health PSEMB322 Monitoring PSEMB319 PSEMB323 A Novel Approach to Implement Green Wave system and Detection of Stolen Vehicles Ambient Intelligence Ambient Intelligence Ambient Intelligence ITS ITS Ambient Intelligence IACS IACS Bio Engineering Green Machine ITS IACS Bio Engineering Bio-Gadgets Energy Consumption Digital Farming Ambient Intelligence Energy Consumption Bio Engineering ITS www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited ARM7|Bluetooth | GSM PSEMB303 Detection of Drowsiness using EEG Based EOG artifact Analysis IEEE 2013 PSEMB302 A Brain Computer Interface for Smart Home Control Ambient Intelligence Ambient Intelligence ITS TECHNOLOGY / CORE Brain Computer Interface PSEMB301 EEG-Based Brain-Controlled Mobile Robots: A Survey APPLICATION IEEE 2013 ARDUINO Wi-Fi | Zigbee | Bluetooth | GSM | RFID PROJECT THEME IEEE 2013 ARM CORTEX Wi-Fi | Zigbee | Bluetooth | GSM | RFID PROJECT CODE Email: embedded@pantechmail.com 1
  2. 2. Embedded System Design PSEMB329 PSEMB330 Automatic Vehicle Navigation using Dijkstra’s Algorithm ITS Design and Implementation of the Balance of Two-Wheeled Robots Experimental Validation of a Quaternion-based Attitude PSEMB332 Estimation with Direct Input to a Quadcopter Control System PSEMB333 Designing a Spatially Aware and Autonomous Quadcopter Green Machine Weaponology PSEMB334 Semantic-Aware Real-Time Scheduling in Robotics Multi-objective Continuous-Ant-Colony-Optimized FC for PSEMB335 Robot Wall-Following Control Wireless and Pyro electric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor PSEMB336 Human/Robot Localization and Monitoring Dynamic Ultrasonic Hybrid Localization System for Indoor PSEMB337 Mobile Robots Wheelchair Obstacle Avoidance Based On Fuzzy Controller And PSEMB338 Ultrasonic Sensors Indoor Positioning: A Review of Indoor Ultrasonic Positioning PSEMB339 systems Online Control of Fuzzy Based Mine Detecting Robot Using PSEMB340 Virtual Instrumentation Weaponology SuperDroid Robots Ambient Intelligence Ambient Intelligence Bio-Gadgets PSEMB331 PSEMB341 A Survey on Ambient-Assisted Living Tools for Older Adults PSEMB342 A Topology-Based Model for Railway Train Control Systems PSEMB343 PSEMB344 PSEMB345 PSEMB346 PSEMB347 Dynamic Matrix and Model Predictive Control for a Semi-Auto Pilot Car Energy-Aware Sensor Node Design With Its Application in Wireless Sensor Networks Feasibility of a MEMS Sensor for Gas Detection in HV OilInsulated Transformer Human Daily Activity Recognition With Sparse Representation Using Wearable Sensors Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller for Optimized Autonomous Parking Weaponology Ambient Intelligence Weaponology Bio Engineering ITS Automotive Energy Consumption IACS Bio Engineering Automotive www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited Bluetooth| GSM | Touch Screen PSEMB328 IEEE 2013 PSEMB327 Android -MCU Interface/ARM 7 PSEMB326 Smart Phone Application Smart Phone Application Smart Phone Application Smart Phone App Smart Phone Application Smart Phone Application IEEE 2013 Robotics/ ARM 7 PWM| Zigbee| GPS| GSM | RFID| Touch Screen PSEMB325 Design and Implementation of Home care System on Wireless Sensor Network Remote Control System of Smart Appliances Based on Wireless Sensor Network Reliable Measurement of Wireless Sensor Network Data for Forecasting Wellness of Elderly at Smart Home Uncertainty-Aware Household Appliance Scheduling Considering Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Smart Home A Security Layer for Smartphone-to-Vehicle Communication Over Bluetooth Using a Smartphone to Measure Heart Rate Changes during Relived Happiness and Anger IEEE 2013 ARM 7 I2C| PWM| Touch Screen | GPRS PSEMB324 Email: embedded@pantechmail.com 2
  3. 3. PSEMB351 PSEMB352 PSEMB353 PSEMB354 PSEMB355 PSEMB356 PSEMB357 PSEMB358 PSEMB359 PSEMB360 PSEMB361 PSEMB362 PSEMB363 PSEMB364 PSEMB365 PSEMB366 PSEMB367 PSEMB368 PSEMB369 Reduce the Standby Power Consumption of a Microwave Oven Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Scheduling Method Incorporating Customer Convenience for Home Energy Management System Intelligent Household LED Lighting System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using a low-cost setup Wireless Access Control System based on IEEE 802.15.4 RFID-based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network Embedded Power and Energy Measurement System Based on an Analog Multiplier Solar Powered Water Quality Monitoring system using wireless Sensor Network Forest Fire Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Using Fuzzy Logic IACS IACS Digital Farming Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Automotive Bio-Metric Security Deforestation ITS Energy Consumption IACS Deforestation Digital Farming Application of a wireless sensor network technology based on Environmental GPS for structural health monitoring Monitoring Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and IACS Intelligent Control Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in ITS Vehicles HMM-Based Human Fall Detection and Prediction Method Bio Using Tri-Axial Accelerometer Engineering An Enhanced Accident Detection And Victim Status Indicating ITS System: Prototype An Innovative Method of Teaching Electronic System Design Education With PSoC A Tactile Micro Transceiver for Fingertip Touch and Movement IACS Recognition with Texture Expression Design of Milk Analysis Embedded System for Dairy Farmers www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2013 ARM 9 Wi-Fi | Zigbee | Bluetooth | GPS | GSM MEMS-Integrated Load Cell for Measuring Pressure, Erosion, and Deposition in Dynamic Environmental Flows Multi-core Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks: Architecture PSEMB349 and Applications Precise Moisture Monitoring for Various Soil Types Using PSEMB350 Handheld Microwave-Sensor Meter PSEMB348 IEEE 2013 ARM 7 I2C | PWM | Wi-Fi | Zigbee | GPS | GSM | Touch Screen Email: embedded@pantechmail.com IEEE 2012-13 PSOC Wi-Fi | Zigbee | GPS Embedded System Design 3
  4. 4. Automotive Automotive An Integrated Health Management Process for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems A CAN Bus based system for monitoring and fault diagnosis in Wind Turbine Design And Development Of Microcontroller Based Vehicle Monitoring System Using Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol The House Intelligent Switch Control Network Based on CAN Bus A Flexible Architecture for Managing Vehicle Sharing Systems (Green - E Box) An RTOS-based Architecture for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Stacks with Multi-Processor Support RT Linux Priority Reversal and Priority Inheritance Mechanism Analyzing the Effect of Gain Time on Soft-Task Scheduling Policies in Real-Time Systems Development of Biomedical Data Acquisition System in Hard Real-Time Linux Environment Brain Signal Detection Methodology for Attention Training using minimal EEG channels Development of Microcontroller based ambulatory instrument to detect drowsiness EEG based detection of alcoholics using spectral entropy Automotive PSEMB382 PSEMB383 PSEMB384 PSEMB385 PSEMB386 PSEMB387 PSEMB388 PSEMB389 PSEMB390 PSEMB391 PSEMB392 PSEMB393 IACS Automotive Ambient Intelligence Green Machine IACS IACS Automotive Bio Engineering Weaponology ITS ITS www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2012-13 TCP-IP / ARM 7 SPI | I2C GSM | RFID IEEE 2013 CAN / ARM 7 SPI | PWM | Zigbee | GPS | GSM | RFID PSEMB380 Controller Area Network for Intelligent Vehicular Systems Monitoring driving habits through an automotive CAN network PSEMB381 IEEE 2012 -13 RTOS/ ARM 7 PWM| Touch Screen An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System for Bio-Metric Mobile Devices Security An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen With a Trajectory Digital notes PSEMB371 Recognition Algorithm for Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System using Wireless ITS PSEMB372 Communication Angular Variation Methodology for Landslide Measurement Environmental PSEMB373 Monitoring Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Green PSEMB374 Based on Wireless Sensor Networks Machine Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Air Pollution Green PSEMB375 Monitoring Machine ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network for Radiation Monitoring at IACS PSEMB376 Nuclear Facilities A Compact Remote Monitoring System for a Three-Phase 10IACS PSEMB377 kVA Energy-Efficient Switchable Distribution Transformer Induction Machine Fault Diagnosis using Microcontroller and IACS PSEMB378 Real Time Digital Simulation Unit PSEMB379 Ethernet Enabled Digital 1/0 Control in Embedded Systems IACS PSEMB370 IEEE 2012-13 PSOC Wi-Fi | Zigbee | GPS Email: embedded@pantechmail.com IEEE 2012-13 Brain Computer Interface Embedded System Design 4
  5. 5. Embedded System Design Email: embedded@pantechmail.com PSEMB397 PSEMB398 PSEMB399 PSEMB400 PSEMB401 PSEMB402 Wireless Power Transfer System for Diagnostic Sensor on Rotating Spindle A Multiple Inductive Loop Vehicle Detection System for Heterogeneous and Lane-Less Traffic Novel Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Distribution Management with Photovoltaic System Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles A WiFi based Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring an Agricultural Environment Embedded System Integrated Into a Wireless Sensor Network PSEMB403 for Online Dynamic Torque and Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motors Energy Efficient Image Transmission in Wireless Multimedia PSEMB404 Sensor Networks Multimodal Image Analysis on Self-Powered Resource-Limited PSEMB405 Wireless Smart Camera A Third Generation Design For the Automation of inter PSEMB406 Networked banking and Teller Machine Operations Using Universal Subscriber Identification Modules Multimodal Biometric Recognition for iris feature extraction PSEMB407 and palm print features Weapon authentication & control System Based on Wireless PSEMB408 Novel Designing of Electronic Voting System Based on Biometric Authentication An Embedded Real time finger vein recognition system for PSEMB410 mobile Devices An online Examination System Using Multi Layered Security PSEMB411 Application Iris Biometrics for embedded systems PSEMB412 PSEMB409 PSEMB413 PIR based motion detection monitoring with alert Using GSM/ GPRS technology IACS Automotive IACS ITS IACS Energy Consumption ITS Digital Farming IACS SuperDroid Robots Ambient Intelligence Bio-Metric Security Bio-Metric Security Weaponology Bio-Metric Security Bio-Metric Security Bio-Metric Security Bio-Metric Security Ambient Intelligence www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2012-13 ARM 7 | Wireless Power Transfer I2C | PWM | Touch| GPS | GSM | PSEMB396 Via-Wheel Power Transfer to Vehicles in Motion ITS IEEE 2013 - 12 Machine Vision | 8051| PIC | ARM Wi-Fi | Zigbee |Touch Screen| GPS | GSM | RFID Mobile Wireless Power Transfer System Suppressing Reflection by Pick-up and Reflector Operating Frequency Selection for Loosely Coupled Wireless PSEMB395 Power Transfer Systems with Respect to RF Emissions and RF Exposure Requirements PSEMB394 5
  6. 6. PSEMB417 PSEMB418 PSEMB419 PSEMB420 PSEMB421 PSEMB422 PSEMB423 PSEMB424 PSEMB425 PSEMB426 PSEMB427 PSEMB428 PSEMB429 PSEMB430 PSEMB431 PSEMB432 PSEMB433 PSEMB434 PSEMB435 PSEMB436 PSEMB437 Bio-Gadgets Ambient Intelligence Bio-Gadgets Bio-Gadgets Bio-Gadgets Bio-Gadgets Bio-Gadgets Bio-Gadgets Ambient Intelligence ITS ITS ITS IACS IACS IACS Bio-Gadgets Ambient Intelligence ITS IACS ITS www.finalyearieeeprojects.com|www.pantechsolutions.net | www.pantechproed.com © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 8051 | PIC | ARM PSEMB416 SuperDroid Robots SuperDroid Robots SuperDroid Robots SuperDroid Robots IEEE 2012-11 PSEMB415 Automatic Docking system for recharging e surveillance robots Robot movement strategies in the environment enriched with RFID tags Aided Navigation Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Unmanned Vehicles Temporal Awareness in Tele operation of Conversational Robots Ultrasonic spectacles and waist belt for virtually impaired and blind person Fall Detection by built-In Tri axes Accelerometer On Smartphone An indoor navigation approach to aid the physically disabled wireless sensor Network Based Home Monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly Design and implementation of Real Time Embedded TeleHealth Monitoring system Wearable Wireless Vital Monitoring Technology for Smart Health Care Real Life Applicable Fall Detection System Based on Wireless Body Area network A Reliable Transmission Protocol for Zigbee – Based Wireless Patient Monitoring Robust path based hand gesture recognition based on finger earth Mover’s distance Maritime Traffic Monitoring Based on Vessel Detection, Tracking, State Estimation, and Trajectory Prediction Ship Detection with Wireless Sensor Networks Multisensory Railway Track Geometry Surveying System Design of Automatic Meter Reading based on Zigbee A multidimensional Critical State Analysis for detecting intrusions in SCADA systems Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification system New Hand gesture recognition method for mouse operation Supermarket Fresh area monitoring and prototypic realization for superstore trolley An advanced Ambulance rescue system using prioritized traffic switching A web based remote laboratory for monitoring and diagnosis of AC electrical Machines Creating Innovation With systems integration Road and vehicle integrated electric transportation system Robotics|Speech Recognition PSEMB414 Email: embedded@pantechmail.com IEEE 2012 - 2011 WSN / Speech Recognition/ ARM 8051 | PIC | Zigbee | GPS | GSM | RFID Embedded System Design 6