Final Year IEEE Projects On Electrical (EEE, E&I) 2013-14 Titles for Power Electronics and Drives


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Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd, Provides Projects guidance for ME, M.Tech, &Msc and all Electrical science Students......
 Multi Level Inverters
 Matrix converter
 Resonant converters
 Bidirectional Converters
 Soft Switching Buck-Boost Boost converters
 Z-source Inverter

 Brush Less DC (BLDC) Motor
 Switched Reluctance Motor(SRM)
 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines(PMSM)
 DC Servo motor
 Traction Systems
 Renewable Energy sources
 Solar
 Wind Generation
 Fuel Cells
Find herewith the IEEE 2012-13 Project Titles . Mail me your field of interest and i shall mail you the abstracts of the same...

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Final Year IEEE Projects On Electrical (EEE, E&I) 2013-14 Titles for Power Electronics and Drives

  1. 1. PROJECT CODE PSPOW301 PSPOW302 PSPOW303 PSPOW304 PSPOW305 PSPOW306 PSPOW307 PSPOW308 PSPOW309 PSPOW310 PSPOW311 PSPOW312 PSPOW313 PSPOW314 PSPOW315 PSPOW316 PSPOW317 PSPOW318 Email: PROJECT THEME FPGA-Based Predictive Sliding Mode Controller of a Three-Phase Inverter Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter With Continuous Input Current and Boost Inversion Capability New Random PWM Technique for a Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter With Harmonics Intensity Reduction and Considering Efficiency PMSM Sliding Mode FPGA-Based Control for Torque Ripple Reduction Hardware-in-the-Loop Closed-Loop Experiments with an FPGA-based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive System and a Rapidly Prototyped Controller DC–DC Non isolated Boost Converter Based on the Three-State Switching Cell and Voltage Multiplier Cells High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC–DC Converter for a DC Distribution System Transistor-Clamped H-Bridge Based Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With New Method of Capacitor Voltage Balancing Low-Common Mode Voltage H-Bridge Converter with Additional Switch Legs Hybrid-Frequency Modulation for PWM-Integrated Resonant Converters New Shoot-Through Control Methods for qZSI-Based DC/DC Converters A Mode Switching Control Design for Fast Position Servo Systems with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor DSP-Controlled Power Electronic Interface for FuelCell-Based Distributed Generation FPGA based predictive deadbeat control for high switching frequency SEPIC An FPGA-based Digital Control Development Method for Power Electronics Two-dimensional Random PWM Technique for FullBridge DC/DC Converter Digital PWM of Cascaded Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter using FPGA A Simulation Research on Three-Phase Voltage Source Rectifier Based on Double Closed-Loop Feed forward Decoupling Control APPLICATION Aerospace Power Distribution Aerospace Aerospace Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles Precision Control Power Distribution Power Distribution Fusion Power Producers Fusion Power Producers Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles Aerospace Fusion Power Producers Component Bridges Heavy Machinery Component Bridges Aerospace Scientific Laboratories| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited TECHNOLOGY / CORE IEEE 2013 FPGA , TMS320F2812 USING CONVERTERS Z-Source Inverter, PMSM, Cascaded Multilevel Inverter, PWM Technique POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES 16
  2. 2. PSPOW321 PSPOW322 PSPOW323 PSPOW324 PSPOW325 PSPOW326 PSPOW327 PSPOW328 PSPOW329 PSPOW330 PSPOW331 PSPOW332 PSPOW333 PSPOW334 PSPOW335 PSPOW336 PSPOW337 PSPOW338 Torque Close-Loop Control of A Novel Soft Starter of Induction Motor Simulation and Design of Closed Loop Controlled PFC Boost Converter with EMI Filter Closed-Loop Control of Virtual FPGA-Coded Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives using a Rapidly Prototyped Controller High Power Factor AC–DC LED Driver With Film Capacitors A Multi-Input Single-Control (MISC) Battery Charger for DC Nano grids Photovoltaic Power-Increment-Aided IncrementalConductance MPPT With Two-Phased Tracking High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC–DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications Predictive Control for the Energy Management of a Fuel Cell-Battery-Super capacitor Tramway Design and control of a wind energy conversion system based on a resonant dc/dc converter A Survey of Control Issues in PMSG-Based Small Wind-Turbine Systems Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy System Using Home-To-Vehicle And Vehicle-To-Home: Optimization of Power Converter Operation A Novel Single-Switch Resonant Power Converter for Renewable Energy Generation Applications Grid Connected PV System using Cuk Converter Implementation of Closed Loop System For Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Input Design and Small Signal Analysis of Solar PV fed FPGA Based Closed Loop Control Bi-Directional DCDC Converter Component Bridges Green Energy Source Scientific Laboratories Fuel Cell Green Energy Source Oversight of Power Distribution Semi Conductors Component Bridges Semi Conductors Power Distribution Green Energy Source Fusion Power Producers Satellites Green Energy Source Hydraulic System Green Energy Source Power Plants Power Plants Green Energy Source Aerospace| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited PV , Buck Converter, Quasi Z-Source Inverter, MPPT, Induction Motor, MISC PSPOW320 Closed-Loop Control of DC–DC Dual-Active-Bridge Converters Driving Single-Phase Inverters Digital Enhanced V2-Type Constant On-Time Control Using Inductor Current Ramp Estimation for a Buck Converter With Low-ESR Capacitors Design and Small Signal Analysis of Solar PV fed FPGA Based Closed Loop Control Bi-Directional DCDC Converter Indirect Field Oriented Control of an Induction Motor Fed by a Bidirectional Quasi Z-Source Inverter Photovoltaic Power-Increment Aided IncrementalConductance MPPT With Two-Phased Tracking IEEE 2013 CLOSED LOOP CONTROLLER PSPOW319 Email: IEEE 2013 RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE Fuel Cell, PV, Electric Vehicle, MPPT, CUK Converter, Nano grids POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES 17
  3. 3. PSPOW343 PSPOW344 PSPOW345 PSPOW346 PSPOW347 PSPOW348 PSPOW349 PSPOW350 PSPOW351 PSPOW352 PSPOW353 PSPOW354 PSPOW355 PSPOW356 PSPOW357 PSPOW358 A Hybrid Symmetrical Voltage Multiplier A Novel Strategy for ThreePhase/Switch/Level(Vienna) Rectifier Under Severe Unbalanced Grids Design and Analysis of Three-port DC/DC Converters for Satellite Platform Power System Emphasis of Modulated Techniques for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters fed drive using FPGA Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter with MPPT for Photovoltaic Power Generation System A Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Battery Balancing High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC–DC Converter for a DC Distribution System Compressor Green Energy Source Medical Analyzer Sleep Apnea Treatment Nuclear Reactors Traction Sleep Apnea Treatment Medical Analyzer Component Bridges Power Distribution Satellites Power Distribution Portable Power Supply Satellites Aerospace Satellites, Aerospace, Portable Power Supply Water Conservation| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 18 Voltage Multiplier, FPGA, Battery Balancing PSPOW342 Satellites IEEE 2013 PSPOW341 Satellites dsPIC & dsPIC INTERFACE WITH MATLAB Current Controller, STATCOM, PI, BLDC Motor, Space Vector PWM PSPOW340 Simulation based analysis of FPGA Controlled Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter fed Solar PV system Stability Analysis of FPGA Based Perturb and Observe Method MPPT Charge Controller for Solar PV System Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drive With Predictive Current Controller Dynamic Modeling and Control of Interleaved Fly back Module Integrated Converter for PV Power Applications FPGA v/s DSP Performance Comparison for a VSCBased STATCOM Control Application Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drive With Predictive Current Controller Position Sensing System for Switched Reluctance Motor Control A Fuzzy Based PI Speed Controller For Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Practical Implementation of Four Quadrant Operation of Three Phase Brushless DC Motor using dsPIC Sensorless Control of a BLDC Motor with Back EMF Detection Method using DSPIC Digital Control of a Single-Phase Boost Rectifier with Power Factor Correction Using a dsPIC Simplified Implementation of Space Vector PWM Strategies for a Three Level Inverter High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter for Micro and Nano satellite Electric Thrusters IEEE 2013 PSPOW339 Email: RENEWABLE,MATRIX CONVERTER,DRIVES, MULTILEVEL INVERTER POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES
  4. 4. PSPOW364 PSPOW365 PSPOW366 PSPOW367 PSPOW368 PSPOW369 PSPOW370 PSPOW371 PSPOW372 PSPOW373 PSPOW374 PSPOW375 PSPOW376 PSPOW377 PSPOW378 PSPOW379 Power Distribution Fuel Cell Fuel Cell Medical Analyzer Medical Analyzer Sleep Apnea Treatment Sleep Apnea Treatment Traction Sleep Apnea Treatment Medical Analyzer Green Energy Source Electric Vehicles Long Distance Supply Lines Green Energy Source Aerospace Traction Motor Elevators| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited CUK Converter, PWM, IPM Motor, Fuzzy, Fuel Cell, Zeta Converter PSPOW363 19 PV, Z-Source, SEPIC Converter PSPOW362 Power Distribution Green Energy Source Emergency Power System IEEE 2013 PSPOW361 Semi Conductors RENEWABLE,MATRIX CONVERTER,DRIVES, MULTILEVEL INVERTER PSPOW360 Analysis of a Fifth-Order Resonant Converter for High-Voltage DC Power Supplies Hybrid-Frequency Modulation for PWM-Integrated Resonant Converters A High Step-Up Converter With a Voltage Multiplier Module for a Photovoltaic System A Single-Phase Grid-Connected Fuel Cell System Based on a Boost-Inverter Analysis, Design, and Implementation of a SoftSwitching Converter With Two Three-Level PWM Circuits Cascade Cockcroft–Walton Voltage Multiplier Applied to Transformerless High Step-Up DC–DC Converter Cascaded Multi-cell Trans-Z-Source Inverters Voltage-Controlled PFC Cuk Converter Based PMBLDC Motor Using Fuzzy Controller Speed Estimation Algorithms for Sensorless Control of PMSM High-Power-Factor Single-Phase Diode Rectifier Driven by Repetitively Controlled IPM Motor Mathematical modeling and Speed control of a Sensored Brushless DC motor using Intelligent controller Synthesized Direct Torque Control for High-Power Induction Motor Drive A Single Sensor Based PFC Zeta Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive for Fan Applications PMBLDC Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction Controller Modeling and Control of a New Three-Input DC–DC Boost Converter for Hybrid PV/FC/Battery Power System A ZVS Inter leaved Boost Ac to Dc Converter used in Plug in Electric Vehicles High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter With Wide Input and Output Voltage Ranges Full-Bridge Three-Port Converters With Wide Input Voltage Range for Renewable Power Systems Switched Z-Source Isolated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter and Its Phase-Shifting Shoot- Through Bivariate Coordinated Control Strategy High power bidirectional dc-dc converter for aerospace applications Analysis and Design of a Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Interleaved Boost Converter IEEE 2012 PSPOW359 Email: PMSM, BLDC, BIDIRECTIONAL, Z SOURCE FLYBACK CONVERTER, DEVICES POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES
  5. 5. PSPOW383 PSPOW384 PSPOW385 PSPOW386 PSPOW387 PSPOW388 PSPOW389 PSPOW390 PSPOW391 PSPOW392 PSPOW393 PSPOW394 PSPOW395 PSPOW396 PSPOW397 PSPOW398 High performance hybrid cascaded inverter for renewable energy system Simulation and implementation of a new topology in multi-output dc-dc resonant converters based on SWRC converters Application of four-switch based three-phase grid connected inverter to connect renewable energy source to a generalized unbalanced micro-grid system Power Transmission Medical Analyzer Ups Lathe Machines Green Energy Source Fuel Cell Medical Analyzer Textile Mills Green Energy Source Washing Machines Emergency Power System Power Distribution Traction Green Energy Source Green Energy Source Aerospace, Flight, Remote Light System Storage Devices Power Distribution| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 20 Traction Energy Storage, MPPT, SWRC converters PSPOW382 Induction Heating IEEE 2012 PMSM, BLDC, BIDIRECTIONAL, Z SOURCE FLYBACK CONVERTER, DEVICES Matrix Converter, z-source inverter, SRM, PI, Fuzzy PSPOW381 High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter Applied to Domestic Induction Heating A Novel Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter With Coupled Inductors Low cost direct torque control algorithm for induction motor without ac phase current sensor Multi-level inverter capable of power factor control with Dc Link Switches Hybrid Cascade Multilevel Inverter Using a Single DC Source for Open-End Winding Induction Motors Digital simulation of renewable energy source controlled z-source inverter system Z-Source Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter with DC Link Split Capacitor and Comprehensive Investigation of Z-Source Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverters Sliding Mode Scheme For Speed And Current Control Of Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Direct Flux and Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive for Speed Regulator using PI and Fuzzy Logic Controllers A Safety Enhanced, High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module Application Switched Reluctance Motor Drive With External Rotor for Fan in Air Conditioner Implementation of Digital Control Strategy for Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Modeling and Simulation of Single Phase Matrix Converter Using PWM Simplified power converter for integrated traction energy storage Simulation and hardware implementation of conductance MPPT with direct control Method Using CUK converter 11-level cascaded h-bridge grid-tied inverter interface with solar panel IEEE 2011 PSPOW380 Email: MULTILEVEL INVERTER, BIDIRECTIONAL, GRID SYSTEM, DRIVES POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES
  6. 6. PSPOW399 PSPOW400 PSPOW401 PSPOW402 PSPOW403 PSPOW404 PSPOW405 PSPOW406 PSPOW407 PSPOW408 PSPOW409 PSPOW410 PSPOW411 PSPOW412 PSPOW413 PSPOW414 PSPOW415 PSPOW416 PSPOW417 PSPOW418 PSPOW419 PSPOW420 Email: Analysis of ZVS Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Double input z source dc –dc converter New Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive With Wide Speed Range Operation Power Quality Improvement of 1-Φ Grid-connected PWM Inverter using Fuzzy with Hysteresis Current Controller A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: A New Rectifier Stage Topology A ZCS full-bridge converter without voltage overstress on the switches Performance Improvement of Multiphase Multilevel Inverter Using Hybrid Carrier Based Space Vector Modulation Hybrid switching scheme for LLC series-resonant half-bridge dc-dc converter in a wide load range An integrated four-port dc/dc converter for renewable energy applications Isolated bidirectional full-bridge dc–dc converter with a fly back snubber A novel switching signals generation method for hybrid multilevel inverters Modified z-source single-phase inverter for singlephase pm synchronous motor drives Embedded control z-source inverter fed induction motor Z-source Inverter Bases Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drive Space vectors modulation for nine-switch converters An improved control method for inductive load of zsource inverter A new direct peak dc-link voltage control strategy of z-source inverters DC to AC cascaded H bridge multilevel boost inverter for electric and hybrid electric vehicles New Approaches for Harmonics Reduction in Solar Inverters Four switch buck boost converter for telecom dc to dc power supply applications Modeling and simulation of BLDC motor in electric power steering Sensor less based control of BLDC motor using 4 switch 3 phase converter Lifts Fuel Cell Washing Machines Power Transmission Green Energy Source Long Distance Supply Lines Facts Devices Electric Vehicles Green Energy Source Lifts Facts Devices Electric Vehicles, Centrifugal Separators Medical Analyzer Data Centers Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Facts Devices Green Energy Source Tele Communication Drilling Machine Medical Analyzer| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2011 MULTILEVEL INVERTER, BIDIRECTIONAL, GRID SYSTEM, DRIVES Space vector modulation, BLDC, Embedded, IM drives POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES 21
  7. 7. PSPOW421 PSPOW422 PSPOW423 PSPOW424 PSPOW425 PSPOW426 PSPOW427 PSPOW428 PSPOW429 PSPOW430 PSPOW431 PSPOW432 PSPOW433 PSPOW434 PSPOW435 PSPOW436 PSPOW437 PSPOW438 PSPOW439 PSPOW440 PSPOW441 Email: Performance analysis of a four switch 3-phase inverter fed IM drives A New Adjustable-Speed Drives (ASD) System Based on High-Performance Z-Source Inverter Fundamental frequency switching strategies of a seven level hybrid cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter An improved direct torque control for three-level inverter-fed induction motor sensor less drive Design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution management with photovoltaic system Novel Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Remote control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using Zigbee network of devices and sensors Embedded Power & Energy Measurement System Based on an Analog Multiplier A Model Driven Software Framework for Zigbee based Energy Saving Systems Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network Intelligent House hold LED lighting system considering energy efficiency and user satisfaction Touch Screen based Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor Touch Screen And Accelerometer Based Wireless Motor Speed And Direction Controlling System Wireless Dc Motor Speed and Direction Control Using IR (PWM and H-Bridge) GSM Based Wireless Home Appliances Monitoring & Control System Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motors using ZigBee Design and Development of Energy Free Solar Street Led Light System Remote power on/off control and current measurement for home electric outlets based on a low-power embedded board and zigbee Intelligent Online Measurement and Management of Energy Meter Data through Advanced Wireless Network Smart Energy Distributing With Self Defense Touch screen based wireless smart Home Automation System Compressors Fuel Cell Facts Devices Cranes Green Energy Source Wireless Sensor Network Smart Light Wireless Energy Meter Energy Saving Wind Generation Air Conditioning Fans, Washing Machines Power Vehicles Home Automation Home Automation Industrial Monitoring Green Energy Source Home Automation Data Centers Defense Touch Screen| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited IEEE 2013 GSM, GPS, HOME AUTOMATION, FAULT IDENTIFICATION TOUCH SCREEN, ZIGBEE, SCADA, Wireless, Analog Multiplier POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES 22
  8. 8. PSPOW444 PSPOW445 PSPOW446 PSPOW447 PSPOW448 PSPOW449 PSPOW450 Smart Phone Energy Saving UPS Crushers Textile Mills Green Energy Source Load Sharing Electrical Vehicles SCADA| | ©2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited 23 TOUCH SCREEN, ZIGBEE, SCADA, Wireless, Analog Multiplier PSPOW443 Design and development of GSM mobile phone using touch screen based keypad Energy management with zigbee sensor network A novel technique of ac power control using micro controller based inverter Micro-controller based closed loop control of induction motor using v/f method SMS based Speed control of thread roller’s AC motor in spinning mills using GSM Solar based mobile charger for rural areas (Charge your mobile anywhere with sunlight) with battery voltage analyzer using AT89S52 MCU Intelligent real time automatic transformer load sharing and remote control system using GSM modem DC Motor speed control using PWM Technique Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) using GSM modem IEEE 2013 PSPOW442 Email: GSM, GPS, HOME AUTOMATION, FAULT IDENTIFICATION POWER ELECTRONICS AND DRIVES