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A formative website, based on righteous PURPOSE.

A formative website, based on righteous PURPOSE.

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  • An animated graphical representation of for example, a Huangshan Mountain scene, that is the reality for the conception of a Chinese Garden landscape.The TREES N POTS Registered Trade Mark & Chinese Stamp / Chop overprinted.For WORD CONTENT – each page having an opening Chinese scroll with website wordage & photos.To further explain the FOUNDATION for my website CONCEPT displayed in this ppt;at the same time as marketing my CHINA GARDEN'S CONSULTANCY.The graphical animation of the 7 pages is meant to show:HOME - the REAL landscapes that the literati scholars brought to their garden homes. ABOUT & ABOUT2 - A China Garden, entering view through ' leak window,' the garden pond, it's pure lotus growing out of mud and the sustaining life of the garden fish. SERVICES - The Zig-Zag bridge to show the mystery of knowledge, the patience and time required to take the journey to it; to the taihu rock [ mountains ]. PRODUCTS - These are some of the righteous activities carried on by the scholars in a garden setting, guqin practice, poetry and penjing, which are products of a China Garden. CULTIVATION - The Pine, Bamboo & Winter Plum, symbolizing the need for and beneficial effects of a China garden for humanity, of strength, flexibility, and examples of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. CONTACT - The China Garden pavilion, symbolic of the home address and the ' mapped image,' of myself. LINKS - The calligraphy characters of values and virtues for Links and the other characters, for showing the links between China Garden Elements, which is really what 1-7 is all about.
  • Graphical animation of Suzhou’s Master of the Nets Garden.A China Garden leak window, looking inside a China garden.
  • A graphical animation of a China Garden pond, with lotus.A coi / carp arriving at the pond surface.
  • A zig – zag China Garden bridge, for extended journey & view. Taihu rocks.
  • Li Bai poetry, Qugin, Ancient Chinese wine jug and penjing.
  • Three symbolic friends of winter, Pine, Bamboo & Winter Plum.Humble Administrator’s Garden Moon gate, entrance.
  • Garden pavilion and garden scholar, mapped.
  • Chinese calligraphy values & virtues.Chinese characters for Garden, Earth, Rock, Pond, Water, Plant, Green, Wall & Building Spaces – linked.