Esential China Travel Trends Booklet - Tiger Edition 2011 - Preview


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Essential China Travel Trends Booklet - Tiger Edition - Preview: Essential China Travel Industry Insights for 2011 - Free eBook Download.

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Esential China Travel Trends Booklet - Tiger Edition 2011 - Preview

  1. 1. EssentialChinaTravelTrends 2010 Year of the Tiger Edition
  2. 2. CONTENTSTRAVEL SUSTAINABILITY 7How travel its into China’s rolein the green economyProfessor Geofrey Lipman, GreenEarth.travelINTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 13Engaging the world’s biggestonline populationJens Thraenhart, Dragon TrailTRAVEL TECHNOLOGY 21Innovating for the wired travelerGeorge Cao, Dragon TrailTRAVEL DISTRIBUTION 29A country at the crossroads ofonline and traditional travel bookingCharlie Li, China Southern AirlinesCHINA’S TOURISM CAPACITY 2.0 37Learning to serve sophisticated guestsfrom abroadLin Xu, China Luxury Travel Network (CLTN)
  3. 3. OUTBOUND TOURISM 45Understanding the world’s fastestgrowing source marketProfessor Wolfgang Georg Arlt, COTRIHOTEL DEVELOPMENT 51A ive-star boom leadsindustry-wide growthDamien Little, Horwath HTLSTRATEGIES FOR DEVELOPMENT 59An ambitious plan to make tourisma pillar of the Chinese economyXiaoan Wei, China Tourism AcademyTHE AFFLUENT CHINESE CONSUMER 67Quickly shifting demographics ofthe newly rich drive travel trendsRupert Hoogewerf, Hurun ReportMEETING INDUSTRY AND MEGA EVENTS 75How the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expoaccelerated progressDaniel Tschudy, HQC GroupMary Ma, VariArts Travel Group
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONChina is rapidly emerging as the largest, most dynamic, most promisinginbound, outbound and domestic travel market in the world. Amazingly, ithas done this over the past 25 years from a standing start.The next ive years will be even more exciting as the Internet becomesthe main tool for promoting, managing and delivering tourism globallyand China boosts tourism growth, quality and sustainability as a strategiceconomic pillar.China is also potentially the most important e-tourism market in the world--with the most Internet users, an intense web landscape, a vibrant consumerbase and leading edge travel technology. Increasingly, consumer thinking,brand recognition and purchasing are being shaped online.It also has special challenges - a distinctive culture and way of doing busi-ness, inadequate data, complex sales channels and unique marketing de-mands. It is one of the toughest markets in the world to do business in, butfor those who understand and are patient, there is unlimited opportunity.Our “Essential China Travel Trends,” reveals some of the critical trends andpotential pitfalls, and ofers insights from practitioners in the industry.We thank our contributors and partners, and hope you enjoy the irst edi-tion, published in the year of the Tiger.Best regards,Jens Thraenhart Lin Xu Professor Geofrey LipmanDragon Trail VariArts Travel Group GreenEarth.travelBeijing - May 25th, 2010
  5. 5. “China is a powerhouse economy. It will be themain driver of global Travel & Tourism growth in theforeseeable future. The Chinese State Council’s recentTourism Guidelines give the highest recognition to theindustry as a strategic pillar of the national economy.By holding our 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit in China, we commend thiscommitment, while urging other governments to follow suit and demonstrate theirrecognition of Travel & Tourism’s economic importance, as well as the inluence it hason nearly every facet of our lives.”Jean-Claude Baumgarten, President & CEO,World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC)“China is a world class destination and a leader in thetourism industry. China’s recent bold move to upgrade itstourism strategy from sectoral to a state-level nationalstrategy is a leading example for many countriesaround the world.Already the world’s fourth most visited destination, by 2020, China is expected tobecome the leading international tourism destination and the fourth largest outboundmarket. “Taleb Rifai, Secretary General,World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)“The travel and tourism industry in China (PRC) willmove from strength to strength over the course ofthe next decade as domestic, inbound and outboundtourists continue to grow substantially. The nationaland provincial authorities have shown extraordinarycommitment to our industry in these uncertain economictimes - particularly in investment, infrastructure and product development.This in turn has prompted a growing response across the region to the needs of visitorsfrom this increasingly inluential source market and here the Internet and social mediaare becoming essential tools for travel research and planning.”Hiran Cooray, Chairman,Paciic Asia Travel Association (PATA)
  6. 6. Interested in these Articles?The Essential China Travel Trends Booklet Tiger Edition 2011Is available for free as an eBook download on