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Tom Carter's CHINA: Portrait of a People, a 640-page, 888-image photography book was published and sold in Asia in 2008 but did not enter the US market until July 2010. One month after its American debut, CHINA: Portrait of a People became the #1 Asian photography book on all of

Travel photographer Tom Carter traveled for 2 years and 56,000 kilometers across the 33 provinces of China to show the diversity of Chinese people in CHINA: Portrait of a People, the most comprehensive photography book on modern China ever published by a single author.

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Chinese Coffee Table Book

  1. 1. CHINA: PORTRAIT OF A PEOPLE by Tom Carter 1 COUNTRY, 56 CULTURES 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE, 33 PROVINCES 2 YEARS, 56,000 KILOMETERS 1 PHOTOGRAPHER AND HIS CAMERA The Beijing Olympics focused the world’s eyes on China. But despite increased tourism and rampant foreign investment, the cultural distance between China and the West remains as vast as the oceans that separate them. The Middle Kingdom is still relatively unknown by Westerners. China is in fact made up of 33 distinct regions populated by 56 ethnic groups – and photojournalist Tom Carter has visited them all. This little book is a visual tribute to the People’s Republic of China, with an ardent emphasis on the People. “A striking, kaleidoscopic vision of China’s lands and people.” — The Beijinger “Tom Carter is an extraordinary photographer whose powerful work captures the heart and soul of the Chinese people.” — Anchee Min, author of Red Azalea “Part of the strength of this book is its independent spirit.” — China Daily “Carter’s photo book is an honest and objective record of the Chinese and our way of life… his camera leads us through 33 wide-sweeping scenes of the real and the surreal.” — Mian Mian, author of Candy Travel/Photography/China ISBN: 978-988-99799-4-2 “Through Carter’s journey of self-discovery, we end up discovering a little more Softcover with jacket, 15.2cm x 15.2cm, 6” x 6” about ourselves — and a land so vast, so disparate, that 640 pages of photos barely 640 pages, full colour manage to scratch the surface.” — Time Out Hong Kong With maps of each province of China “Well worth having on your bookshelf.” — South China Morning Post US pub date: July 2010
  2. 2. Sample spread: Henan All spreads shown smaller than actual size of 30 x 15 cm
  3. 3. Sample spreads: Maps, introductions and chapter flaps for Shandong and Jiangsu
  4. 4. Sample spread: Sichuan Sample spread: Zhejiang Sample spread: Guizhou Sample spread: Gansu
  5. 5. Sample spread: Xinjiang
  6. 6. Sample spread: Sichuan Sample spread: Tibet Sample spread: Tibet Sample spread: Guizhou
  7. 7. Sample spread: Qinghai
  8. 8. Sample spread: Guangxi Sample spread: Tibet Sample spread: Hubei Sample spread: Xinjiang
  9. 9. Sample spread: Hainan
  10. 10. Sample spread: Inner Mongolia Sample spread: Yunnan Sample spread: Guangdong Sample spread: Tibet
  11. 11. Sample spread: Beijing
  12. 12. Sample spread: Shanxi Sample spread: Gansu Sample spread: Sichuan Sample spread: Hubei
  13. 13. Sample spread: Gansu