Ontario auto parts distribution centre with link


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  • Our first future home – Cambridge, Ontario
  • Ontario auto parts distribution centre with link

    1. 1. Ontario Auto Parts DistributionCentreLower your safety costs
    2. 2. Cambridge, Ontario
    3. 3. Location, location, location
    4. 4. Support from Cambridge Mayor
    5. 5. Why we need this DC?• To help Ontario auto parts manufacturers• To help all car owners to lower theirmaintenance costs• Create 100 local jobs• Attract foreign investments - 30 million C$
    6. 6. Ontario auto parts manufacturers –challenge facing• timely delivery,• labor rates,• product quality,• and demands for cost cuts from the customer
    7. 7. Ontario auto parts manufacturers – wecan help• timely delivery, - we can help• labor rates, - less warehouse moving wastes• product quality, - we trace the products andknow which is bad• and demands for cost cuts from the customer– that is why we are here
    8. 8. Smart warehousing technology– high efficiency, accuracy• Real time inventory report without manualscan• Gate monitoring – automatically generatereport for auto parts in/out• Gate alert – when wrong parts move out ofthe gate• Mini GPS – show the best route to the shelfwhich the parts sit
    9. 9. Technology Integrator• Chongqing Jundun Ontario Company• www.jundun.biz
    10. 10. 3D sale terminal
    11. 11. Why 3D?• No more guess, turn and see the side orinternal structure, verify before order• Take it apart and put them back• No waste time for wrong parts ordered• No return for wrong parts shipped
    12. 12. 3D technology we have• The following video will show you how ourtechnology will help your client to get a 360view of what you want to show them
    13. 13. 3D sales terminal• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxSFGgwlHII&feature=plcp
    14. 14. Smart phone purchase• Our solution is better than the one show inthe video, buyer scan from the terminalscreen not from the wall, so the content isdynamic
    15. 15. Video to show smart phone purchase• Next video will show the process of smartphone scan and purchase process
    16. 16. Smart phone purchases• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HQ9D5kG7tk
    17. 17. After the order is placed• We need to fulfill the order with efficiency andaccuracy• We have the technology to help
    18. 18. We can help the forklift driver forefficiency and accuracy• 3D map of the warehouse• Show the best route on handheld• Guide to the 1st free spot• No need to move
    19. 19. 3D warehouse map - handheldShow my way
    20. 20. Mini GSP – show me best route
    21. 21. Digital map technology• Our next video will show the technology ofour digital map
    22. 22. Digital map• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTQaGT0HKMc&feature=plcp
    23. 23. Now it is time to deliver the goods• We have the following solutions• Our system will track your fleet• Deliver to the drop station at night time
    24. 24. Verify the order when through gate• When the delivery truck through the gate, thesystem will verify the items for all the orders• Any discrepancy between what actually in thetruck with the order will trigger the alert andthe security will be noticed and stop the driver
    25. 25. Gate monitoring
    26. 26. Delivery truck GPS tracking• Real time GPS location• Out of route alert, speed alert, emergency alert• Customer smart phone tracking of their orders
    27. 27. eBox + BufferBox• To business, we use eBox• To individual, we use BufferBox
    28. 28. BufferBox
    29. 29. Why deliver at night?• No traffic at night
    30. 30. By 8 AM Delivery
    31. 31. What is a drop station?
    32. 32. Drop Station
    33. 33. Where we can ship to?• Phase One, Ontario
    34. 34. Network Coverage
    35. 35. Phase Two• International
    36. 36. Ship to world
    37. 37. Inventory visibility• Check the real time inventory online
    38. 38. What if we have low inventory forspecific items?
    39. 39. Our system will give you low inventoryalert• And place orders for those items in lowinventory• When the items arrive, we will unload to storethem in the warehouse• Then you will see our another technology –our system will guide the forklift driver to thefirst free spot
    40. 40. When we have the container comingfrom our supplier• We do not do manual scan• We use gate monitoring, and all the items willbe in our system when the container pass thegate
    41. 41. Gate monitoring
    42. 42. No wasting time wondering, guide me to the 1st free spot near thegate
    43. 43. No need to move• Our smart warehouse system knows all thelocations of the parts, you do not need tomove the pallets or reusable boxes to specificarea, that save you lots of the forkliftmovements
    44. 44. Smart phone track• Use your smart phone to scan and trace thelifespan of each part• You know if the part is certified by us• We know who made the bad part
    45. 45. We care environment• Best truck route – less CO2• Less forklift usage• Smart lighting – energy saving• Solar panel on the roof – generate greenpower
    46. 46. Construction financing fromMann Engineering• Mann Engineering has unrivaled engineering capability,technical expertise and the intellectual depth neededto design and implement efficiency, productivity andfinancial performance.• Since 1988, Mann Engineering has conducted energyconservation programs in hundreds of buildings acrossCanada. We are a unique professional engineeringcompany specialized in the energy managementmarket. A leader in the energy management industry,Mann Engineering supplies technologies andengineering and construction services in commercial,institutional and industrial processes nationwide.
    47. 47. Our people – 100 local jobs
    48. 48. Revenue• Membership fee• Sales through us• Provide our solutions to otherwarehouses/business
    49. 49. Return on Investment
    50. 50. Company Structure
    51. 51. 10 investment companies forphase one• 3-4 foreign investors for each company• 3.5 to 4 million Canadian dollar investment foreach company
    52. 52. 10 Company List• OAPDC Tire Company• OAPDC Electric Parts Company• OAPDC Body Parts Company• OAPDC Engine Parts Company• OAPDC Brake Parts Company• OAPDC Transmission Parts Company• OAPDC Light and Signal Parts Company• OAPDC Trailer Parts Company• OAPDC Suspension Parts Company• OAPDC Warehouse Management Company
    53. 53. Thank You!• Business inquiry please contact• Steve Xing• Phone 1-519-496-3078• Email cbp.info@gmail.com